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  1. Hello guys. I was wondering if there is an alternative way instead of OBS for video recording + sound recording from DAW source (Cakewalk) the same time. I use OBS with voxengo into Cakewalk (but is 32bit) and sometimes Voxengo has some problems. I wanted something more clear, something that can take me video while playing and recording from my DAW source what i am playing that time and after that i can save that video file to upload on youtube later. I am waiting for your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks, i think i corrected that to my audio file, but i won't upload the corrected again (because i've already did it before for volume decrease) - so i will leave the previous version on youtube. On that version (my link above) how do you see my master volume level? It's ok? I don't think it needs to be more loud, am i right?
  3. Thanks a lot man. What do you mean ''click track''? I am new to Cakewalk and music recording etc hehe. I've known the basics until now. First of all, if you haven't seen the movie and you like classic horror films, then that is one of best movies out there. A masterpiece, in my opinion. Now, about the effect - to be honest - i didn't have the purpose to use that specific pitch/fill pedal effect (that makes this dirty strange sound), but when i listened to that, i believed it was the right effect, because it makes the solo a little much ''horrorist'' , like the movie plot etc. In my mind, at least - that was my thought. Of course, it could be cleaner etc, but that's what i did choose. By the way, there is not much gain picked at the amp sim, only the drive pedal gives some - but the pitch does the job. I have one question guys about output volume. Do you suggest leaving Master volume set at 0, or less at -5db, -10db etc? Do you think my main guitar solo is over-volumed or it's ok? I've left it at 0db, and the rest guitars (clean sounded) are at -9db. Maybe it would be better to have the main solo for example at -6db and all the other sound some db below? So, my main question is which is the best max volume peak you suggest for master volume and buses etc? P.S. I edited the song and re-uploaded on youtube (and updated the link above), with lower volume levels. To my ears it was too loud, especially the main solo and i adjusted the max peak at -5db, but finally the master volume peaks at -14db. I think it's ok. You can listen the lower volume edition now. Thanks.
  4. (Krzystof Komeda's) Rosemary's Baby - Electric Guitar Cover Hello guys. This is my electric guitar cover of Krzystof Komeda's ''Rosemary's Baby'', soundtrack song of popular Roman Polanski's movie. It was fully created by me, i did physically record, and after that i edited and mixed the guitars, and i recorded the piano as a virtual instrument. All these, of course via Cakewalk. It is my first full creation. I hope you will like it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks. The truth is that i couldn't do what i wanted with the way you suggested me, because when i choosed tracks and set looping, all the tracks automatically cropped a lot (pop up message says : ''hidden data beyond slip edit points will be discarded'' - i don't know why does that?)- so i did it via arranger track. I did set the arrange sections, and i've putted the section i wanted duplicated etc, so that part (which involves many tracks) played twice like being looped.
  6. Hello guys. I want to loop some tracks which have 2 times repeat and after that, track must continues normally. How can i adjust that? I found the way to loop together 5 tracks etc, BUT it does looping forever, not only the 2 times i want so after that loops and loops again. how can i set the amount of loops of the selected part s?
  7. So, with some words - i absolutely need to use virtual controller etc for getting record of drumkit, and i CANNOT record via playing straight from it's virtual drum enviroment.. Am i right?
  8. Thanks, scook. Guys, one more question - not so similar but i don't want to open new thread again. How can i disable one track from getting FX of its BUS? I mean, i have 5 tracks into 1 bus, but i just don't want 1 specific track to get the same FX like others, just that. I want it to take all other sends (Mute, Solo etc), but not FX. I tried bypass FX Racks choice for this specific track, but it doesn't work, it stills get the FX send from my bus.
  9. Hello guys. I want a little help because i never had experience with virtual instruments. So i did download the MT-power drumkit virtual instrument and i can play with it, BUT although i put it into my audio track FX section, i cannot record it. When i press ''record'', it records a silence. I tried to add it in FX of MIDI track, but nothing. What i have to do? Someone just to explain me where do i put this FX and how can i record my virtual playing.
  10. Update : I partialy found a solution to noisy problem of BIAS FX 2, when i realized that when i press record button inside cakewalk, that decrease the big amount of noise. Not at all, but with some better settings of gain - drive level etc, the result was that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxKnyJNi4YE (p.s. as you can see my gear isn't professional , especially my cam 🤪). By the way, do you guys filming via cakewalk--->voxengo recorder--->obs like me, or is there any other option to film the same time when record a song in cakewalk? any other video capture or recording sender to that (voxengo alternative maybe)?
  11. Hello Craig, and thanks for your answer. I have noticed it mainly at disorted tones and especially with pedals like drive, disortion, fuzz etc. At clean tones it's a far better. But, i have read in many forums that there is a noise issue of BIAS FX 2 for some people too. I use it through Cakewalk, but i tried to use it as standalone and realized that the issue remains the same, nothing different unfortunately.
  12. Hello guys. I recently purchased BIAS FX 2 - the Standard edition plugin - and it's sound, especially when i use pedals it's so noisy and bad dirty. Does any owner of this program has a solution to that? It's not my guitar problem or even something on my scarlett drivers etc, because i don't have similar problems with my rest (free) plugins or demos like amplitube 5, guitar rig etc. And i 've put the latency to normal levels, i mena to 96 samples+. So it's something to do with the specific program itself, or a setting maybe? Thanks in advance.
  13. Yes, but that amp sim ''Brainworx bx_rockrack V3 Player'' which is presented as ''FREE'', doesn't allow you even to change fox example gain, middle, treble etc for it's free version. So, ''free'' it's only at the papers.
  14. Hehe, of course...If it were easy there 'd be no David Gilmour and other guys to make our living better with their music and inspiration... Yes, it would be nice a video about these sounds, especially via amp sims for these programs. Because there is no free vst plugin with at least one amp AND 3-4 pedals (the basics) being compo for a solid sound. Amped Roots is nice, but it's a little dirty sound... Even though they released also free (partially) amped stevie t, which is cleaner sound.
  15. thanks man. Doe Thanks man. Does anyone here could tell me which amplifier sim and which pedals (along with settings of course) use for Gilmour's sound on TH3 free or amplitube 5 (free version), or guitar rig (free version)? If yes, it would be helpful for me. And slash's sound too. There is slash tone involved in amplitube 5 but it's for paid version. That';s why i am trying some free stuff to play these musician's sounds with my guitar.
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