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  1. Is RX error in standalone or VST? If standalone, maybe try Run As Administrator? I've not seen that error, nor do I know anything about that kind of rash.
  2. At my last count VST scan there were at least seven high quality ones (TT EZ, TT Sup3, Slate SSD5, AD2, BFD3, Jamstix4, Drumforge).
  3. Poorman's Eddie K kick drum 1970s D12 on the left, AudiaTechnica Pro 25, Telefunken M82 inside, Solomon SubFreQ
  4. I owned a 1983 Mazda RX 7, black with maroon interior. Also, owned it for about 8 years and then passed it on to family member.
  5. Says both drummers who played it. I own a Mapex set of drums with a Mapex snare. WHen COVID is truly under control (Am I looking at 2022?) I should get a few good snares (Ludwig, DW, Tama, Gretch etc.)
  6. Anyone have a UAD promo code they will not use this month? PM me and I'll take it off your hands. 🙂
  7. Bapu

    Toontrack SD3 updates

    Rooms of Hansa had a soundlib update and Legacy of Rock had a MIDI update too.
  8. I'm still on RX 7 and I thought RX 5's de-clicker was the best, now you're making me rethink an upgrade.
  9. Thanks, Yes, I do have the SWS extensions. And have for quite some time.
  10. Bapu

    chord track

    Not everyone needs to find a use for it. It doesn't make you a bad person. 😉
  11. Bapu

    chord track

    Which is exactly how I use it in Studio One 5. I scratch out a song using some guitar and keys loops (I'm too basic in those skills, sometimes I use EZKeys) and then later decide that verse two and three might be best served with some chord variations. Same with choruses of solos. Experiment with changing the chords. Then add my bass, send it off to collaborators to replace those parts with their twist, get the vocals and live drums down and then bring it all together for production.
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