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  1. This update fixed the Drum Replacer issue with loading a new sample for me...thanks! Crash or failure to load a new sample in Drum Replacer. (fixed!) Thanks, BJ
  2. Any chance one of the staff could comment here on whether they're able to reproduce this issue? I know that's the first step in getting it fixed. Thanks, BJ
  3. There's an issue with Drum Replacer no longer able to change the sample after the 2020-11 update. I replied here before I realized there's a feedback topic for 2020-11... Basically, if you create a Drum Replacer Region FX, then try to change the sample for a lane, the sample does not change and the lane stops having any output. Thanks, BJ
  4. I have the same issue here. I can reproduce in a new song - same issue. If I go back to an old version of Sonar Platinum (X3) Drum Replacer works fine - I can switch samples. What can I do the help get to the root of the bug so it can get squashed? I'm running the latest (2020-11) version. Thanks, BJ
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