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  1. https://www.functionloops.com/male-pop-vocals.html For 48 hours it is free. From their website: "We feel, there's a serious lack of male vocals for Pop, Future Rnb, Melodic Trap, Future Bass and commercial genres alike. That's why we deliver this new collection, loaded with 500MB of Male Vocal Loops, Drums, Basslines, Instrumental Loops, Music Loops and all the rest you hear in the demo. Vocals come as dry and wet versions, full acapellas and separated vocal loops, for maximum flexibility. Vocal content is original, recorded at top quality, 100% royalty-free. You will also find some cool vocal chops! On top of loops, we included MIDI files for all instrumentals, so you can create your melodies in no-time. You are also getting a comprehensive collection of One Shot Samples, including Drum Shots and Instrument Shots. You can load these into a sampler and have some fun! In total, this amazing pack is loaded with over 500MB of content, 186 files, 24-bit WAV format."
  2. https://www.samplescience.info/2020/12/thales-model-i.html?m=1 Thales Model I features the tones generated by the early sixties computers. The sounds have been sourced in public domain films, which means that they are not clean: tape noises and background hisses are part of the sound of this very special rompler. Because of this, Thales Model I's sound is reminiscent of the Mellotron and other tape-based keyboards of the sixties. Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows 8.1/10/11 and macOS El Capitan and up (M1 chip compatible). Best of all, as a subscriber, you can get Thales Model I at 95% Off by using the code bell.
  3. A new product from Wave Alchemy, whose products I like and they have excellent service. Now it is time for THE 80s reverb. The RMX16. 25% off introductory offer. From £59.00, now £44.00. And you can get an extra 10% off with the code mbtvglow10. And you can knock more off the price when you have virtual cash in your Wave Wallet (I found i had about 5 bucks there). https://www.wavealchemy.co.uk/product/glow/
  4. My Softube products sound even better now!
  5. They shure are expensive. Voucher time is the only time I buy from them. Next year maybe Sigmod and after that I don't think the rest they have will add that much for the price I still will have to pay.
  6. Righto! The direct link posted here didn't work for me (I did complete the survey but clicked away the page). But now it does. AB Assist + Jotter + upgrade Stereoplacer is around €11 now.
  7. "Voucher can be used when basket exceeds €89". Any tips? I already have Stereoizer full, Monofilter full and Stereoplacer elements. The upgrade to Stereoplacer full is just 59. Any path to get me tot that threshold but not over 100? And on the subject of Aligner. This is basically a phase aligment tool which comes in pretty handy. I have Melda Autoalign and this does a pretty goo job also. It keeps my phase cancelation issues on bass heavy material to a minimum. I ALWAYS use this or the Melda one. Just in case. Align your bassphase people!
  8. Nick Blanc

    Good recorder

    I should really watch this. I'm at work right now so no sound so I will check later. But I'm seeing functions I didn't know to exist 🤣
  9. Nick Blanc

    Good recorder

    Haha no. I have it for a couple of months but besides some animals, weather, trains and some random foley stuff, I haven't recorded that much. But great if it does.
  10. Nick Blanc

    Good recorder

    I believe SD removal only. I have a card reader because I have more devices which work that way.
  11. Nick Blanc

    Good recorder

    For just recording outdoor sounds it will do fine. Keep in mind that it uses an SD card (I think most do). Only downside I noticed is when you record when it is really quite, the flimsy plastic body makes noise (like the buttons if you brush over them or if you shake it). That noises gets recorded too.
  12. Nick Blanc

    Good recorder

    So, the body is plastic. Which makes it very very light. The microphones are metal. There are 2 so you record in stereo. But since they are positioned richt next to each other, there is no real stereofield. But I think all recorders have this. It operates on batteries, and they go a very long way. You can change the sample rate for recording. I think you can use it in productions. Depends on your source ultimately. A friend of mine uses a H4n for professional use (interviews, radio and podcasts). See picture for a realistic view of its size.
  13. I know some of you can read, so maybe a deal on a book is interesting. Rick Rubin has a book out. Bestseller in creativity and philosophy. According to Amazon anyway. 15% off introduction price on Amazon. I don't know for how long. It's out for a week now. A Dutch retailer (bol.com) has it for for 30% off, but with a higher list price. Still a couple of euros cheaper than Amazon.
  14. Nick Blanc

    Good recorder

    I also use a Zoom H1N. Carry it with me in my backpack during the day. But it basically fits in my jeans pocket. I was pleasantly surprised. I feels cheap and plastic, but I recorded pouring a beer in a glass and you could hear it fizzing very clearly. Great.
  15. Me too. I'm also a bit disappointed because I own a Microfreak and this takes a bit of its 'shine' away. Ah well. Risk of the trade I guess. According to Musicradar.com "It’s also currently being given away for free to anyone who buys V Collection 9." I can't find this anywhere on the Arturia website. As an owner of V9 I think that would be weird. A new customer would buy the same product as me, but not really?
  16. Does it have aftertouch? And will it tell authorities where I aftertouched it?
  17. I'm about €75 down on my "I'm not spending anything on things that are not on my wishlist" resolution. Buuut, about €50 of that amount could/should have been spent in 2022, I just found out late (like the Samples from Mars 2022 update). And the remaining €25 was on samples, which has a generic place on my budget. So, pretty good. Also, I got a hardware Korg MS-20 mini secondhand, so that saved me around €165 off the retail price. Right now, there is absolutely nothing software wise that would tempt me. Even if it is on my wishlist.
  18. I'm basically running a super computer. I got the latest I9 last year with all sorts of bells and whistles. I don't really notice heavy CPU usage from any plugin.
  19. https://emergenceaudio.com/product/infinite-steel-tongue/ $49 regular, $25 intro sale. Their winter sale is also still on. The launch is the 18th. It is not clear if that is also the end date for the intro sale.
  20. I think hated is a strong word. I have some Beatskillz plugins and they are mostly mweh (and free, I think I only paid for that 90s Keyz thing). But I didn't know they also had Tone Empire. I only have LocNess (and perhaps NeuralQ for free) and that thing is awesome on drums.
  21. I dare to say that is virtually impossible in the current social (media) climate. Taking any position on any topic is 100% guaranteed to 'offend' someone who wishes to. Justified or not.
  22. All plugins perpetually free. Going out in a blaze of glory.
  23. VaporDrums features 25 drum kits inspired by the vaporwave music genre. The plugin features 80s drum machines recorded on VHS and audio cassettes. This is the perfect plugin to create drum tracks for vaporwave, chillwave, synthwave, or any 80s inspired genres. Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows 8.1/10/11 and macOS El Capitan and up (natively compatible with the M1 chip and all the latest versions of macOS). Best of all, as a subscriber, you can get VaporDrums at 90% Off by using the code vaperror Simply copy/paste the code in the discount code field, and click on Apply to see the price dramatically reduced! The code will only be valid for this weekend. https://www.samplescience.info/2020/12/vapordrums.html?m=1 It's around $4.
  24. 1. Keep the spending to a minimum. Even if that means spending less time in this forum. Sorry. 2. Getting in better shape. This is luckily relatively easy for me. Had a minor setback with corona recently, but I have an easily changeable body type. Fat flies of me, muscle grows very fast. The downside is that I also swing very fast to the other side. And I'm just a bit too much on that side now. 3. Releasing some music. 4. Setting up a live act (bedroom style, I'm not a stage guy). 5. Making beats and selling them. 6. Setting up a YouTube channel for 3, 4 and 5.
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