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  1. Ah thanks - you are a star! I think you (or possibly someone else) mentioned previously that Garritan PO has some unusual midi implementation. I did wonder if that was a potential source of the problem given that the file was intended for Spitfire BBC SO I'll work on deleting one of those tomorrow - I was interested to see how Garritan and Miroslav compare in terms of sound quality and realism - Miroslav Philharmonik CE2 is sounding quite good but I thought Garritan may give me more flexibility and range of instruments Thanks again for your help
  2. Thanks David - there are tempo changes - I did wonder whether it might be that - increased buffer size but still a problem Here's the file - appreciate the help 🙂 TROIS GNOSSIENNES Orchestra - Garritan.cwp
  3. Thanks - will see if I can sort it - just seems odd that it is only this project where there is a problem - especially as it is not as demanding as my other GPO projects At the end of the day I'm quite happy with the Miroslav version of this particular programme but obviously I wouldn't want GPO to create problems on other projects. As I am only a hobbyist it's not really worth me upgrading my hardware until I need to or until SSD prices come down a bit more
  4. Thanks. I checked the CPU load in the meter in CbB and it appears very low. Asio4All has always worked fine for me. As I say I have other orchestral projects with more going on and have no problems with those just this one. I'll try altering the buffer size though when I went into the audio dialogue there didn't seem to be an option for that. I need to be careful I don't increase latency too much though
  5. I've downloaded the Satie midi file from the Spitfire Orchestral walkthrough here https://www.spitfireaudio.com/thepage/ and made a reasonable job of assigning it to three instances of Miroslav Philharmonik in a CbB project - which plays perfectly However when I created a new project, swapping out Philharmonik for Garritan PO playback stutters. Can anyone suggest the likely cause of this - could it be to do with the buffer size or is it something to do with RAM or HDD loading times - does Garritan load differently from Philharmonik? I have other Garritan Orchestral projects, including a Sibelius 2nd Symphony, which have much more going on at once and they play fine - why would this be different? I'm on Win 10 latest update and use onboard soundcard with ASIO4All - I tried swapping to WASAPI but couldn't get any sound when I did! Appreciate any suggestions!
  6. That must be really disappointing. I've downloaded the midi that was with the Orchestration video Spitfire put up and used it with my Miroslav Philharmonik 2 - doesn't sound anywhere as good as the one in the video made with BBC SO but at least it loads in less than a minute! Hope you get the problem resolved quickly
  7. Wish I'd seen this thread and the discount code earlier!
  8. Sorry Larry. I looked back but obviously missed your post. I hold my head in shame 🙂
  9. Couldn't resist this especially with the free Loopmaster bundle! https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/5824-Union
  10. Good luck - let us know how you get on. I still haven't got to grips with Garittan Personal Orchestra and Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE and they are goldfish in comparison 🙂
  11. VSL have responded to my FB post saying I do need the USB so not sure how you guys have got it working 🤔
  12. Mmm - the elicenser is asking for a USB key when I try to register VSL Big Bang so no luck. I haven't bought anything associated with this elicenser so is that the problem - ie the elicencer has only been used to try to get Halion SE to work (unsuccesfully)
  13. Oddly when I updated through the portal the update was to 3.0.5!
  14. Thanks all - I appear to have elicenser on my PC from when I obtained a free Halion Sonic Glockenspeil which I never managed to get working so I'd forgotten about it!) - it is now out of date apparently so I will update and see if it works!
  15. If anyone does get Air Xpand 2 it might be worth being aware that it seems to prefer to sit on the system drive - may have just been a glitch on my PC but when I put it in my VSTi folder on my data drive it wouldn't work and I was advised to put it on C drive since when it has been fine. Hybrid is another good VSTi from the same stable but more suited to electronic music - can't remember if it is multi timbral
  16. Got excited when I saw this in a Facebook add - until I went to the website and saw it needed a USB dongle 😞 Probably worth a look for those of you who have one already https://www.vsl.co.at/en/BBO
  17. Another vote for Air Xpand2 here too - a really useful source of a wide range of sounds and some superb arpeggios and dynamic pads
  18. Agree - I haven't used lenses or screensets properly yet and not entirely sure of the difference!
  19. This thread prompted to check out my copy of UVI Workstation in CbB Firstly I opened an existing project - the GUI keyboard worked but UVIW didn't respond to midi key presses from my controller - I tried playing the track directly and also via a midi track routed to UVIW - neither worked. I closed CbB opened a new project and inserted a midi track & UVIW - again no response from UVIW. In both projects the midi meter was showing input from the controller. Very strange - any ideas? Also I looked to see if there was an update button anywhere on the UVIW VSTi or standalone and couldn't find one - how do you update to latest version? Mine is 3.0.0. I don't use it that often to be honest but it would be good to solve the problems and have the latest version. Cheers
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