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  1. And, I still have it and it works too.
  2. Been using the arranger track in Studio One for two years now. So glad to see CbB finally get this feature after Noel and I discussed it in great deal at NAMM in 2019. Now how about nested folders and a Chord track?
  3. There is always the time to make music. I just fire up the 'other' DAWs when I'm curious about an example that has been presented on the web in that particular DAW.
  4. Are the Swedish black and white keys on a keyboard different than this?
  5. So, it would take 17.25342 pages here?
  6. Back to the original question. Still using SONAR? Yes and No. Here's the No. I took the opportunity to "explore" when Gibson shut down SONAR development. I already owned Reaper and Mixbus. Reaper does not meet my workflow requirement even though intellectually/technically it's the most robust DAW if you take forever and a DAW to customize it to your needs. Mixbus 32C is *not* a tracking or editing DAW (to me), it's a mixing environment that I enjoy when I use it that way. I picked up Samplitude 3 Suite and Mixcraft 8. Both cute but not my cuppa. I owned Studio One 3 but since I found out about the Arranger and Chord Track features in Version 4 I thought they were going to be right up my alley. So I upgraded. It is now my main day-to-day DAW. Here's the Yes. I collaborate with people still on CbB. Once I have created an baseline arrangement of a song (where I'm the initial composer) I make a tracking shell (empty .cwp) with markers, tempo and time signatures. I export tracks/stems/mix and send them along with the .cwp and a handmade Chord cheat sheet. Since then I have become DAW curious and have acquired ProTools 2019 perpetual, Digital Performer 10, Cubase 11 and ever since getting a refurbished Macbook Pro I got Logic Pro X and I have upgraded to Reaper 6. I also upgraded to Samplitude 4 and Mixcraft 9 (mainly because they were soooo cheap and they made pretty big changes I was curious to try out). I have installed all the DAWs that are fully cross platform ready on both the PC and and the Mac. I'm prepared for Armageddon.
  7. Perpetually Enslaved Never Is Satisfactory
  8. Bapu

    Audio Assault RVXX

    ^^ Otherwise I like this company and their products.
  9. Bapu

    Logic Pro 11 Article

    Yup, in Chrome, but for me I could not find translate in Edge.
  10. Bapu

    Logic Pro 11 Article

    Came up in German for me.
  11. Bapu

    Virgin Choir FREE

    Oh, I thought it was a VIRGIN Free Choir
  12. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    or..... Bapu since 1953
  13. Yes working in only my skivvies is more comfortable than the office. They wanted me to wear shoes too!
  14. Whip It We can lick it, wash that thumb We can lick it, don't be dumb We must lick it, COVID-19 We can lick, it can't be seen Lick it, lick it good
  15. Becan, eggs over meejum & buttermilk pancakes. 'twa yammy here too!
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