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  1. Nice mix there Beags. Sounds good on the Sennheiser HD600s.
  2. Bapu


    I've don't do covfefe.
  3. That does look naiz. I'm probably gonna wait until a sale comes next year.
  4. Is that an a $ $ hat there, craigb (ITIYRN)?
  5. and they weren't even bikini clad but man, could they jam
  6. Since I already own 8180 and Cali I decided to see if the code worked for just the Boss distortion bundle. It does.
  7. Thanks for stopping by and listening, t.
  8. Aaaaaaaadreeeeeeeaaaaaannn!! My bad, wrong movie.
  9. Bapu

    Reaper updated to 6.17

    Yeah, but what have they done for us lately?
  10. And after that, that's all I need
  11. I pretty much have everything I need (and more). It's unlikely I'll be spending at my past rate for the foreseeable future. 2021 is the year I intend to pay off my interest free debt purchases. But will I leave this place? NOPE!
  12. Bapu

    Songs by my kids

    Wonderful. We gave lessons to our four kids when the turned 10. Of the four my oldest son stuck with it. He's 45 now and is still in a band that records and tours (tamped down by COVID right now) and works at Ubisoft on the Rocksmith product line.
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