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  1. Hi @Michael Fogarty Regarding screen shots. First of all if you only want to copy a dialogue box or an active window you can do that by holding down the alt key then pressing the print screen key. Or, alternatively you could paste into paint first and then crop to size. I am assuming you are using windows... Cheers andy
  2. Bloody neighbours! Haha! I bought a DM5 back in the early naughties for my MIDI studio, still got it in fact I made a set of triggers for it using a piezo transducer glued to a metal which had some 3mm rubber glued to that. It worked, of a fashion. It's in the shed now, probably all rotted away... Okay, this is what I am thinking, but I will wait until a few more peeps have seen this post before pulling the trigger... cheers andy
  3. Update:- https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/z9X3J8 (budget has flexed slightly)
  4. Hi Peeps, My youngest lad is an occasional drummer. He has a reasonable acoustic kit but he hardly plays it since getting his own house due to the usual reason of upsetting the neighbours. He mentioned he was thinking of getting an electronic kit so I thought I'd ask around see what peeps think here. Having watched some YouTube reviews for a couple of kits including Roland, Yamaha and Alesis and out of all of them, for a budget, I think the Roland TD-17KVX was the best. The TD-17KVX appears to have a much nice set of triggers which includes a hi-hat that you mount on a proper stand and a snare trigger that is a cut above the triggers on the lower priced TD-17 kits. There still appears to be a little problem with the "machine gun" issue but I reckon that, if we record a MIDI performance as opposed to audio then the machine gun effect can be fixed, and it would also allow for using other kit sounds too. So, yeah, what do you think? cheers andy
  5. I'm not sure but I think that Mary will assume that the apology to her is implied, so you should be okay. Let us know how you get on.
  6. Says this at the door to the Coffee House:- So all topics should be no politics... okay No religion... okay All love... Mmmm, okay And "music related." Why? I mean, it's the Coffee House, so providing the no politics and religion is adhered to surely everything else must be okay, including the Mock Turtles. (was that a bit too serious?)
  7. A great topic, and at a good time for me before I spec up mu next workstation 👍 I'd be no good at iRacing... Can't put in the required time to "get gud." I'd probably consider Project Cars for my next PC... I also use AutoCAD "professionally." Well, when I'm working anyway haha! But when I needed to do some work at home I used something called BricsCAD which allows you to work on DWG files. Much cheaper, and you can still buy it outright, although when it comes to "add-on" pages, or AutoCAD Plant 3D, which is my default tool nowadays, then it has to be AutoCAD. Anyway, I'm waffling... Back to GPU stuff! Thanks for the heads up Jim 👍 I am currently looking at that one. It is touted as being a 0dB card. I was going for a "mid" tower though so I may have to have a think about that. I suppose a full tower would be easier to cool... cheers andy
  8. I'm just curious... Is this the right place for seeking forgiveness?
  9. Hiya Geoff, I'm not sure to be honest. I mean, it works for you, and it works for me, although so does leaving the offset at zero. In my opinion the manual is poor and the plugin is not intuitive. I just did a search on google for "sonar external insert instructions." The top item in the search was older documentation for X2:- https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?help=Mixing.32.html&language=3&product=SONAR X2 Which is pretty much the same as the latest SONAR User Guide. Third item in the search is an even older Cakewalk 8.3:- https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/20090222/SONAR-8-3-External-Inserts-Enhancements-Tips I think that the important thing to take notice of is the part about "Testing the Delay Measurement" I followed these instructions:- Now this, to me, implies that we should only be using the "Offset" box for very small amounts of adjustment. When I tried the above, the initial delay applied did not totally cancel the sound, as expected with the phase inverted. Then when I tried adjusting the offset up or down the sound actually got louder and I ended up leaving it at zero. I think that this confirms that perhaps what we have been doing is in fact incorrect. It works because at the end of the day we are re-aligning stuff by other methods. What are you thoughts, Geoff? cheers, and thanks again, andy
  10. Oh dear, I am not sure to be honest. Have you tried unplugging your interface and plugging it back in again?
  11. This is an old problem. Best thing to do is shut down your pc and turn it on again. Basically, when SONAR crashes it doesn't release the the audio device and often it is easier to restart your pc. Cheers andy
  12. As someone who creates beat-less ambient stuff I don't even belong in this topic but I just wanted to say, isn't tempo something that is used to impart a particular feeling to a piece? You can take any known song and change its tempo in order to mess with its chemistry. And some genres only work at 140bpm. I'll get me coat.......
  13. Probably, but my laptop has 16GB and seeing as I am "upgrading" I thought I'd increase that to 32GB. The i9 is still on the cards...
  14. just posted a quick and dirty pic in that other post...
  15. Hi @Base 57, Okay, I'll try to explain. I have a four MIDI hardware synths and I "play" them via MIDI tracks within my DAW, be that Cakewalk or REAPER. The audio from those instruments are fed into my DAW via my audio interfaces which are two OCTA-CAPTURE units. I will only record that audio once I am happy with the "composition." A typical project will also have a VSTi too, and, again, I do not "print" these until I need to. So, everything stays in the MIDI domain until I am ready, or until my DAW can no longer cope with the number of tracks on the go. But I do try to hold off for as long as possible. For effects I use a combination of hardware and software. The only difference between me and you, then, is that I am using my hardware effects, with the help of External Insert, to process real time audio, rather than recorded audio. I am not sure what the difference is yet as I have not yet recorded any audio. All my efforts have been put into synchronising my hardware synths and software synths, which has been a bit of a bind because, I am embarrassed to say, did not realise that I had to bypass the effects in my hardware units. Now that I do, things have become a little bit easier, although, as you can see from above, I am still scratching my head over some things. Okay, this is new to me. I've seen the PDC button before and often wondered what it is for. I guess I should hit the manual... In fact, I've just done that. And I am even more embarrassed now. I realise now that when using a plugin like Pro-L, for instance, which searches ahead for any incoming transients, that this is where PDC comes in. At least I think so. I must sound like a complete noob... I feel I must defend myself here, haha, or at least explain my past experience. Way back in the late nineties and in to the early naughties, I was all hardware. I would create MIDI tracks in Cakewalk, back when it was TTS, which would play my MIDI hardware and at the same time I would record a stereo track in Sound Forge. I even managed to buy a MIDI mixer around that time, which helped with mixing and automation. Good times. Then around the release of SONAR 5 I got heavily into VST stuff and my hardware gathered dust. A couple of times in the last few years I have tried incorporating my old MIDI synths into my projects but nothing much come of that. Then I got into Eurorack modular synth stuff and my DAW was consigned to simple multi track recording duties. I didn't even bother setting a correct BPM as everything was "outboard," even my effects. So, present day, here I am going over new ground and making a complete hash of it all. Oh well, it is why I am here, asking noob questions, I guess cheers andy
  16. Hi @Sonarman, Here is a screenshot of my Cakewalk Sync and Caching settings:- As you can see, no manual offset applied. cheers, andy
  17. Hi @micv I searched using google and it didn't really bring up anything helpful. In the meantime I found the SONAR Platinum manual on my hard drive and I have posted a screenshot of the relative section on External Insert above. I'm sorry, I do not quite follow you there. I am using External Insert on an Aux track so that once I know I am done with my project I can "print" the output of that effect to audio, prior to final mixing. I will post a screenshot of my Cakewalk Driver Settings page:- As you can see, my Buffer Size is set to 384. The reported Roundtrip is then calculated below that and works out to be 1534 samples. Quite a bit more than double my 384 Buffer Size. Okay, I might be misleading you in my original post. 70 samples isn't the Roundtrip, it is an offset that is added to the reported Roundtrip. Here is a screenshot from REAPER's ReaInsert:- Please note the greyed out text just below the setting for "Automatic device latency adjustment," which I have checked/selected. It says, "Reported latency 1534 samples," which is the same value in the Cakewalk Driver Settings dialogue box. Then below that there is a box for "Additional Delay Compensation:" and in that box it currently says, "66" samples (I rounded that up to 70 in my OP just because). So I think that REAPER adds 66 to 1534. To be honest, I still don't have a clue what is going on here. I mean, I do, in a way, but my head is spinning with the technicality of it all. At the end of the day, perhaps it doesn't matter as long as I manage to get the hardware MIDI synth audio lining up with the soft synth audio. It's just that. for some reason, there is a difference of around 100ms between Cakewalk and REAPER and I am trying to understand why. Cheers, and thanks for your input here, andy
  18. Okay @Gswitz , I have watched the first video about using External Insert, so thanks for that. I am a bit confused because when you do the ping, by clicking in the top box in the Delay section you then type that number in the text box below labelled "Offset (samples)." I dug out the old SONAR manual and it doesn't mention that here for some reason:- It mentions in item 5 to "Click the Delay Measurement control..." but does not then follow up with "now type that in the Offset box." Having said that, if I leave the offset at zero, instead of typing in the measured delay, it just means that I have to adjust the timing offset on any MIDI tracks associated with any soft synths. Doing so then matches the timing of my hardware synths that are being played via MIDI. So, for now, my External Insert plugin looks like this:- And I have done the same as you and typed in the figure in the top box into the box below. cheers andy
  19. Thanks Geoff, I will watch those videos later... Faffing with something else at the moment You are right that I should be checking out LatencyMon, and I have been doing. If I think I am doing anything "serious" I will usually fire up task manager and shut down obvious processes that I do not need, like Adobe updater, Skype etc. But what is bothering me, I guess, is that I do not get the same amount of "trouble" when using REAPER, although I have to admit that I am not doing a fair comparison because they are not the "same" projects, in terms of tracks and effects, just "similar." At some point I need to really create a project in Cakewalk and port it over to REAPER, and then see. Also, as I pointed out above, REAPER's ReaInsert is reported a considerably lower delay than Cakewalk's External Insert, and that is the main reason for my post here. I suppose I could try an empty project in Cakewalk, add an instance of External Insert, do the ping, and see what that turns out to be, and then do the same in REAPER. I'll do that when I get time later... cheers andy
  20. Sorry, I should have stated here, and elsewhere, that I am using ASIO driver, currently set to 384 samples (I have tried lower but I get too many dropouts, crackles and pops) And regardless of the so called "round trip" latency, I am getting much more than that when using External Insert.
  21. I think I may have discovered something... if you highlight a bit of text in another post a little widget pops up allowing you to quote just that text. Excuse me, I'm a bit slow...
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