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  1. Those amps are what will save you in the cold winters when the heater breaks. The more vintage, the more heat they generate.
  2. They way every single DAW manufaturer wants to create their own social media hub and then introduce a subscription model to justify that is 100 times more annoying.
  3. None of them do and the Apple Hub blocks one of the ports. If you have a Macbook Air, it only has ports on one side. Also, you have to use one of the Thunderbolt ports to charge it.
  4. Could be because no other DAW uses these dongles anymore. We're also seen people using laptops and mobile devices more are people are not buying many Pro Steinberg licenses because...Well, your laptop might only have two or three ports and having to sacrifice one of them for a piece of software is a nono. There's also the problem of reliability. These USB dongles are not cheap and they tend to be rather fragile. If it breaks, there's also the issue of how you get your licenses out of them, since they use encrypted proprietary file systems. Even iLok shaped up quickly and introduced their cloud solution to mitigate that issue.
  5. Refer back to the UNO Synth Pro post and the recently closed Total Studio MAX post. In both instances, the person that stepped over the line and took it personally was the marketing one. A person that's being paid to do that job and should in no way be shielded by any flak from customers.
  6. It's almost like they're copying the scalping tacticts used by PC hardware resellers...
  7. Dual Rectifiers are not scaled correctly to work at 240v either and it's not uncommon for their output transformers to blow up when they're plugged into that voltage. Triple Rectifiers are better. More headroom.
  8. Ctrl + Home sends you to the beginning of the project. RTZ (W) sends you to where you parked your Now Time. Two different things.
  9. But life did put him in...uh...lifepass.
  10. And the Mark stuff is the only thing worth it in the pack. Everybody has Dual Rectifier emulations.
  11. Eh... The only person that stepped over a line was the one you shouldn't defend...
  12. Only thing Intel CPUs are still king is single core performance, which is becoming less and less important nowadays as we only recently started to get SKUs that are stable enough to reach 4GHz without requiring excessive amounts of energy or cooling.
  13. Don't worry about that. Some people are still rocking upwards of seven dongles on a single pc. That's a ***** and a half.
  14. Running the standalone version as admin, then doing the second half of activation solves the issue. The same holds true for Rapture and Z3TA+ 2
  15. Not if they only need SONAR Platinum to be present. Other plugins that are licensed separately, sure.
  16. Only issue I have with IK is that they go Steinberg on users when a new product is released. People have been complaining about MODO Bass bugs for years. No fix. People have been complaining about the improper scaling of amp reverb on Amplitude. That issue is still present in version 5. There are quite a bit of requests and complaints about their product manager. It only receives updates when they offer a freebie or new products are introduced. There several security concerns and doubts on why their installers are not signed when even free plugins have signed installers. I can guarantee you your next IK update will have an unsigned installer. But that's a bit off topic. I feel they're being vindictive because their marketing person for into quite the argument in this very forum and told all complaining owners to "be prepared in the next few days".
  17. Maybe governments decided to change the date because of the pandemic?
  18. Keep in mind that the graphics for the Mesa Mark models in AT 5 are literary copy pasta all over the face of the amp with channels labeled wrong. Ignore what I said if they fixed that.
  19. I don't trust statements from any company until I see the end result. Investors and money can change decisions at the last second. Plus it's Steinberg. The same company that has perfect software and all the issues are the users' fault.
  20. So...I was thinking that maybe there would be some talking in IK and they'd think about users with kindness but... They're just being vindictive at this point, just like Avid was after people pressured them hard to add PDC to ProTools after being tired of begging for 8 years. They just made the next upgrade to the version with the feature more expensive.
  21. Knowing the pattern doesn't make you less likely to fall for it, otherwise marketing would find another way of doing that.
  22. I am aware, but I don't have money for those either 😀
  23. Well, if your monitor is not wide enough, that module is collapsed by default.
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