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  1. Know what you mean... I installed it on an old laptop which originally had Windows XP on it. It was slowly grinding to a halt. So I wiped it and installed Ubuntu on it and gave it a new lease of life. Great for interwebs and e-mail stuff I think I ran Gimp on it too...
  2. I had Samplitude. It was a dogs breakfast and after about a month of creating a "test project" with it I uninstalled. Each to their own, as the saying goes...
  3. Yeah, I'm not saying this is a workable option right now. I also looked at Linux a couple of years ago and, for the same reasons as you, I never bothered. I check about every year or so, see how things are going on the DAW side...
  4. I, too, would like to offer my sincerest condolences for your loss.
  5. I am, and always have been an album person. And I have a long attention span so often listen to pieces lasting twenty minutes or more. Last time I bought a single would have probably been Can the Can...
  6. I used to have a vinyl that was an hour long. It was called the "Golden Hour of the Planets," although, to make up the hour there were a couple of tracks by Sibelius on it. So, limiting albums to around 45 minutes has nothing to do with it being released on vinyl. I know that the "Red Book" standard length of CDs was 74 minutes but I don't think even that was fixed. Reading the article about it reckons some CDs were 80 minutes long:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Disc_Digital_Audio
  7. And perhaps even a Linux based system...
  8. I have just tried this and although the delay appears to be a little bit more consistent, at 200ms delay it is driving me around the bend and I just can't work with it. I might as well reinstate my second OCTA-CAPTURE now using the USB hub.
  9. Yeah, I think you're right @scook They are turning out to be simply not worth the hassle, not how I want to use them anyway. I could still use them along with the modular, I think, and go into them and then onto my audio interface. Again, software appears to be winning here... If I had a proper mixing desk, with real inserts and what have you then I'd be good to go, but trying to go through the OCTA-CAPTURE units, and the laptop/Cakewalk, is turning out to be too problematic... cheers and thanks, andy
  10. Hiya Tim ( @Starise) Well, the intention was to use everything I have at my disposal, both hardware and software. List is above in one of them posts. I could still carry on what I was doing which was some ITB stuff and every now and then some modular stuff. Or I could record a modular session and then add to it using software synths and hardware synths. I guess if I was more proficient at actually playing keyboards I would simply record a live take and do away with MIDI altogether. Yes, I have two VA synths from the early 2000's and a drum synth. To be honest, any of my software synths knock them into a cocked hat in terms of sound and capabilities but it is a real shame to have them sat there gathering dust. cheers mate, and thanks for dropping by cheers andy
  11. For reasons not worth mentioning here I had ditched Studio One (which I switched to after the demise of Cakewalk) and started using REAPER. I have become reasonably happy with its setup and got past that point of trying to get it to look and feel right to work with. I worked up a project that would become a template. Things were going okay, but then I realised that I was having a problem with synchronising stuff. Although it is possible to apply delay to MIDI hardware outputs I have been unable to get stuff into line. REAPER doesn't seem to be well supported in this way. I have found some articles about the issue and there may even be some workable solutions but I decided to try Cakewalk by Bandlab because I recall being able to set timing offsets on a per track basis. Again, things were going okay. I created a couple of MIDI sequences that drive my MIDI hardware synths. I created a VST drum track which was there mainly for checking timing. It is possible to set offset times to the hardware MIDI tracks so that they synchronise with the VST MIDI tracks. I realised that I should have started with synchronising the Beatstep Pro first, though, and had to adjust everything else to suit that. There doesn't seem to be a way to create an offset to the MIDI clock out of a particular device output. So I had to adjust timing offsets again, but it was reasonably quick to do. I have two outboard effects units. A Line 6 HX Effects, essentially a guitar effects unit, but it is also a great multi-effects box. And a Lexicon MPX 500. I figured out that I need to create a couple of new stereo busses and in their FX bins insert the External Insert VST that comes with Cakewalk. And now to the seemingly unsolvable problem... As soon as I added a send to the HX Effects bus and started playing the project nothing at all was in sync anymore. Further to that, I could adjust the timing offsets to suit the new audio delay, but the delay is inconsistent and all over the place. If I disable the outboard effect or remove the send then the timing settles down again. I am at a loss as to what to do next to be honest. One thing I know I have to try, once I get my motivation back, is go back to just one OCTA-CAPTURE. Could be that connecting the two units together via a USB hub isn't such a great idea, regardless of what it says in the OCTA-CAPTURE manual. I could also try plugging all the various USB hardware into different ports, see if that helps. Another thing that springs to mind, and would be something I could check pretty quickly, is remove the outgoing clock signal to the ports that synchronise the tempo of the two effects unit. It felt like a good idea at the time to have the DAW setting effects tempo instead of editing the effect preset to suit each project tempo. I have been running some tests with LatencyMon and the Centrance ASIO Latency Test Utility. Early days on that, though, and I need to carry out more tests and then try to interpret the results. First impression is that all is well in terms of the capabilities of my laptop but there are issues and I am not sure if they are real issues or things that do not matter with respect to duplex audio. Other things to try would require quite a bit of cash to do. Such as replacing my old laptop for starters, and perhaps even going back to a desktop which would have a greater amount of USB connections. Or even consider a PCIe audio interface. So much to think about, and none of it conducive to actually creating sonic soundscapes! Thank you very much for getting this far. I appreciate your time. cheers andy
  12. A brief history in time: And into the Future... Back in the late nineties and into the early naughties I developed a studio setup based on hardware synths and effects which were all connected to a 12 channel mixer. I used Cakewalk back then, with no audio capabilities to drive my MIDI gear and used Sound Forge to record a final stereo WAV file. Still in the early naughties I joined a real band. That took up most of my time, musically, and my gear gathered dust. In the mid naughties I attempted to get back into doing my own stuff again. By this time SONAR 5 was on the scene and I decided to upgrade to that. So much of a jump for me, in fact, that I paid full price for the Studio edition. I was still using my hardware stuff at this time but recording now into SONAR as individual tracks. I had, by this time, treated myself to a 16 channel MIDI mixer that had ADAT capabilities and an RME soundcard which also had ADAT. Another hiatus followed and it wasn't until the summer of 2012 that I took the opportunity to upgrade to SONAR X1 Producer. And at the same time I purchased my current laptop. By this time I had dismantled my hardware studio and I decided to go down the route of using software synths and effects. And a productive and interesting journey that has been. Every now and then, though, I think, "I really should dust off the old JP-8000 and see if I can do something with it." And I did, for a time. My studio location changed, at the behest of SWMBO and stuff got put away again. Then a couple of years ago my son and I watched the "I Dream of Wires" documentary and it wasn't long before we had built up a nice little modular system. Shortly after that I was given permission to take over one of the spare bedrooms, now that our offspring had fled the coup. The hardware was dusted off and slowly but surely I started to make use of it. Not as much as what I would have liked and I still gravitated to ITB stuff. The modular system would sometimes take centre stage and the older MIDI stuff would be sat there doing nothing. And then I'd be back doing software stuff. My latest acquisition was a second Roland OCTA-CAPTURE with a view to increasing the number of audio inputs and thereby allowing me to start looking at bringing all the pieces of my studio into play. I'm not a great instrumentalist and therefore I intend to utilise MIDI for the hardware that is capable and the Beatstep Pro will act as a link to the MIDI stuff as well as being a hardware sequencer. Early experiments synchronising the MIDI equipment with the modular system went quite well. So, my dream of being able to compose "music" using a combination of VST instruments and effects, MIDI hardware synths, hardware effects and the modular setup was starting to take shape. It seems, however, that I have bitten off more than I can chew... That the dream is, unfortunately, struggling to become a reality.
  13. Okay, so first of all I will expand upon my current studio set-up. My laptop is a CLEVO P150EM consisting of an Intel Core™i7-3820QM Quad Core Mobile Processor 2.70GHz 8MB cache, Intel HM77 Express Chipset, 16GB SAMSUNG 1600MHz SODIMM DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M - 2.0GB DDR5 Video RAM, 500GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD and a 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD. Audio Interface consists of two OCTA-CAPTURE units with one in "expansion" mode which gives me a total of 16 audio inputs and a stereo digital input. Each unit has MIDI in/out. The documentation for the OCTA-CAPTURE recommends that they are connected to the same USB controller, and, if that is not possible, to use a USB hub. I have opted for the hub because I have a limited amount of USB ports on my laptop. I have a Roland MMP-2, a mic pre, which has SPDIF out and I connect that to the OCTA-CAPTURE stereo digital input to give me a total of analogue 18 audio inputs. Further MIDI connections are provided by a MOTU micro lite MIDI I/O USB device (connected to PC) which gives me an extra 5 MIDI in/out connections. I have an Oberheim OB-12 VA synth which has MIDI in/out (problematic in that for some reason I can only switch banks using SYSEX). I take a mono audio out from this. I have a Novation NOVA VA synth which has MIDI in/out/thru. I take a mono audio out from this. Alesis DM5 drum synth which has MIDI in/out(thru). I take a stereo out from this. Arturia MINIBRUTE analogue mono synth. This has both MIDI and CV/Gate connections but I choose to "play" it via MIDI. A mono synth so just one audio out. Arturia Beatstep Pro hardware sequencer has MIDI in/out as well as CV/Gate and I use this in slave mode, sync'd via MIDI from #1 OCTA-CAPTURE. I use the Beatstep Pro to then clock various things on my modular system. Modular system - I take up to eight audio outputs from this. Line 6 HX Effects outboard effects unit (guitar pedal). I connect the USB to the PC and can sync the tempo in the DAW via MIDI. I use this as a send effect and therefore I have to use a suitable VST to direct audio to a pair of outputs on the O-C and then back in to a pair of inputs. I can also use MIDI to select presets. Lexicon MPX 500 outboard effects unit. I connect the MPX 500 to one of the O-C via MIDI in order to sync tempo. As per the HX Effects unit I use a suitable VST to route audio back and forth. I also use MIDI to select presets. DAW wise I have licenses for REAPER and Studio One 3. Cakewalk by Bandlab is also installed. I'm sure there are larger studio setups on the planet. What makes this particular setup a challenge is what I am trying to do with it. More of that next.
  14. This is going to be a potentially long post, but I shall first of all post a TL;DR version here just to give you a flavour. Recently I have been spending some of my hard earned cash on new music gear and software. Just as a hobby, mind, I ain't no pro... Anyway, to cut a long story short, due to ongoing issues with what could be either software or hardware, or both, I am having to take a step back and weigh up my options. Hence, the pragmatic approach. I had hoped that I could combine my love of software and hardware into one project, using a DAW that could do everything I needed it to. In the end it seems that what I am trying to achieve is simply not possible. I could throw more money at it. However, I am currently not earning a crust and so I seriously have to address my past spending habits. I will return to using mainly software for my creations but will incorporate my hardware where and how ever possible. Perhaps in the future, when I have the funds, I will investigate replacing some of my current hardware. I should add, in defence of that hardware, my laptop has been a great tool and it is only now that it seems to be letting the side down. As an "in the box" sound design tool I am sure that it will give me another five years service. I will follow up this post with further details of my desires, set-up, and problems encountered. You never know, someone might say, "hey, you can simply do this!" Or, "yeah, there's no way that that idea will ever fly." cheers, and thank you for getting this far, andy
  15. Hi @ien Yes, I am running my laptop in high performance mode. I've been using Adaptiverb for some time now, well, since it was released, and I am aware of its demands and work around that. My project right now is very small, in terms of VST and VSTi and Adaptiverb, although CPU hungry, doesn't usually present any problems. cheers, and thanks, andy
  16. Hi @sjoens Okay, a bit at loggerheads with @Sailor55's post, so I will just have to run with both and see what works best for me. Memory wise I also have 16GB of RAM. My paging file size is set to a fixed 1GB. cheers andy
  17. Thanks @Sailor55 I am sure that I had already done this but I often forget to check the more subtle settings after big windows updates, which have a habit of returning settings to default. I've switched it back as you suggested but I have not yet found the time to check out if it helps. cheers andy
  18. Thanks for input, Jim, much appreciated. As I have sort of suggested above, CPU core balancing now appears to be my least concern. I don't want to go into too much details in this post. I am in the process of drafting a new post with regards to my complete setup, dreams and wishes and all that. I will also be posting my LatencyMon reports and screenshots. Not great reading but, surprisingly, DPC seems to be "reasonable." And you are right in that, it doesn't matter which DAW I am using. The big "but" here is, in all my years of posting in various forums, the Cakewalk/SONAR community has always been the biggest help. cheers, and thanks again, andy
  19. Thanks for your input @Shayne White Okay, perhaps I need to try the other settings for ThreadSchedulingModel, see what happens. To be honest, after last night's "problems," I am losing interest in achieving my goals, regardless of which DAW I am trying. CPU core balancing appears to be the least of my worries. I've had LatencyMon for some time now. I've been using it to look at things in the last couple of days. Not sure how to deal with the results. You mention WiFi, and that does seem to cause some "issues," as does my wired network. If I disable all network stuff the associated drivers no longer figure. I'm going to try a few more things today and I will probably post another topic once done. Like I said, CPU issues may not be the problem in the grand scheme of things. cheers andy
  20. Hi @Larry Jones, Good to see you here I agree, Bandlab are not duty bound to provide any assurances but I am sure they will do their best to keep the Cakewalk machine running. Otherwise they wouldn't have stepped into the breech. Haha! Yes, indeed we did, and I miss that place. Once I stopped using SONAR I strongly believed that I should no longer post my creations in there. I suppose I could have carried on being active in the Songs forum but I guess the incentive was lost once I no longer posted my own stuff there. You listened again! Oh my goodness I know it's not the easiest stuff to listen to if you're not into that stuff. My missus hates it and wants me to play Led Zepp stuff, which ain't gonna happen due to a distinct skills gap haha! cheers, and thanks for chipping in here andy
  21. Hi @Noel Borthwick, Thank you for your input here, as a member of staff, I really appreciate it As for making music... Struggling there really as I am still trying to make my mind up on which DAW to use, hence my recent activities here. I would love to jump right back into Cakewalk as, even after over a year away, I still feel comfortable with it. My "reticence" at the moment is perceived CPU loading. I also need to integrate some of my old hardware back into the mix, having been ITB VST for nearly ten years now. That is taking longer than I thought, mainly due to distractions with respect to CPU loading. But I think I may have put that to bed now and I just need to focus on that hardware. cheers, and thanks again, andy
  22. Thanks for chipping in here, @Noel Borthwick I've just checked my configuration, which would have been copied over from SONAR Platinum, which I never uninstalled. It is set to 2, which I think was as a result of discussions about core balance on the old forums. I'm going to carry out a few more tests on Cakewalk and reproduce the same test project on REAPER and Studio One, just because I own both of those. My guess is that I am not going to find the "perfect" solution here. REAPER may be perceived as being kinder to CPU, but I am having issues with MIDI timing. Not sure what Studio One brings to the party, but I did like it when I was only doing VST stuff, but there is no Event List so in the end I won't be using this DAW for MIDI stuff. Anyway, back to the grind
  23. Hi @Starship Krupa Thanks for taking the time to write that post... Excellent reading, and no sarcasm intended here, I truly did enjoy the read. I can now see that we are at different ends of the spectrum, in a way, in that I am a user and you are a provider. Or where... And of course, you are also a user too, so you see things from both sides of the fence. A little bit about me, then, as a user, and my jaundiced perspective as a "User." I've been into computers since around 1982 (guessing) and I was 22 (I'm a 1960's kid). The Commodore 64 was my entry point. I had a passing interest in writing "Basic" programs, just for laughs. I wasn't very good. Best thing I wrote was a program that allowed you to work out flange thickness for vessels using formula within a particular British Standard. It was a little bit more than simply putting the formula into the Basic code in that you dabbled with the number of bolts, bolt size and a few other factors and it would spew out a flange thickness. Where I was working at the time I used the output from that program to literally "paste" into a larger vessel design document, so I guessed I though, "result!" So, yeah, I was/am a mechanical designer by trade. Eventually we ditched the "drawing board" and went into the world of CAD. The software which seemed to dominate in both my geographic area and discipline was, and still is AutoCAD, by Autodesk. It is a great piece of software, even back then. Intuitive and simple to use, and lots of third party documentation around helping the users to pick it up. That really helped with the popularity of the software as the user base, compared to other software was getting bigger every year. We slagged it off, of course. We're users, and we "all know how it should be done." And then came the updates... Which, in my early days (I stepped in at V11) were quite infrequent and we were on V11 for a couple of years. Then, as the years went by, that changed and each year Autodesk would announce a new release for that year. And then they dropped the V11, V12, V13 version numbering and it became AutoCAD 2000, and so on. Now you can now longer buy and own the software and you have to rent it, and if you stop paying, the software no longer functions. I used to be dead against the "subscription model," and still am for some things, but I realise and understand that, in the software industry in particular, creating something as a "one off" piece of software just doesn't work. Simply put, it's not like "real world" stuff, stuff you can touch and feel. Stuff that breaks and needs replacing, like a cup that you drop on the floor, or a car that eventually stops working because it has rusted/worn away. And then there's the "latest colour scheme" thing, that makes people want to get rid of last years stuff and replace it with something new. I think that for most of us, if a piece of software does what we need it to, at a particular point in its life cycle then why upgrade/replace? And that doesn't help the software developers because eventually all the people in the world that want that tool now have it. So, yes, they have to sometimes have to add great new capabilities that convince us to want to upgrade. I think I am a very bad customer when it comes to software. I do spend, probably too much, on new toys but for my DAW I tend to stick with what I have got. When the "lifetime" deal came out for SONAR, it was perfect for me... I knew I would never spend another penny on my DAW, for as long as SONAR was a thing. I was only interested in "core updates" and I never needed any of the new "bells and whistles." So, yeah, for Gibson/Cakewalk/SONAR I was a bad customer... Anyway, Erik, you have already said that in your post above, and I'm just waffling haha! Got to go! Got non-musical chores to get done before I get back to studio stuff cheers, and thanks, andy
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