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  1. Cakewalk also starts playing any video track in the project during the count-in (and I have long-running intermittent problems with audio sync when recording with count-in enabled). You can bypass the count-in by setting it zero, of course - although I accept this can't be done via a shortcut - but I think I'd prefer Cakewalk to get Count-in working as it should before making any enhancements.
  2. At Freed's request, we've removed all other ASIO drivers and uninstalled other hardware, removed some plugins, cut the Toslink audio connection, and changed the Sync settings from 'Full Chase Lock' to 'Trigger & Freewheel', but still get the problem from time to time. Looks like we're not alone.: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/20336-recording-delayed/
  3. Been having this problem intermittently for over 12 months, with delays ranging from 2 seconds to 20 seconds. There seems to be no pattern as to when it occurs. Reported to Cakewalk, and lots of things tried (disabling other drivers and plug-ins), but no resolution yet, I'm afraid. If you could please report it as a fault that might help isolate what's causing it. What's your interface/driver setup? See https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/19291-recorded-tracks-are-offset-not-in-correct-position/
  4. Bill, I bought a standard 3 port Firewire PCI card from PC vendor Chillblast for £20 back in 2013, and it's been transferred to my new systems since then, most recently in January this year (to a Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ELITE Motherboard with Intel i7-9700K). The ASIO drivers from MOTU are still available, and support my old MOTU 828 MkII under Windows 10 2004 just fine. I updated the MOTU Cuemix software recently, and this seems to have introduced a very long delay in Cuemix startup - but it's still working fine.
  5. We get the problems but don't use any of these plugins. (We're just using ProChannel, Adaptive Limiter, LP-64 Multiband compressor and BT De-esser)
  6. Mark, Even after uninstalling the Steinberg Low latency driver, we still can't alter the Record Latency Adjustment setting: whatever we do, it reverts to using the latency reported by the first ASIO driver in the list.
  7. Thanks, John - really appreciate your interest in this. A loop-back test shows what I think we might expect: a constant delay of about 1000 samples, which I guess is just the ASIO driver latency (2 x 512 samples)? We're struggling to understand how or why this sometimes causes a huge slip (from 2 to 20 seconds) in the timing and content of a recorded clip, when the waveform is being written normally and at the correct time during recording. (I should add that we haven't seen one in the last 2 days, so your interest is paying off!)
  8. That surely isn't a comparable set of products. If you compare Cakewalk with other highly specified pro DAWs like Cubase, ProTools, Logic, etc,, I'm sure you'll find Cakewalk as good or better in terms of usability AND function. One of CdB's best features is that it lays in front of you and makes immediately accessible a fantastic array of features in a super graphical interface (which you can customise extensively). Compare this with Cubase, for example, where you have to hunt though a highly opaque set of menus to get at even quite simple functions. I agree with most other comments here: to use a highly-specified product like Cakewalk requires some investment in learning how to do things, but it's worth it.
  9. New occurrence yesterday, when the new overdub clip was out of sync by a huge margin (20 seconds!) and the leading part of the new clip truncated by this amount. During recording, the waveform was drawn perfectly normally. Finding it really hard to go on covering this up with the customers
  10. Just trying some other things to see if we can isolate or clear this problem: Wondering what this setting in the config file does, and whether it might be relevant: Ours is set to 'true' in the config file. We also have other ASIO drivers installed, but not normally active, for other audio interfaces. I noticed that the 'Record Latency Adjustment' setting always resets itself to the first driver in the list, no matter which one we select. (Although 1328 samples is a lot shorter than a 2 second delay)
  11. It tends to happen earlier in sessions, but not always. However it has never happened on successive takes. We also wondered if was to do with flushing the buffers, because we sometimes get a (random) audible 'tail' on rewind and re-start - although not at the same time as with this out of sync problem. We've tried increasing ASIO buffer sizes and increasing latency, and increasing the Cakewalk File System buffer size, but it seems to make no difference. Got a very powerful i7-9700K, lots of memory and M2 SSD, We've also changed the PC last December, and it has persisted across 2 completely different PCs, so I'd be really surprised if it's a PC hardware issue. Freed at Cakewalk has asked us to try and reproduce the problem using a different interface (we have an old MOTU), but of course we haven't been able to because we can't use this for real work - which is when it tends to happen, of course! I'm encouraged that you're using a different audio interface, which possibly takes the spotlight away from Allen & Heath driver. We're going to try changing this setting in the Config file (just for something to do)
  12. We've been having a very similar issue intermittently for nearly a year. Recordings of new clips are either offset by 2 seconds (i.e. they are late by 2 seconds), or the last 2 seconds of the clip are cut off. It's been reported, but Cakewalk have been unable to reproduce or fix. As we can't determine in what circumstances it occurs (it seems entirely random) , it's very hard to reproduce: hence why it's been so hard to diagnose. In our case when we examine the WAV audio file which is associated with the clip it either has 2 seconds of silence at the beginning, or the final 2 seconds of audio is there but not referenced by the clip. We are using a count-in of 4 beats and a tempo of 120 bpm (=2 seconds), so we thought it was related to count-in or snap, but no luck so far. Snap on or off makes no difference. Would be really interested to see how your WAV audio files associated with the out-of-sync clips look. (We're using Allen & Heath Qu24 ASIO driver with Cakewalk 2020.08, but it's been happening in lots of earlier releases)
  13. All OK with CdB 2020.05 after upgrading to Win 10 2004 (OS Build 19041.388) here. Only slight problem was that it broke an old version of Sony SoundForge Pro (again)
  14. I'm using a 4k monitor, and the space above the gain shrinks as you add more modules to the console, and it shrinks from above the gain if you pull down the track view. I can't see any problem at all!
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