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  1. I believe you have to manually download and install 2.x to get on the new update bandwagon.
  2. IK stuff needs to be deactivated as well, IIRC.
  3. Most of my Explorer usage requires more clicks in Win11. I was quite happy with Win10.
  4. Hmmm, Taylor Davis violin for $89. I really regret missing that $49 special deal last year (or was it the year before).
  5. I really appreciate everyone's opinions, inputs, and suggestions. I've found NI's Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic to not be too bad, especially if you use the dynamic or ribbon mics. Those really warm the sound up a lot. I think this might work for me so I'm going to play with this some more. It has some limitations which I'm currently attempting to work around, which include: Slides are fixed duration, maybe too slow for very fast bluegrass runs. Hammer-on/pull-offs can sound strange unless you pick specific velocity for both source/destination notes. Destination note velocity has to be turned way, way down. I still get fret noises even when I turn fret noise down to 0. In fact, so far I've heard no changes as I sweep the fret noise from 0% to 100%. I wish I could lower the pick noise a little. Maybe a little Transgressor or RX Click Remover might help some. This sounds best when I keep velocity below 80%. But it sounds pretty good to my ears so far. It's an old Martin 00-21, not a D-28, but it's good enough for me. I think.
  6. Yes, I've done that and it works pretty well. You capture the timing, notes, and amplitude that way, but you lose slide and hammer-on/pull-off articulations. You also lose fret position. You would then use the VST to add those things you lost in the audio-MIDI translation. Kind of tedious but you can get a quite realistic result, if you can find the right guitar sound, which I haven't yet. All the Martin VSTs I've tried so far are way too bright and steely. EQ doesn't quite fix them.
  7. Seeking some ideas here. I am programming some traditional bluegrass pieces and having difficulty finding a suitable guitar sound. I've found other instruments that are suitable, like: Mandolin: Orange Tree (can work around its deficiencies, it can be very good) Banjo: AmpleSound (can work around the left hand engine, it can be very good) Bass: AmpleSound (no issues. very good) Fiddle: Indiginus (sounds great but working out the articulations takes a lot of time) But Guitars, nope. I've tried these but all have been found wanting: AmpleSound: Martin, Taylor, Gibson: too modern-sounding, bright, too "key-boardy". EQ'ing makes these better but the "key-boardy" sound is still there. I'm an AmpleSound fanboy and wanted these to work so badly. But no.... OrangeTree: Steel String has too many note issues (fret buzz, un-even sound). Dry Relic is close, but something doesn't quite seem right for bluegrass. I think the strings are a little TOO dead for this. Next, I'm gonna try NI's Session Guitar Picked Acoustic and Bolder Sounds' Motiv. But are there other's out there that I should consider? I don't want a bright, modern sound. Thank you for any recommendations you can offer.
  8. If I already have all the OrangeTree and AmpleSound and NI acoustic instruments, is there a good reason to get this, too? What does it offer that the others don't?
  9. Yes, it was. But the final $16.91 price for the sound paks wasn't. That's the only reason I made my post.
  10. At JRRShop, $19 sound paks are $16.91 with code FORUM.
  11. The only thing left for me are the jazz instruments: piano, vibraphone, and marimba. May as well get them now....
  12. BONUS COUPON: Up to $20 off your next purchase(minimum purchase $50) when you renew your Waves Update Plan | See terms & conditions. And WUP is on 25% off sale right now. Use the coupon to get whatever's not included in Mercury (or whatever bundle you have).
  13. And we get to pick which formats to install. I don't remember having that options before. Wasn't this one of those that installed everything everywhere?
  14. Thanks for the tips, everyone! Do any of these also change the CC timing?
  15. Hmm, all this talk about dearVR Pro got me interested. Is it compatible with stereo by default or do you have to plan/design for that (in case it's heard thru speakers, not headphones)? Is it compatible with mono by default, or do you have to plan/design for that (like you do now with a stereo mix, in case it's heard thru a mono system)?
  16. Starting a new piano roll question instead of hijacking the other one.... I want to halve the tempo but double the note duration all the MIDi notes. That is, I started (and finished) constructing the song using 1/4 and 1/8 notes using a very fast tempo but I should have used 1/8 and 1/16 notes at half the tempo. The time duration of the notes will be the same. The song will play back the same either way but, logically, it should be updated to the new tempo. What is the easiest way to do that? Thx!
  17. fret_man

    NI Summer of Sound

    This is now up on JRRShop for $299.50. No coupons available.
  18. Finale v27 has all of the tools you need to create beautiful music and take control of your creation process. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of new features such as interactive music sharing, Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL) support, and more, available in Finale v27. Use promo code FINALESUMMER at checkout! *Cannot be applied to previous purchases. Cannot be redeemed for cash value. 18+ years of age. Offer ends September 4, 2022 https://www.finalemusic.com/finale-summer/?utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=finale_newsletter_june2022 Upgrade from any previous version $149 $99 Academic (new purchase) for educators, students, and theological musicians $350 $99 Buy now (new purchase) $600 $299 This is an excellent time to get into the Finale notation software if you've ever been interested.
  19. I sent them a snapshot of my receipt and they will not honor purchases from 3rd party suppliers. So my $414 purchase gave me 0 points.
  20. On the last video 5:06 All My Lovin'. but there's no one at the drum set! Yet I hear drums... 7:20 Money Can't Buy Me Love the drum set is on a different place! 9:18: Oh, I see. There are TWO drum sets setup there. I wonder why... 11:07: Hmm, looks like that other drum set belongs to the opening act. Can't quite make out who that is. 14:28 The Pharaohs??
  21. I clicked on this to see what a placenta guitar looked like....
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