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  1. I think i understand this now so thanks a lot for this. It sounds like if i export to 24 bit with or without dithering, it won't make a massive difference but i will experiment as you have suggested. Doing the final export at 24 bit won't impact the audio that was recorded at 16 bit will it? As mentioned this wasn't set to match the audio driver bit depth (which is 24 bit) as i didn't know it was an option. From my understanding though, it won't do any harm if the export is higher than this particular setting and i will change the settings of this for future projects now that i know.
  2. This makes sense to me now. Thanks for that Right ok. So basically the overall project will be mixed together at either 32 bit or 64 bit, depending on the 64bit Double Precision Engine setting in preferences. So this means on the final export / file it will always be lower if choosing to export to 24 bit, meaning there is no harm applying Dithering. Would this be correct? If so then it sounds like the final export will always be lower if exporting to 24 bit.
  3. Would you possibly be able to give me an example of files that the DAW can create in a project that would use the Render Bit Depth? I understand what you're saying but I think an example would help me to get my head around how it works. I see... So as there are multiple bit depths used within the project, should i be going off the highest one that will be used in the project to know if i will be exporting the final version at a lower / reduced Bit rate overall? So for example, if i want to export the final version at 24 Bit depth, i know that the project will contain some elements with bit depths at 32, as that is what the Render Bit Depth is set at. So by this logic, i would be exporting the final version at a lower bit depth. Is this assumption correct?
  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this. Ok, so from what you have said, am i right in assuming the following: Even if the record & audio driver bit depth is set at 16 or 24 Bit, the moment you apply any form of processing or editing in the daw (automation, adding an fx, etc) it's going to be treated as 32 bit, due to the Render Bit depth. By extension of this, am i right in assuming i should be looking at the Render Bit Depth to know what my overall mix / project is? This is important to know due to knowing if i need to apply Dithering or not to my final "master" export. Also, should i leave my Render Bit Depth at 32 bit and not just set all of these 3 settings at 24 bit? I've heard having the render bit depth at 32 is beneficial during the mixing process? Lastly, I've found that there seems to be a massive debate on whether you need to dither from 32 bit to 24 and this was reflected in your post. So In your experience, would you suggest not dithering at all in this instance and only when going down to 16 Bit. I've heard a range of things on this subject, such as it causing more harm than good when dithering from 32 bit to 24 but i could use some guidance on it.
  5. Hi, I'm completely new to this community and forum, so thanks in advanced for taking the time to read this. I've hit a wall with my Cakewalk progress and I cannot seem to find a solid or straightforward answer to an issue I have, even after hours of looking. Basically, I am at a stage where I am ready to export my project as a WAV file. Within the Export Audio screen, I have set the Sample Rate at 48k, as this is what the project was set to within preferences (48k was chosen due to track eventually being used with a video). However, when it comes to choosing the Bit Depth within the Export Audio screen, I’m completely stuck. I initially thought there was only one place you set the bit depth for a project and it was within "driver settings" within preferences (much like the sampling rate I have just mentioned). However, I discovered yesterday that there are 3 different instances where bit depth can be set within a project which are as follows: Audio Driver Bit depth within driver settings (this is fixed at 24 bit for me due to the ASIO I assume) Record Bit Depth within preferences > Audio Data (this is set to 16 bit which is a shame because everything already recorded is now at 16 bit and not 24, but at least I will know for next time) Render Bit Depth within preferences > Audio Data (this is set to 32 bit). So my question is: which one of these do I go off to know if I need to apply dithering or not when exporting the track? How do I know if I am exporting the project / track at a lower bit rate to what it is set to? So should I export at 16 bit (as that’s what the tracks are recorded at)? Or should I export at 24 bit (as that is what the audio driver is set to). Or, should I export to 24 bit and apply dithering because the Render Bit depth is set at 32? Are elements of my project going to be at 32 bit due to this, meaning if I export to 24 bit without applying dithering, I could get unwanted artefacts or a bad sound? So I really don't know what to go off for this, or how to make a decision on what to do or select on the export process. I hope this all makes sense and I would be very grateful of and explanation of these different bit depths and which one I should be looking at and / or go off to resolve the problem just described. Thanks Again and Kind Regards.
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