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  1. I have not, cuz I ain't a score keeping kind of guy, but I watched the groove3 video about it and it looks pretty slick. Also, I've not used CbB's staff view either, so I can't really compare.
  2. Shouldn't you have a redeem button on your MyPresonus Studio One 4 Pro?
  3. I get "and now for something completely different" pop up ads too.
  4. The "Am" bass note in my head. An older boy made me do it, sir.
  5. Maybe he means "What's the deal with Intel 10th gen?"
  6. And my car is much more rusted out than that.
  7. Well it's not actually mine, but mine has BAPU in it but it has something else too.
  8. If you are logged in at presonus.com go here to submit a support ticket https://my.presonus.com/support/open Be sure to tell them when, where and how you acquired your version of Studio One Pro 4.
  9. I'd say contact Presonus directly. 😉
  10. I would think if you go to the Presonus store and add the Pro 5 upgrade to your cart you will either see a $0.00 due or not.
  11. Well, my vanity plate is absolutely not a nod to my grandson who gave me that name. Why should I be honored by that? Actually, I got my vanity plate to prove paulo correct; that I'm a self absorbed attention seeker. Way to go paulo.
  12. A saved SO5 song is not backward compatible to SO4.
  13. That version is not all it's cracked up to be.
  14. At the great divide (whereas SONAR may not have lived) REAPER had great potential for me using Azlow's .cwp->.rpp plugin. But then, Studio One 4 came out and lured me in like a siren.
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