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  1. why is your 96khz so high sample rate? that's why there is no sound because you changed it if the project was created in 44.1, then after replacing the sound card i 96khz can and cannot be replaced if it was started differently.
  2. upload melodyne to any channel and change another algorithm or auto there from the beginning, take a very simple similar audio clip and try all the algorithms
  3. I use a normal English keyboard (United Sates) the symbol is ( , ) he changes focus from a clip in the track and I want to change to ( ~ ) it would be convenient for me but I do not find in keyboard shortcut
  4. i tried but couldn't find it, thanks.
  5. Thanks, I search ( Select current track-COMMA(,) but no in preferences keyboard shortcut
  6. Yes! what is the name of the option i don't know o need
  7. Thanks, if I knew what it was called i did it, (<) - he changes focus is the track in to clip and back, i don't know as it is called so i can't find it.
  8. I want to replace it with another key "<" i don't know what the action is, I don't find it in keyboard shortcuts. Thanks
  9. https://thehomerecordings.com/downloads/drumatic-3-by-e-phonic/ https://thehomerecordings.com/downloads/minispillage/
  10. Everything is even better and easier with Wavosaur. This is very suitable for you! But if you don't like Wavosaur, work with Audacity. Cakewalk is challenging for you and your team. this app is for hardworking musicians but not for those who want a quick result.
  11. Hi IgoRr If you run out of space, you can hide non-editable tracks? Может и хорошо было так, я то просто скрываю готовые треки, и есть место для тех которые редактирую а те звучит хоть и не видно думаю тут не большая проблема для быстроты, главное качество.
  12. Thanks Bandlab team for you big....no! no! very very BIG!!! your work!!!
  13. Free Sforzando with free sound banks uprightbass and ats. great bass sound. https://plogue.com/downloads.html https://plogue.com/products/sforzando-banks.html
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