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  1. Ewe dinnit look my way. 😎 Tis pre-ordered by this "old timer".
  2. Oh I'll get it for sure. All my IK collection would be lonely without it.
  3. Looks like you can't use JamPointz. Since I own MODO Bass it's $149.00 but I have $52 in JamPointz I'd like to use.
  4. Meng has said repeatedly that CbB will *always* be free. For now I'm going to continue with that belief.
  5. This Thursday, June 20, 2019, we are announcing our newest musical breakthrough to date! Check out this quick teaser video and let us know what you think it will be from the clues in the video!
  6. With my Time+Space loyalty point$ I got it for $120.73.
  7. Straummy, you've got hair on your back? Me two!
  8. I pretty much have all the toy$ I need. Hope my grown, and out of the house, children can somehow give me (more) time to use them.😋
  9. I did an upgrade of four computers from Win 7 x64 Pro to Win 10 x64 Pro (for free back when). I clean installed two computer with Win 10. One of which was an upgraded computer that had a C:\ hard drive crash after a power failure (would not boot). That was my DAW (😫). If you know anything about my DAW it has miles and miles of plugs and libraries. It truly took nearly two weeks installing everything but it also allowed me to discard two DAW product I got as crossgrades in the dark days after SONAR's development was stopped (MIxcraft & Samplitube).
  10. Acer what you did there.
  11. Said the Farmer in the Dell.
  12. ...my computer is like a rotten apple.", Mac told Lisa.
  13. With all I bought from Sweetwater in the last twelve months, you'd think they would pay my way (and lost wages) to be there. 😎
  14. Swayz to de left and Swayz to de right Do it real fast and you will def be Swayze
  15. Technically the 5-String has two types. Roundwound on the low B and flatwounds on the E A D G strings. See? Silly String.
  16. Bapu

    New EZ Keys MIDI

    I only have a five pack today.
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