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  1. Just to add my feedback - I've always thought Mike Greene as the owner/developer of Realitone, was very fair, actually fairer than most. Not too many software companies will give you a refund after 30 days - actually most will not give you a refund at all! I bought Hip-Hop Creator shortly after it came out and it was a mess - a real bad mess. It had major problems with the Kontakt output routing, so I spoke with Mike's online rep Bill and he admitted the problems and tried working with me for a few weeks to get it fixed, but I eventually decided to get a refund. And there was no issue at all in getting the refund. About a year later I noticed that Mike had made some improvements to the program and I bought it again. I must say I don't know much (anything?) about hip-hop, but I do enjoy using the program.
  2. Not my style either, but I bought it about a year ago and yes, its a very fun plugin. And it's surprisingly deep as you are essentially manipulating 16 samples at a time, each with varying levels of complexity. I suggest watching the demo videos on the Realitone website. https://realitone.com/products/hip-hop-creator Also, this product was created by well-known producer Mike Greene, who has worked with many artists, including hip-hop musicians, so the sounds he provides are the real deal.
  3. Hehe.... DeeringAmps posted it just as I was...
  4. Well, that didn't take long... found a forum where someone posted an image from an early version of the EZBass manual where they listed the keyswitches. (I cannot find this page in the current manual.) So, I made a quick list from the image: A-1 Polyphony (hold). Disable legato A#-1 Harmonic (hold) Play harmonics B-1 Slap/Pop (hold) Play slap sound if available. C0 Not used C#0 Middle Finger/Down Stroke. Play only middle finger/downstroke (no alteration) D0 Repeater (press) Repeat the last played note D#0 Loud Mute (press). Repeat the last played note as a percussive mute E0 Ghost note (press). Repeat the last played note as a ghost note F0 Slide (press and hold). Slide currently playing note to the next note played G0 Slide Up (press). Slide currently playing note up. G#0 Legato (hold). Enable legato.
  5. Has anyone compiled a list of what the keyswitch articulations in EZBass are? I just realized that when you drag a MIDI groove into the daw it brings along the EZBass keyswitches. So it would then be just a matter of transposing them up or down to match (in my case) the Ample Bass keyswitch articulations. I went through the EZBass manual and they don't list their keyswitch articulations - seems like they are purposely not showing them as they want people to use their basses. I've only been playing with EZBass (the full functioning demo) for a couple of days, so someone on the web has probably already posted the EZBass keyswitches, but if not, it won't be too difficult to create.
  6. I'm not adding articulations by playing them - I'm writing them into the track. And that's what EZBass is doing in their program when you add an articulation by clicking on a note and then choosing an articulation.
  7. Yeah, I noticed that right away, but you and I (and quite a few other folks here) seem to prefer better sounding basses than what Toontrack is offering. So, I'm with Reid - I won't be using the Toontrack basses, but will look forward to their Midi packs. And I'll add my articulations to their midi grooves.
  8. I tried the EZBass demo last night. I'm not too impressed with the bass sounds themselves, but the rest of the program seems good. I dragged the EZBass midi patterns out and used some Ample basses and that sounded much better.
  9. Joe Zawinul used to play a reverse keyboard with the highest notes on the left and lowest notes on the right.
  10. Since you have Jamstix 4, check out the jam mode. You can have the program respond to your playing. I have not played with it much, so can't really say how effective it will be, but it's certainly worth exploring since you have the program.
  11. A few months ago, I too was a bit annoyed when I found out that LooopCloud was no longer scanning my library. So, I decided to try out their cheapest plan ($7.99)... and I'm loving it! I have to admit that their sample manager is truly the best I have ever found. I can say MARIMBA, BPM between 92 and 119, sample length greater than 5 seconds, (and many other search criteria) and LoopCloud will present me with all the choices in my library, or I can see their offerings, or I can see a mix of both. I can also specify FREE and I'm presented with the choices that match my search criteria. Every day I can choose 10 freebies that are downloaded to my drive (for my use forever even if I quit LoopCloud) and those freebies are also entered into my personal database. They also give you points each month that let you purchase results - most samples cost 2 points and I think they give you 100 points per month, but I have never used them up and they accumulate. What's really fun is to set up some nice rhythms and then audition the samples in time with your rhythms... when you find one you like, you press a button (to either get a freebie or to purchase) and it's yours. I suggest trying out their free plan - I think they give you a month for free. I do not normally create music in this manner, so maybe that's why it's become so much fun for me - it's like getting a new instrument that you've never played and learning how to use it.
  12. Ummm... we are on the internet, so what about cute cats that meow and we're not sure if it's a political statement, a really good tune, or if they're just putting us on?
  13. I already have the Outside-in edition with the 3 expansions. I just want to purchase the original on sale for $99.99. And the only sale price for it is in the bundle - they never have the original on sale by itself.
  14. Nice utility - good for creating new stuff from old stuff! This latest version corrects a major problem from the original - you can now locate MIDI files across all your drives. (V1 would only let you see the C drive.)
  15. They need to have a sale on the original Riff Generation.
  16. Hilarious video! I doubt Avid will play it in their booth at NAMM.
  17. I haven't played a bass in more than 40+ years, but that Jack Casady bass has tempted me many times.
  18. Check out Scaler 2. It costs $59 and will give you a lifetime of useful information. And you can try a demo too: https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/6439
  19. I grabbed four of the strings packs - great deal! I'd never heard of Alex Pfeffer so thanks to Matt for his post!
  20. Volume 1 was great fun - looking forward to this new one!
  21. I looked at the demo and I don't get it. Yes, it's a nice arpeggiator, but I see nothing special about it. Most DAWs will let you record the MIDI out of a VST, so nothing special there. You can always record automation into the MIDI after you've recorded it into your DAW. Perhaps for $19 this might be a consideration, but $99 for the intro price? That's way too expensive for an arpeggiator. Cthulhu is $39 and will give you a great arpeggiator as well as one-finger chord playback. Scaler 2 is $59 and will do live playback of arpeggios (Reid's request) and I am pretty sure you can change them over the course of a song via keyswitches. And of course Scaler 2 provides so many more features for far less than the cost of Sample Logic's expensive arpeggiator.
  22. Gotta love that bottled water market! Whoever said "Let's charge people to buy something that they already have" was a marketing genius. Note that Evian spelled backwards is Naive.
  23. I found this freebie on KVR. I have not tried it... https://www.kvraudio.com/news/ultimate-midi-plugin-updates-free-simple-chord-detection-vst-plug-in-for-windows-to-v1-1-52001
  24. Is there some advantage to the new version compared to the original Kontakt version?
  25. How about the free version of Jamstix? https://www.rayzoon.com/rayzoon_downloads.html
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