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  1. Just wondering how the £ - euro or dollar conversion plus paypal fees will work out
  2. I've got ST3 LE with loads of imported ST2 instruments - are most of the ST3 instruments new? I've also got Miroslav 2CE so will have to see how much else I would get with the full Miroslav. Seems a good deal and I could use about £60 of Jam Points on it to get it for around £120. Not sure I can justify it though just had two holidays cancelled so could treat myself to this instead!
  3. This looks quite interesting https://www.loopcloud.com/cloud/blog/4588--StayInCreate-with-Free-Plugins-Tutorials-Sounds-
  4. That sounds very worrying. Definitely wish I hadn't defended them on their Facebook page now. I still haven't had a reply from them re my issue
  5. Thanks Brian - I'll investigate further - the odd thing is I don't recall having a problem with it (on the rare time I used it) before installing the new presets - even though the crackling also exists in the original patches
  6. Thanks Brian - in these instances I have nothing else running and no other VST's in the project - just basically trying different sounds in Union. I have 8gb of RAM - I've found reducing the number of voices in Union helps but doesn't always stop the crackling. I don't have similar problems in other VSTis and I have a lot!
  7. Ah so sounds like CPU is an issue. Looked ok in the CbB monitor but maybe not the best measure. . I've got a quad core i5 intel CPU. Is that likely to be not powerful enough?
  8. As I've mentioned elsewhere I'm having a problem with crackling in Union after installing their expansions (checked buffer size and CPU load and both seem ok) and sent a support ticket in to Soundspot about a week ago but have had no response so very disappointed in their support. For the price though (I think I paid about £10 for it a while ago) it's worth a try
  9. That's a serious bargain. I think I paid about £50 for it
  10. Not very happy with Soundspot support so far - I asked them earlier this week why I was likely to be getting crackling in Union (having eliminated buffer settings as an issue) in both CbB and Ableton Lite and no reply so far. A shame as I defended them when a very unhappy customer was spamming their Facebook page!
  11. Thanks very much. Really helpful
  12. Thanks - yes I need to be much more selective too. I can't keep up at the moment! Hence my request. After I said that I had a quick listen through the example on the pages and some sounded potentially useful but quite a few I would skip - the hip hop ones sounded quite good even though that's not a genre I'm into - some nice melodic lines and laid back drums. The Dupstep ones just frightened me 😉
  13. Just seen this on Music Radar's site - don't think I've seen it here - not sure how useful it would be for those of use with a fair few pianos https://www.musicradar.com/news/samplesciences-resonance-is-a-free-piano-plugin-inspired-by-nils-frahm
  14. There are even more here! https://cymatics.fm/pages/free-download-vault
  15. Anyone know if these are worth having? Zinc T would be interested in your views when you've given them a listen
  16. I'd give my right arm to play like that - oh wait a minute.......
  17. I haven't got full Kontakt so I'll have to see what the Reason patches are like
  18. I hope the sound programming is better than the text overlay in the video!
  19. It's got some superb sounds!
  20. There's someone giving them a very unwarranted hard time on the Soundspot Facebook page!
  21. Well that was a bit disappointing - getting a lot of crackling from Union after going through a few presets - not happened before with that synth though it has happened with Sampletank 3 but restarting CbB has always solved it. I restarted PC and altered buffer rate but no joy. It was even worse in Live 10 Lite! Be interested to know if anyone has same problem. CPU monitor in CbB is not showing anything untoward
  22. They're remarkably big folders for presets! 700 - 952MB! Ah they're full of .wav files
  23. Ah they have just arrived by email! Though the receipt still says full cost!
  24. Spoke too soon. Was automatically logged in to the site No download links or serials 😞 Sent a support ticket!
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