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  1. And it will *STILL* require an Apollo interface.
  2. I hear tell that this is waht an Alembic Series I bass looks like
  3. Yes, any many say my bass playing stings (or is it stinks?).
  4. But there's no room for the singer!
  5. Back on topic. Installed.
  6. I only have 13 DAWs now. 8 are fully cross-platform (Win & Mac), 4 are Win only (Mixcraft9, Samplitude X5 Suite, Acid Pro 9 and CbB) and 1 is Mac only (Logic Pro) The remainders are Reason 11, Digital Performer 10, Cubase 11.5, Mixbus v7, Mixbus 32C v7, Reaper (current), ProTools (current) and Studio One Pro v5.
  7. Since I've only played with (up to) X5 Suite I'm thinking it's time jump this ship. No doubt it's a nice DAW but.....
  8. Bapu

    FabFilter incoming

    So yesterday I noticed that I never purchased Timeless 2 (the shock, the horror, the embarrassment!) so I plucked it up. Today I get an email that I got the Timeless 3 upgrade for free. Yay.
  9. Anyone notice the two Alembics in the bottom picture? Of course it's the same one in the top pic of JG by himself.
  10. Yup those are my practice rig. You should see the live rig.
  11. The GED 2112 provides lots of that. The rest of the rack is more organic. 🙂
  12. I think I'll do just that. I have to send my Rick back to the luthier since it has a fret buzz that is driving me nutzo. Doing that tomorrow (it's just a daaaaay awaaaaaay).
  13. I was was going to mention it once but thought "Hmmmm I'd better not, might seem like a brag."
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