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  1. Yes, thank you, and apologies for doubting your intentions.
  2. Yeah, I saw that too but didn't read it because I'm on 10 A crafy move, pehaps haha? I know that a lot of peeps are holding off from "moving up" to W10...
  3. Hi Peeps, Having finished ensuring all my VST stuff works on my new i9 workstation I am now turning my attention to my hardware. I now realise that I am plagued by that most annoying and difficult to fix "computer" sound. This is not a mains hum I am talking about here. It's a digital sort of noise that is almost a constant squeek interspersed with white noise and the odd high frequency crackle. Hard to put into words but I think you know what I mean. Or perhaps you don't, if you have never experienced this yourself over the years. I could record it and upload it somewhere if anyone is interested. I spent a couple of hours checking all the cables and rearranging them, as best I could, so that audio, mains and data cables do not run parallel at any point. I have also tried using the same mains socket in the room for everything and I have tried powering just the workstation from its own mains socket. Only thing I haven't tried yet is running an extension lead downstairs, which is on a different ring main to upstairs. I have done a bit of research on the interwebs and, to be honest, I'm not sure if any of the so called solutions are going to work for me. I found one video and the guy was explaining exactly what my problem was, so I thought, "this is hopeful," but the conclusion was that the socket he was using had no earth and he simply fixed that. Any ideas, anyone? Ferrite blocks, perhaps? And where would I need to fit these? On just the mains cable or mains + data? cheers andy
  4. Okay, FireFox it is then... Regarding the adverts. I know that these places need to get funding somehow and for all of our lives, since the dawn of improved and mass communications, we have been bombarded with adverts. When watching the telly it is usually the time to go have a pee or make a cup of tea. For some reason, though, we do seem to resent adverts on websites more than ever now. You try to ignore thembut sometimes they seem to be so much in your face. Or they are asking you to check out some Asian dating website. And sometimes they are quite clever and made to look like a download link on a download site and you have to be always on your guard.
  5. Hi Rob, I ain't no expert, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. I have 32GB (2 x 16) Vengence LPX memory sticks inside my new desktop. Motherboard is an Z390. As for performance and reliability, I have no idea as I haven't looked into that or done any stress testing. My system appears to be working okay. I've just been looking at the Corsair memory page and you can set filters to match what you need. When I choose X99, speed between 2133 to 2800 and then capacity of 16GB (2 x 8 ) then the Dominator series disappears from the filter selection. So perhaps Corsair do not make them anymore and they (or whoever) are just clearing old stock. But then I reset the filters and selected X99, speed between 2133 to 2800 and a capacity of 32GB there are two Dominator options, one at 2400 and one at 2666, and they are made up of 4 x 8GB sticks, so that blows that theory out of the water. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/DOMINATOR®-PLATINUM-32GB-(4-x-8GB)-DDR4-DRAM-2666MHz-C15-Memory-Kit/p/CMD32GX4M4A2666C15 I then did a google search on "dominator platinum 16gb 2600" and nothing came up, only higher speeds, or different size configurations. Did you find someone who would actually supply 2 x 8 sticks? Then I went onto the Vengeance LPX. The Pro version is RGB so I'm guessing you don't need that. Setting the filters to X99, speed between 2133 to 2800 and then capacity of 16GB (2 x 8 ) and finally selecting the Vengeance LPX it shows a couple of options although some of those options are just a different colour. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE®-LPX-32GB-(4-x-8GB)-DDR4-DRAM-2666MHz-C16-Memory-Kit---White/p/CMK32GX4M4A2666C16W One thing I notice, stick size is always 8GB. Is that a limitation of your motherboard? I agree with Craig's suggestion regarding matching the memory sticks, so, if it was my, and my system was stable, I would leave everything alone for now and wait until I really needed a big step change, new motherboard, CPU, the works. Or, if I really thought that the extra 16GB could make reasonable improvements and I could not match the existing memory I would replace the the lot and install 4 new memory sticks, that match. cheers andy
  6. Good luck with that Mr Mudgel I hope all goes well.
  7. Having been slaving over a hot keyboard, testing out my new workstation at the same time as getting all my software loaded I have just published the test track to my usual site used for stuff like this. Can't post a link because I'm afraid that I didn't use Cakewalk... Sorry Just the usual stuff anyway. Well... Nearly... it contains some percussion, which is unusual for me lately.
  8. Indeed! As someone who lacks any real ability to stay in time with a simple 4/4 beat, Piano Roll is essential
  9. Check out @Jim Hurley's thread on the NI forum. He has linked a video showing you how he does that. Something to do with "affinity." Mind you, that was for stand alone Reaktor I think, so perhaps it isn't possible with plugins.
  10. Yeah, it was. Oh well, I think I'll just hit the piano roll and get my DAW to do the hard work...
  11. Oh dear, you seem to be going through the wars lately ØSkald, sorry to hear about that. It is so frustrating when stuff like this goes awry and no one provider stands up and says, "yeah, it's us, I'm sorry." I hope you get it all sorted soon.
  12. LOL, yeah, we can always hope haha!
  13. Good point, in which case, I can offer two suggestions of my own. I use an Arturia Keystep for compactness and portability:- https://www.arturia.com/keystep/overview Reasonably priced, in my opinion, but I could understand the purists being disappointed with the small sized keys. Pitch bend and modulation is by way of two strips, rather than wheels, and they work quite well. If I fancy something that covers more octaves then I break out my Acorn Masterkey 49:- http://www.acorn-instruments.com/usb-keyboards/masterkey_49 Very competitively priced. That said, it won't stand up to being taken on the road. Already the USB jack, although still usable, has broken. I use a bit of bluetac to hold the cable in place. Would I get another Acorn Masterkey? Yeah, for the price it is a no brainer, if all you want is a straight forward keyboard. It does not require any drivers but that hasn't given me any issues and it totally usable in Cakewalk (and SONAR of course), Studio One and REAPER.
  14. When you say "reasonably priced," what is your budget? Lots of great advice here but you haven't really given an idea of spec. I mean, is it just the black and white keys that you want and perhaps a pitch bend and modulation wheel? Or are you thinking about something that has additional pots and sliders, and perhaps a few drum pads to boot?
  15. And it's the drone that appeals to me... I like all manner of drone stuff. A sitar, for instance, that has drone stings... I can listen to that stuff all day long haha!
  16. Been using some of that cable tidy stuff on some of me cables:-
  17. That's most interesting. I never realised that the drone would be slightly out of tune. I mustn't have a very good ear for intonation and all that haha! A bit worrying...
  18. Weird, that, because I was on there literally two hours ago and now I get "service Unavailable"
  19. Okay, here are a couple of photographs I took last night:- Let me know if pictures linked here do not show up. I think I am having "issues" with my web provider. Sometimes hitting F5 a couple of times will force them to show.
  20. That's a mighty long read @Jim Hurley Not read over all of it, mainly scanned. But you can tell that you put so much effort into Reaktor and your workstation. I didn't realise the Reaktor will only use one core of your CPU. Is it random as to which core it uses or are you able to control that somehow. If you mention that in your write up I obviously missed that in my scan... Sorry. At the moment I am loving my i9 based desktop as it is. I don't think I have the knowledge or the time, even, to start playing with overclocking and stuff. I'm reasonably happy with what I have at the moment and temps are nice and low. Ambient temps here at the moment are still around 10~15 deg C, give or take, but when that goes up to the mid to late twenties in the summer it would be interesting to see how it copes. I am guessing it will be fine. I did a very simple test of my own the other day. I use a flame fractal animation package called Chaotica and one you have set up the animation parameters you just let it run. On the laptop, a typical HD render of around 14400 images (eight minutes of video) it could take anything between 50 to 80 hours of rendering time and by that I mean 14400 PNG files are created. So I set up both workstations to render the same animation and left it for over an hour. Laptop = 632 images Desktop = 1602 images So that, to me, represents a considerable difference in processing power between an Intel Core™i7-3820QM Quad Core Mobile Processor (2.70GHz) with an 8MB cache and an Intel® Core™ i9 Eight Core Processor i9-9900K (3.6GHz) with a 16MB Cache And although Chaotica is a so called graphics package it only uses the CPU and never the GPU, which has been a small bone of contention with some peeps. cheers andy
  21. Yeah, in his early days. Not sure about is couple of attempted come backs. Although I am sure Rick would say that he's never been away, just out of the limelight. He comes from Newton-le-Willows, about six miles up the road from me...
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