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  1. So, for a long time I wished there were an arpeggiator that would basically repeat notes as I hold them and synchronize to the project timing grid. And do it polyphonically so I can play repeated chords in sync. I just discovered that the "Rhythm" mode in the Cakewalk MIDI arpeggiator does EXACTLY that. And it's been there for years -- I pulled up an old version of Sonar and it was there. HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Thank you Cakewalk! I've never seen that option in any other synth arpeggiator!! Speaking of the Cakewalk arpeggiator, I've always experienced this weird bug with it where often Cakewalk will freeze for about 10 seconds when I press play if the arp is switched on any MIDI track. Usually I have to record what I want, bounce it, and then turn it off to stop the hanging problem. Has anyone ever noticed this? I've had this happen across multiple systems.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug or a "feature." I use a trackpad and obviously right-click is a two finger tap. If I'm clicking something and another finger happens to land on the trackpad, Cakewalk immediately treats that as the "View Undo" command, typically either zooming out or going to another location in my project. SUPER ANNOYING. I guess that's nice and convenient if you're using a mouse, but not at all with a trackpad. Is there any way to turn this off? I have the "U" key bound to the "View Undo" command so I don't need that "feature." On a side note, I just discovered that Shift + Alt + Z is "View Redo" so that'll help me out in the meantime.
  3. I use Antares Autotune. It is a little bit expensive but the quality is much better than the MAutoPitch.
  4. How about a crowdsourcing campaign? I'm sure many dedicated fans like myself would gladly donate into the cause to get a Mac version developed.
  5. This all looks great! Thank you so much! I'll wait for the public release when it comes out.
  6. SoundCloud used to allow 96KHz uploads, which is what I prefer. Is that not possible anymore? 44.1KHz is an obsolete format in my opinion.
  7. I feel that Skylight already got an "update" and that was Tungsten. That was the move to a modern, flat, dark interface. It took a little getting used to but I decided I liked it better than Mercury and that's what I use now. Please don't change anything, it's perfect. Sometimes in the past Cakewalk went backwards with their interfaces -- for example, going from Sonar 3's beautiful blue scheme to Sonar 4 and 5's gray was int he wrong direction; thankfully, the colors could be fixed easily. But then Sonar 6-8 was so horribly ugly I boycotted upgrading until Cakewalk gave me a special deal for 8.5 ahead of the X1 release, which was when Cakewalk finally got it right again.
  8. VST2 and VST3 plugins install differently. VST2 installers let you choose where to place your plugins; I simply have all my mine in C:\VST. You have to manually tell Cakewalk where to look for VST2 plugins you install via the Plugin Manager. VST3, on the other hand, is automatic -- all VST3 plugins will install into C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 no matter what. Again I'd recommend going into the Plugin Manager (it's in the Utilities Menu I think?) to make sure Cakewalk is searching in that folder.
  9. I've never had Sonar/Cakewalk crash with sidechaining. I've only done it with Sonitus plugins (DirectX) and VST3 though. Maybe the problem is with VST2 plugins as Noel mentioned?
  10. As I recall, you need to run Cakewalk with admin privileges for Pentagon not to crash. I'm not sure about the others, but it could be the case as well.
  11. There's a dropdown menu right above the track list that allows you to pick what mix options are displayed. Make sure it's set to "All" or "Mix." I always leave it on All.
  12. Having ThreadSchedulingModel set to 2 may "look" nicer on the CPU meter but I've found it actually makes audio performance worse. I have a quad-core (8 with hyper threading) laptop and the 0 setting works the best. Of course, there could be other issues that could be causing audio clicks/dropouts. For instance, on my computer (it's actually a 2016 MacBook Pro running Boot Camp ha ha) I have to disable the ACPI battery driver (that monitors the battery level), the Wi-fi adapter, and the onboard sound to get glitch-free audio performance. The battery driver is the worst culprit. You'll want to download the LatencyMon program (do a Google search) and run it to see if other drivers are interfering with your computer's audio performance.
  13. Looks like the workaround is to save the track in a project "template" and then copy and paste the MIDI track into a new project as needed. After that, I only have to set up the remote control settings. It'd still be nicer to use actual track templates!
  14. I'm trying to set up MIDI track templates so that I can control hardware or VST synths via an external MIDI controller. When I automate them, I typically use MIDI automation lanes that output NRPNs. I then set up remote control settings on each automation lane that respond to my external controller's CCs. But when I save a MIDI track set up this way as a template, none of the automation carries over to the new track template. I can't even set up a volume curve going over CC7 and have it save to a track template. That's kind of ridiculous! Hopefully this will get fixed in a future update?
  15. I’ve had similar issues with BandLab Assist either not updating or not displaying anything other than a vertical white screen. Re-downloading from the web site seemed to fix it. I’m very grateful for BandLab for keeping Cakewalk alive and bringing us the forums (look great by the way!), but unfortunately Bandlab Assist is very poorly designed compared to the old Cakewalk Command Center. I hope they migrate that over soon. 🙂
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