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  1. Hi John - just to endorse what's already been said: I've found it makes a reasonable job of interpreting clean acoustic guitar chords, but still quite a bit of editing to do to tidy them up. And you don't need the top level of Melodyne for this.
  2. Sorry - use the 'Look in' drop down box to navigate to the folder where the files are, before you try and search
  3. Jonathan Hope I'm not misunderstanding the problem. When you try and open the project, you should see this dialog box identifying which files it can't find. Cakewalk constructs the audio file names based on track name etc. and adds a sequence number to make sure they are unique, so that list you gave looks like the set of files arising from multiple takes and possibly a bounce to clip or other edit. From this dialog box you have to locate the first one, by clicking on Search... and navigating to the folder where they are. Once it's found one, it will find the rest. I would always select 'Copy the file to the project audio folder' rather than move it, until you're confident they've all been recovered.
  4. Yes, just slip edit the audio clip start to any nearby snap point (don't stretch it, of course!). I'd always use a beat or measure boundary, but it can be anything that you've got included in snap enable. It's just that measure or beat lines are easily visible so you can get visual re-assurance that everything is lined up.
  5. Unfortunately the problem has been occurring occasionally with all versions up to 2021-01 (we've not moved to 2021-04 yet), and it has persisted through at least 18 months of PC hardware and software changes, different audio interfaces, removing 3rd party plug-ins, and many other attempted changes to system settings, latency adjustment etc. as suggested by the Cakewalk folks. (It may or may not be associated with a similar long- reported problem: recording sometimes starts during the count-in phase, throwing the new clip of of sync.)
  6. It should tell you the name of the audio file it's looking for when it can't find it in the project's own audio folder, and as John says, it's most likely to be found in an old Audio Data folder, which is where Sonar used to store audio files before the advent of project audio folders (and the change of the default location of audio files)
  7. Turning off 'Always Stream Audio Through FX' should do this - but please check you can live with the potential impact (see note below)
  8. Isn't it easier just to Freeze the synth(s)? This will create the waveform, and it's simple to undo
  9. Shift will hold its position, and if you want to make a copy rather than move it, also hold ctl. (Just to be extra safe, you could switch snap on, extend the audio clip to a snap boundary, and then shift-move)
  10. Noel Do you know if this is likely to address the long-standing problem with the recording occasionally starting during the Count-in phase? (Also the problem where video playback starts during count-in - but this is much less important!)
  11. Cakewalk also starts playing any video track in the project during the count-in (and I have long-running intermittent problems with audio sync when recording with count-in enabled). You can bypass the count-in by setting it zero, of course - although I accept this can't be done via a shortcut - but I think I'd prefer Cakewalk to get Count-in working as it should before making any enhancements.
  12. At Freed's request, we've removed all other ASIO drivers and uninstalled other hardware, removed some plugins, cut the Toslink audio connection, and changed the Sync settings from 'Full Chase Lock' to 'Trigger & Freewheel', but still get the problem from time to time. Looks like we're not alone.: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/20336-recording-delayed/
  13. Been having this problem intermittently for over 12 months, with delays ranging from 2 seconds to 20 seconds. There seems to be no pattern as to when it occurs. Reported to Cakewalk, and lots of things tried (disabling other drivers and plug-ins), but no resolution yet, I'm afraid. If you could please report it as a fault that might help isolate what's causing it. What's your interface/driver setup? See https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/19291-recorded-tracks-are-offset-not-in-correct-position/
  14. Bill, I bought a standard 3 port Firewire PCI card from PC vendor Chillblast for £20 back in 2013, and it's been transferred to my new systems since then, most recently in January this year (to a Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ELITE Motherboard with Intel i7-9700K). The ASIO drivers from MOTU are still available, and support my old MOTU 828 MkII under Windows 10 2004 just fine. I updated the MOTU Cuemix software recently, and this seems to have introduced a very long delay in Cuemix startup - but it's still working fine.
  15. We get the problems but don't use any of these plugins. (We're just using ProChannel, Adaptive Limiter, LP-64 Multiband compressor and BT De-esser)
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