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  1. @henkejs I think that was my issue. After recording, I removed the midi file from EZDRUMMER and it sounds much better. I would have thought that when exporting audio, it would only export the recording and not replay EZDRUMMER, but it seems to include both. I tried exporting the audio after removing the midi track from EZDRUMMER and sounds much better. Thank you for the help!!
  2. I'm running 32bit and 192k sampling rate. ASIO sound card driver (newer Lenovo P51s computer with Windows 10). I added a couple screenshots of those settings. I've tried 64bit as well and can't notice a difference. It really seems like cakewalk has some noise reduction filter built in that can't be changed. It really messes with the hihat and cymbal sounds. I recorded with cakewalk and with audacity, same bit depth and sampling rate, and it's quite a bit different. I have some wav samples for both, wish I could upload them here so you could hear the difference. Maybe I can put them in videos and send youtube links.
  3. I have a question regarding recording quality in cakewalk using the EZDRUMMER 2 VST. I have a drum midi file that I recorded. I have EZDRUMMER 2 setup in cakewalk and it's working well. I've added an instrument and setup all the EZDRUMMER tracks. When I open the EZDRUMMER interface, I can play the midi file and it sounds great, really good sound quality. Once everything is setup, I can hit record and it records all of the output tracks from the drums, which is what I want. However, when I play those back, the sound quality is really bad. Mainly the high frequencies like cymbals, hihat, snare, all sound very muffled. I have all of the effects turned off, I've triple checked this. It sounds like when I would record and my noise cancellation or noise reduction was still on. But I have everything turned off. I've gone through every effect I can think of and can't find a fix for this. I've tried playing the same EZDRUMMER midi file and then recording on Audacity and the sound quality is great, it sounds just like when EZDRUMMER is playing. But with Audacity I have to record each track individually which is a pain. I really like the ability that cakewalk has to record each track at once, but just want to find a fix for the sound quality. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!
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