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  1. Curious Bryan

    Eventide Elevate Bundle Upgrade from EQuivocate

    39$ crossgrade price from Anthology XI
  2. Curious Bryan

    My Reverb.com Deals Today--Some still on sale (Boz Digital, etc)

    You will have to look elsewhere for your drug fix.
  3. Curious Bryan

    8DIO Vocal Week

    It worked for me for my V8P discount. I guess they fixed it later on.
  4. Curious Bryan

    8DIO Vocal Week

    V8P code worked for me at 50% off on top of sale price.
  5. Curious Bryan

    Melda 50% Off Everything

    Anyone tried it?
  6. Curious Bryan

    Impact Soundworks Summer Sale

    I had 4 Shreddage V2 guitars, with 20$ upgrade coupons in my account for each one. When I put them in the cart, I had an extra discount for the number of items in my cart. Then I applied each upgrade coupons one after another, with a total of 60$ showing in cart. I bought an 50$ Impact Soundworks gift card for 30$ at APD and applied the code in cart. So 10$ remaining + 30$ for the gift card: 40$ for the 4 upgrades instead of 80$!
  7. Curious Bryan

    Impact Soundworks Summer Sale

    I bought upgrades to a couple of Shreddage 3 guitars. I was able to add all upgrades coupons in the same cart, on top of a gift card from APD.
  8. Curious Bryan

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    Sweetwater happened to call me a couple of times following some purchases. Sadly, I will never get a call from Larry for them...
  9. Curious Bryan

    Sektor is $14.99 again on ADSR & Spexx for $15.80

    Spexx is out of stock...
  10. Curious Bryan

    FL Studio Fire Sale

    Not available in Canada. Pretty lame...
  11. Curious Bryan

    Vengeance Sound 10 Year Anniversary Sale

    The developer constantly updates and improves it since release. You can import samples, they added a granular engine, it has a drum sequencer, etc. You should try the demo. I tried it on release and was sold. At half-price, with upcoming 1.5, it’s better than all of them in my opinion.
  12. Curious Bryan

    Vengeance Sound 10 Year Anniversary Sale

    Not true. I have it and it’s a license file, no problem at all. The other products from VPS requires a dongle, but not Avenger.
  13. Curious Bryan

    Vengeance Sound 10 Year Anniversary Sale

    Avenger comes with the highest recommandation. At this price, it's a no-brainer. I will look for expansions, especially the 5 pick which is 5 for the price of 4 at sale price right now.
  14. Curious Bryan

    Not a deal, but a deal related question........

    It's more rare since they introduced loyalty points, which gives rebates.
  15. Curious Bryan

    Waves MetaFilter – Free for FL Studio Users

    Working without any code, it's adding Metafilter to your Waves account: https://www.waves.com/account/metafilter-free?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Akai_Fire_Sales_MetaFilter_giveaway&utm_medium=email