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  1. Thank Max Arwood very much, I will try Mcompare I have a HOFA 4U + BlindTest Thanks
  2. Not so understood, I need a refer track to align quickly with the sound of my track witch solo and mute cnob if the track is muted and pressed solo - no sound and so is the other daw so very awkward and need a lot of time pressing it solo it's muted, thanks Maestro
  3. Hi, is there a normal way? I can't find convenience for example in Cubase if 2 tracks are mute and click solo it plays and is fine - normal in Cakewalk no normal! is a normal way to compare two mixes???!!! fast, without 100 combined clicks solo and mute Thanks
  4. The problem arose long ago, she thought on the Ample Sound side, but in the same reaper everything works fine. The essence of the problem. 1. I open any VST instrument from Ample Sound in the project (VST2, others are not friendly at all). 2. in the "riffer" mode I write and edit the pattern. 3. Drag the finished pattern to the midi track. 4. I turn on the playback, the cakes are crashing. Who faced and cured this trouble, help.
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