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  1. I mean... It's not like they could use Bandlab for that sort of thing...or anything like that..
  2. Image Line is also very good at shafting their own legitimate customers if they suspect they are pirating a product.
  3. Shouldn't the whole "getting paid" thing be a consequence of you finding an audience, rather than something you think you should deserve?
  4. And you win precisely nothing with that, especially considering music is compressed to be louder and you have permanent hearing loss at the maximum headroom of 32 bit audio. Higher sample rates have become unnecessary after the introduction of oversampling in plugins and so on. Plus you can't hear the extra 24 thousand frequencies added by the sample rate anyways. Only advantage would be file size but then... You'll find many instances where FLAC files are larger than their WAV equivalents.
  5. No wonder K-Pop and Instagram playing are so popular.
  6. I find ironic that you paid quite a lot for an ear training course when you can't even be bothered to dedicate time for something like transcribing, having to squeeze it in between busy hours as an afterthought.
  7. There's another extremely effective way of doing ear training that doesn't cost anything: transcribing music.
  8. Why would you record something professionally and make it look like it was a home recording?
  9. I don't think he's the one singing these. Why fake what's real? If it's the guy really singing and playing, why mime a fake performance?
  10. Now, this looks like a plain old music theory course disguised to not look like one. Also, there are some strange things: You get the first fourteen chapters, but the bold ones are free of charge? how that works? Also, the bold chapters amount to fifteen modules. Is there a 21st module we're not seeing? What are you paying for? 5 chapters? Someone really needs to make a better landing page. I don't know Rick's qualification's on these things but...The educational content I've seen posted on his YouTube page is quite mediocre in many aspects.
  11. This is a sort of small project I badly put together with little regard to several things. It was a sad day that day and neither of the band member could agree where the lyrics would go nor how to structure the song, so they went for this instead.
  12. Sure. There's still some marketing going on in that regard. You start using Cakewalk, then you go into that thing when Bandlab "comes to you" and goes "By the way, did you know we also have a place where you can master your stuff for free and host your music. We also have sample packs too!"
  13. Well, that will depend on how profitable the DAW is into making people make use of the other Bandlab products IMO. Companies don't do software as a "labor of love" after all.
  14. Should I be feeling envious? Offended? Threatened? Humiliated? Some hints would be helpful cause I'm having a hard time here. And not a desirable one.
  15. Someone is not selling enough software it seems...
  16. Most likely only compatible with Studio One 3, so I can't use it. Pass.
  17. The one that gets the job done. On occasion, that DAW is Cakewalk.
  18. These might be faked. Do you see any microphones anywhere? How do you get that proximity effect without being anywhere close to the microphone? Also notice the amount of cuts. You never really see much guitar playing or voice. His voice would also never be this consistent or in pitch with him moving his head around that much. Notice that both videos follow the same editing format.
  19. No. You know why? Because no other company does this kind of BS, especially with a free product. There's also that one little thing that adds more salt to the wound. You can only download the files twice. So, even if you manage to want to get the files on time before their asinine expiration date, you might run the risk of having the "extremely reliable" product manager fail to download the file twice and there goes your two free downloads. Now you have to pay for the free product anyways. Some people could argue that the way this is setup is meant to lead the user into error, then spending money on the product anyways.
  20. What you are really evaluating here is the value of a CbB license, rather than the software itself. Software by itself is useless. It stops being supported, it gets out of date quickly. It's the license that's worth something. Are you willing to pay $1200 for a license of a software when there are competitors in the market that cost less and offer more features?
  21. No thanks. The scummy scammy expiration date for sounds download means that I have to give IK Multimedia money in order to make use of a product that was supposed to be free. Now I see that the free part means free money to IK Multimedia, not free product for me.
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