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  1. That link could blow up the internet.
  2. The correlation between becan and the coffee house borders on 110%
  3. 99% of all headaches are "in the head", or so I'm told
  4. We don't need no stinkin' supscipshus minds
  5. They are not quite as comfy as the HD600s but certainly little more comfy than the ATH-50s. So for mixing they might be a welcome change. The nice thing is the sonarworks unique profile is internet accessible and thus downloadable to my machine. So, in time I can pass these in to whomever and they can either use them as regular cans or as sonarwrks cans with the profile.
  6. Have not tried them yet. But i ready own HD600s so i expect these to just as nice these being HD598s.
  7. I got my new cans yesterday. Finally. They tried to deliver monday but no one was home.
  8. Got it yesterday, was too busy to report in.
  9. Did sum juan say pot Bill will be round shortly
  10. It was on mine until my System drive died and I had to do a full reinstall. Now the Samplitude install set for X3 is on my NAS backup. Never upgraded to X4. Never saw the need.
  11. I prefer becan whiff becan if you please
  12. The Lovely Lady says I Am prehistoric porn.
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