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  1. I lost out on a deal at NI last year because I thought I had time left to make the purchase. And for exactly the reason you stated - the web clock was referencing my local time, not NI's time in Germany. When I went to make the purchase the page no longer existed, though the clock on my browser said I still had 2-3 more hours to make the purchase.
  2. For more fun, try adding this freebie to any of the above-mentioned programs (or just use it by itself): https://www.codefn42.com/transition/index.html It's a generative MIDI sequencer called Transition and you can make some crazy cool stuff with it.
  3. I'd rather have 100 GREAT loops for $10, than 11,600 mediocre loops for $99. I guess I need to see some reviews of Cohesion... (And does the name Cohesion strike anyone as a warning? It could end up being a very ironic product name...)
  4. You can get the Kontakt 6 player (and some other freebies) with Native Instruments Komplete Start: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-start/ Note that this includes the Kontakt player - for most instruments you will need the full version of Kontakt. I would suggest you wait for NI to have a sale on one of the Ultimate collections as that will include the full Kontakt 6 and lots of other stuff you will probably find useful.
  5. I'm with Fleer on this - the Blue 3 from GG-Audio is fantastic, the best I have found (and $99). I have not even listened to IK's B3, but I can't see how it can be better than Blue 3. But I'll keep an open mind and I look forward to the inevitable comparisons.
  6. So using the above payment schedule, if you had 1 million listens to your tune you would make $193. If every single person in the US (329 million) listened, you make about $63,000. A Gold record (single) is 1 million sales. A Platinum single is 2 million sales. I would think that someone who has a Gold or Platinum record would be making much more than the streaming payments. Of course, Gold and Platinum are for sales, but still it would seem that streaming should be more lucrative than it is.
  7. Kontakt Hub has been running a 50% off sale on all Hideaway Studio stuff. I should have mentioned this sooner, but there's only 2 days left. These are LOW cost, HIGH quality, analog Kontakt instruments. (Full Kontakt only.) I highly recommend String Studios 1 &2, Orbitone Collection 1 &2, and the Pentodian Resonator Choir. Check them out: https://www.kontakthub.com/label/Hideaway-Studios/ Don't just take my word for how good these are - check out these articles & reviews from Soundbytesmag: https://soundbytesmag.net/?s=hideaway
  8. I like Tonebooster's Barricade 4. Transparent and inexpensive too. https://www.toneboosters.com/tb_barricade_v4.html
  9. The latest Jamstix Beta version has been mapped to MODO DRUM, so it's only a matter of time for the official release. (And users are allowed to try the Beta version if they are so inclined.) https://www.rayzoon.com/updates.html
  10. "Oh man, if I could only get a chance to try that organ in Weimar... I could probably create something REALLY good." --Johann Sebastian Bach
  11. Jamstix... and yes, there is a free, though basic, version available. https://www.rayzoon.com/#free_version
  12. It's a little annoying but at least it only takes a minute to fix. (The length of time it takes for the Windows update is much more annoying than the XLN update fix.)
  13. I grabbed it and it's excellent. If you can still get it for $99, I highly recommend it. Zinc nailed it when he called it a "song inspiration" tool.
  14. Would this notemapper help? https://www.codefn42.com/notemapper/index.html
  15. The origin of the Seinfeld show?
  16. Check out RipChord - this is a freebie VST3 from Trackbout. It's like the chord portion of Cthulhu (no arpeggiator) but even easier to use. And there is a community of folks offering their chord presets for use in the program. Here it is: https://trackbout.com/ripchord
  17. I too have a Crucial MX500 2TB... it's worked perfectly - I use it exactly for the OP's intended use - sample storage. And $183 is a GREAT price. I thought I had gotten a good deal last year for much more ($265?). It's nice to see SSD prices keep dropping - eventually, they will be the standard drive format.
  18. Clerk: Do you swear on the Constitution of the United States to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Witness: Ain't no thing. [slaps the clerk's book and the clerk uses his book to slap the witness's hand as if "giving fives" to each other] Defense Attorney: [approaches the witness as he sits down in the witness stand] Would you describe in your own words, what happened that night? Witness: Yo! Check it, bleed. Bro... was on! Didn't trip. But the folks was freakin', man. Hey, and the pilots were laid to the bone, Home. So Blood hammered out and jammed jet ship. Tightened that bad sucker inside the runaway like a mother. Shit. ["Mr. Striker performed exceptionally. The passengers were very concerned. The pilots were incapacitated. So Mr. Striker took control and landed that plane safely. Golly!"] [the stenographer wears sunglasses and sways back and forth as he types]
  19. I had some funds at PluginBotique, so luckily InstaChord (and expansions) only cost me $7. Let me say this - I wasted $7. Do not buy this product if you know anything about music. I will never use it again. BTW, I have Scaler and that has some good uses. And Cthulu for $39 is FAR more useful/powerful than InstaChord. And if you can play basic chords (but not much more than that) on a keyboard, then I highly recommend Chord Potion.
  20. I can't comment on EzDrummer, but I think JamStix is the top drum VST in the market. The problem with it is the learning curve, but once you spend time with it, there is nothing that can compare. Plus it allows you to use any drum kits you may already have. And it even allows you to import your favorite drum patterns from other drum packages. (Depending on the software, you might have to make a midi file first, but others like AD2 can drop a pattern directly into JamStix.) The UJAM drummers are perhaps the easiest to use drum VSTs and that is probably their biggest strength.
  21. I had read about problems on the NI forum that the 6 PLAYER was causing issues with K5 FULL. That's why I decided to wait till the NI sale and have now got K6 and K5 on my system and can report absolutely no problems. I use Reaper and it's a simple matter of using a text editor to change any previous projects that had been using the various versions of K5 (varying # of outputs) to using K6.
  22. Grabbed this last night. The timing was right as I had just done the NI Komplete Ultimate upgrade a week earlier so I had Kontakt 6. (This new version of The Orchestra might be the program that makes everyone need to have Kontakt 6.) I did the upgrade to the Orchestra Complete and was surprised to find that it is actually a distinct install to the original Orchestra - it does not affect your original Orchestra. So, you'll have still have your original and this new 'Complete' version. I only had time to give it a quick run-through, but I can assure fans of the original that they will be quite happy with all the new presets - there's lots of good fresh stuff. The Strings of Winter are aptly named - crisp and clear - they're a nice contrast to the original Orchestra strings. And I gave the Midi export a quick try and it was very easy to use.
  23. I love the V3 look - it's a real clean modern look! And I like the functionality. Two other things to note: 1) When doing the bass upgrade, you have to also upgrade the library for each particular bass. I don't recall having to do that with the previous acoustic guitar upgrades. 2) When you upgrade to V3, your V2 is still there for your use - they co-exist quite nicely. So, if you have the room on your drive, you can keep both. (Besides you might have older tunes that were using a V2 instrument, so that might be a good reason to keep the older V2 around.)
  24. Hi Chris, I checked out the Vienna bari and thought it sounded real good, especially the 2nd demo where it had some jazz styles at the end. I mostly use it for jazz and funk type stuff - seems like the natural habitat for a bari! Comparing them is tough because there really is not enough info about the Vienna model - no manual, no list of articulations and worse it seems that there are 2 versions and no info about what you gain in the more expensive version (or don't get in the cheaper version). CMP's website offers you the manual and you can see all the articulations in a diagram. Price wise, the CMP will probably be on sale soon for about $35 - not sure if Vienna has sales, but $116 for the full version seems a bit pricey. Ultimately it just comes down to whether you like the actual sampled sound. One nice thing about the CMP is you have full control of the 2 mics (mid and side) so you can really match it well to fit your mix.
  25. Just get on Rigid Audio's mailing list and you will be able to get all these programs for at least the indicated base price (if not lower). They are constantly having sales, so just wait for the ones you want. (I guess I am saying don't waste any of your accrued reward money at APD on this!) BTW, my favorite is CineMatrix, but when paying the base price, they are all worthwhile purchases.
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