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  1. Assuming you have 10 channels, enough mics and want to add tracks after the performance, I would do something like this: 1) kick 2) snare 3) tom 1 4) tom 2 5) floor tom 6) OH left 7) OH right 😎 bass d.i. 9) vocals ( scratch ) 10) room mic for reference and/or ambience etc. Then I would track guitar, keys, vocals, etc. Rocky
  2. Eventide H910 is 80% off at https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/2854-H910 and get Levels by Mastering the mix free. Rocky
  3. I have BFD Zildjian digital Vault but the ECO version that came with it was discontinued. I gave up on them when they told me that I had to buy BFD to use it. The serial won't work for the discount. I'm not paying full price for BFD. Rocky
  4. Synchro Arts VocALign Project is on sale for $99 until 4/30. https://www.synchroarts.com/products/vocalign-project/overview?utm_source=Synchro+Arts+Newsletter&utm_campaign=c97a1edd11-VocAlign+Project+April+Sale+MUSIC+16%2F4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_95d1a8a5b0-c97a1edd11-759673 Rocky edit: Larry found a better deal
  5. You read my mind! I went looking at Best Service and Toontrack. Rocky
  6. Good timing Larry! I had a $75 rewards card that was set to expire. That got it down to $21.60. Thanks for all you do. Rocky
  7. Welcome back! This place hasn't been the same without you. Rock
  8. The hide non-owned gear button is to the right of the search box. It's a little amp with a check mark and an x on it. Rocky
  9. I saved enough money to go to Vegas! I'm not without those side effects though. 😝 Seriously, I hope he's okay. Rocky
  10. Years ago I bought a VRM box on sale. This is the purchase that keeps on giving! Thanks for the heads up @Pragi
  11. Been there, All the best for a speedy recovery! Rocky
  12. No dice in Denver. Rocky
  13. A meticulously captured high-end bass. 😆 Actually it's a MTD USA 535 Andrew Gouche AG5. Rocky
  14. bluzdog

    Back on Hiatus

    Safe travels Larry. Rocky
  15. The Weber Z-Matcher arrived. I'm pretty bowm away with Weber's customer service, nothing short of awesome. The Z-Matcher has a line out, that opens up lots of routing options I think I'm going to go with The Suhr Reactive load IR. I like what @Jim Roseberry had to say about it's reactive load, I like that price point and the feature set suites my needs. I also have a Little Labs Redeye for reamping . Rocky
  16. No doubt about that! A cranked tube amp that's singinging is pure euphoria. Rocky
  17. The Fryette Power Load IR looks interesting bit it's not available yet. Rocky
  18. I have a Mythical Overdrive heading my way https://www.rimrockeffects.com/store/p1/Mythical_Overdrive_-_All_Versions.html It's supposed to do the Klon thing really well. Rocky
  19. In all fairness Aracom did get back to me: Thank you for your interest in the ARACOM power attenuators. You might be aware of the PRX150-DAG's unique Impedance matching feature: * Impedance Matching Technology (Patent Pending) Independent input and output impedance selector switches: - from the amplifier and into the attenuator, select from: 2, 4, 8, 16 ohm - from the attenuator and to the speaker cabinet(s), select from: 2, 4, 8, 16 ohm Uniquely allows 16 possible Input and Output (Amplifier to Speaker Cabinet) impedance combinations Your Champ can run into the PRX150-DAG Input set at 4 ohm. You can set the PRX150-DAG's Output Impedance set to whatever the impedance of the speaker or impedance of the cabinet. A headphone can be used with the PRX150-DAG, with the use of an inexpensive Hi to Low Impedance converter (cord). This would plug into the PRX150-DAG Line Output jack, which has a Volume Control knob. The PRX150-DAG can be used as a Load Box, for silent recording or headphone only use. You would need to read the instructions in the Owner's Manual for the Load Box instructions. We are shipping the PRX150-DAG on a weekly basis, but there is a wait list.  The lead time is approximately 3-6 weeks if you were to join the wait list now. The current price of the PRX150-DAG is $875 + shipping. * If you are interested in getting on the PRX150-DAG wait list, please provide me with your full name, shipping address and phone number. * No deposit required to get on the wait list.  I just ask that you be sincere about purchasing the product when your name comes up on the list. Rocky
  20. Is the -20/ -38 db attenuator of much use? Rocky
  21. Ditto that. I'm not a fan of systemwide at all. I only use the plugin. Rocky
  22. I've been doing some research in this department. My requirements are attenuation, dummy load, silent recording and headphone out. My Super Reverb wants to see a 2 ohm load and my Champ is 4ish. My other amps have impedance switches.That throws a monkey wrench into the works. I would have pulled the trigger on one of these but they never returned my email http://www.aracom-amps.com/products/prx150-dag It would have solved some impedance problems but I would have needed to use an interface or use a headphone amp for silent late night playing. It would have been stellar for gigs. The Captor X has a great feature set but the attenuation is limited to -20 db and -38 db. The impedance is fixed but otherwise seems great at that price point. This wouldn't be ideal for gigs. The Suhr Reactive Load IR looks interesting but I don't think it works as an attenuator. I need to research this more. The UA OX looks awesome and has selectable impedance it's at a different price point. The Two Notes Torpedo Live and Boss Waza would be worth a look at this price point. The Fryette Power Load IR ( no attenuator) and Power Station ( no headphone out ) shouldn't be overlooked. All of these units get good to great reviews and there are lots of videos and sound samples out there. It seems like there is a lot of give and take feature and price wise. So far I’ve ordered a Weber Z-Matcher https://tedweber.com/z-matcher/ and I’m leaning towards the Captor X. The Two Notes Wall of Sound plug and app look interesting. The only thing I would be sacrificing is attenuation for gig use. Let us know what you decide. Rocky
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