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  1. I getting down to the nitty gritty. I have everything on the list except for these but I already have the Fulltone OCD, any suggestions? Amplitube Fulltone Collection Hitmaker: Reggaeton Hitmaker: Trap Hitmaker: EDM Cinekinetik: Fractured Piano Cinekinetik: Malletension Cinekinetik: Malletopia Cinekinetik: Shipwreck Piano
  2. I like Fender 2 better but I hear ya. My go to amps are a '67 Super Reverb and a mid 70s Champ.
  3. I like Fender 2 better than 1, the Mesa Boogie amps are awesome, both SVX bundles rock for bass, I like the Marshall amps in Slash. I haven't delved in to Satch, Brian May or Dimebag yet because I just picked them up.
  4. My Rockman had broken solder joints on the headphone out jacks. I resoldered those and it fired right up.
  5. I just picked up that and Satch. Satch inspired me to get my old Rockman working. It's way too much fun!
  6. I'm going to start collecting tape machines, which one should I try first? I currently have Softube Tape. Grats!
  7. I went to Savannah for St. Patrick's day sometime around 1990. It was awesome! Bars were set up everywhere, bank lobbies, hardware stores, etc. I would have never guessed how much fun that would be! All the best for your wife Peter.
  8. Nobody beats the King!
  9. No more Slate for me unless they remove the dongle for perpetual licenses. I don't do subscriptions.
  10. With gas we are unable to separate our wants vs needs. This is what makes group buys work. 😆
  11. The IK site has become inaccessible here.
  12. You can get it for $49 with Jam points.
  13. Hmmmm...... at $124.50 because I registered Arcane for free. I might bite for the same reason.
  14. Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 might get you closer. https://www.jamorigin.com/
  15. I've never seen AD MidiPaks at retailers.
  16. They were always towards the original end time. Dollar to doughnuts this get extended!
  17. New Cabinet section with VIR™ technology Powerful new “Volumetric Impulse Response” radically transforms all 100+ cabinets in AmpliTube 5 with over 143,000 impulse response measurements in all.
  18. I guess IK isn't a small time dealer. I purchased Electromagnetic and Dimebag isn't an option in the dropdown list. I mostly want it for the Flanger/Doubler. I remember a sound guy running my guitar through the rack mount version back in the 80s and it was magical. so far: Electromagnetic, Comprexxor, Space Delay, AT Leslie, Satch and ARC 3. Dimebag should be there but it's not for some reason. The value here is amazing for $105 with the help of jammies. edit: Dimebag was there just not where I expected.
  19. Okay here's my 7 in no particular order: Satch, Brian May, Comprexxor, Space Delay, AT Leslie, ARC 3 software only, Dimebag Darrel. When I put the Comprexxor in my cart it comes up at $90.99 with a discount code that was automatically added, no jammies needed. That would get me in at the $129 level so I can pick up AT Leslie. My next 4 would be tape machines. I have lots of jammies if needed, is this my best option? Thanks.
  20. IK has always been good about extending GBs to reach the max level but this max is way higher than it's ever been. Anywho I think it's time for me to jump in.
  21. What's the record for free products in an IK group buy?
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