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  1. Hmmmm. Fails in Edge. At least for me.
  2. Faderport 16 works pretty good in Mackie mode in CbB too. Reaper & Mixbus 32C use the Presonus mode.
  3. Upgrade from SongKey 2 -> 3 was 2.99EUR. Done.
  4. Well FWIW, my 76KT (hardware) manual reads pretty much the same.
  5. Agreed Faderport 16 user here. Works a treat.
  6. Unless you are like me where I already have learned another DAW (or two). 😋
  7. If I say LOL I usually mean 🤷‍♀️.
  8. What's the fear Lucy or Lionel?
  9. That was a cheezy post for sure. Kind of grated on me too.
  10. I don't plan on settling the great Internet debate about which is the best DAW between CbB , Studio One Pro 4.x & Cubase (on Windows that is).
  11. And.... since I'm in no rush to get into Cubase I can wait on either event (that would cost me money). 😋
  12. I'm waiting with baited breath for tracks with it. Wait..... no project sent yet. DOH!
  13. For tracking and editing I use either CbB or Studio One Pro 4.5 depending on my desired workflow and who I am collaborating with. I try to do all my final mixing/mastering in Mixbus 32C 5.x. I don't consider it a DAW amd probably never will but it feck-all great mixing console IMO. Reaper is there but I rarely use it. Back in the dark days of SONAR Platinum I purchased Samplitude X3 and MIxcract 8. Once I had to rebuild my c:\ drive I chose not to re-install those two. I simply did not click with them. And I cannot resell them. I recently bought the Cubase 10 cross grade but have not installed it yet as I need my serial number from bestservice.de. And even with that since it's not ARA-2 compatible I'm going to hold of on registering it until version 11 (with ARA2) comes out.
  14. Send me the MIDI and I'll process it thru OTS Steel String for you?
  15. It's official, the outside world now knows it's acronym is 'CbB' as quoted by Bandlabs. Now if *all* the old timers could just get on board.😖
  16. I wanted to create a notepad/text editor with the maximum features set. I would call it..... wait..... here it comes...…. MaxiPad
  17. They (bestservice.de) gave me Hall of Fame 3 as "waiting" consolation. Looks like it covers all the classic verbs I already have elsewhere but it was a nice gesture.
  18. its all about the Benjamin's
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