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  1. I don't know what that is but I wouldn't put that Bill's mouth for any amount of compensation.
  2. So little info is needed for any wife/GF/SO to arrive at that conclusion.
  3. Personally I do now prefer Studio One Pro, but that does not stop me from using CbB (Cabewalk by Bandlab) occasionally, or any of my other DAWs when the need is there. But, that's just a personal taste thing. Others here will downplay Studio One and I respect that.
  4. Meh, I got Lars on my side.
  5. Doom MIDI is installed. Typical, ya?
  6. I think my request of what music to put to a story line was deleted too.
  7. All or none of the above. I'm so binary, Am't I?
  8. I've not seen Mesh's peaches but I'll assume they're ...... nevermind
  9. Small crit: Vocals could come up at least 1.5db maybe even 2db. That's some really good acoustic guitar playing. Nice solo.
  10. = more plugins than a body needs
  11. ...Yellow Brick Road Beyond My DAW Ceases to be no more in 8 days. Tell all your friends about it.
  12. Fun (i.e. S.L.I.P.) has been cancelled in the CH 2.0 And Beyond My DAW dies in 8 days too.
  13. My upgrade price is now $299 and there is the extra 10% off. That's too rich for me right now. I did want the TLA-100A, but it's at full price right now ($199) with 10% off.
  14. I picked these up from B&H Photo (in New York) on a interest free $10/month for 48 months using my B&H Photo credit account. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1602286-REG/slate_digital_yp_907_headp_vsx_1_steven_slate_audio_vsx.html
  15. Duh, they went one step beyond.
  16. Bapu


    Too cool for school Kurt. Personal taste; the rhythm guitar might be better in the background and the lead guitar more up front. Again, just a personal taste thing.
  17. What a great song and mix Paul. Loved the vibe and the instrumentation. At first I said "where's the snare?" and then I realized I didn't care. Great job.
  18. Bapu


    Very cool song, Lynn. Mix is excellent. No complaints here.
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