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    ASIO and Voicemeeter setup

    I see, don't i need an ASIO capable device for that? I'm currently using the onboard realtek. Everything works great including other daws, but with cakewalk i start having some really annoying crackling and engine dropouts, if i choose any other driver, such as WDM its basically useless; It usually works out well but on bigger projects the crackling becomes unbearable, which makes sense since i run two asio4all panels; Voicemeeter gives me no ASIO option other than ReaRoute or Asio4all. Using WDM for my output makes it unusable; I don't know a lot about how it works but i know i'm definitely doing something wrong I would love to keep voicemeeter as it gives me more freedom to use my computer with CWbB running
  2. Mevryk

    ASIO and Voicemeeter setup

    Greetings everyone! Recently i started using Voicemeeter in my system, so that i can use ASIO without muting everything else. Its been great so far, but I've been facing a few problems setting it up with Cakewalk, namely the driver settings. After a lot of trial and error i managed to get it to work, retaining my ability to monitor my guitar without any noticeable stutter or crackling. The guitar monitoring is optional, as i usually record it without monitoring anyway, but by using any other drivers i get a lot of audio glitches But this brings me a second ASIO panel, other than the voicemeeter one, and i couldn't help but to wonder, is this optimal? I wonder as i usually can use ASIO without needing a second dedicated panel. For context, i currently have no audio interface (i'll get one asap), so im using ASIO4ALL and plugging my guitar straight to the mobo, it is awful, i know, but i'm just working on compositions and the actual recording will happen with proper hardware. But regardless of that, i just wanted to know if i'm not doing something wrong, and if my current settings are any good. I still don't understand voicemeeter and asio 100% so it all seems a bit confusing with CbB's device panel, as it is quite different from other programs i've setup. Attached are pictures of my current working settings and the error i get if i try anything different on Cakewalk's panel. Thank you for your attention and i deeply appreciate any input Have a nice day, Mev edit: I didn't realize the images would come up in the post, i apologize.
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