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  1. Ah, I didn't realise that haha! Perhaps my ears are a little bit better than I thought then... I'll listen when I get chance later.
  2. Again, I must be lucky that this has never caused me a problem with either my Q-C or O-C. @Alcar28, any chance of some screenshots of your preferences, or have you solved this issue now?
  3. Well, at least he picks up a guitar and can do something with it. One day, if he joins a band or decides to write his own stuff then what he has picked up may come in handy. Until that time, it is scales and arpeggios...
  4. Some pics of my endeavours today. Before:- After:- Rear of the rack (after):- And the twenty metres of cable I removed:- Not helped to reduce that computer noise... I have yet to order some balanced cables and a power conditioner.
  5. Not lately John... Goes in one side and out the other. I'm only 59 this year but my capacity for learning new stuffs is definitely on a downward trend...
  6. Who, me? @Gswitz, I listened, although I knew I wouldn't be able to give any meaningful appraisal. Dare I say, they all sound the same to me and that is more a demonstration of a complete lack of skill on my part when it comes to making judgements on stuff like this. Does anyone remember the Golden Ears online test a couple of years ago? I failed miserably... Only just got my Bronze Ear award! I have been listening on my main PC through my OCTA-CAPTURE and KRK KNS 8400 headphones, so perhaps that didn't help. I'd be really interested to hear what other peeps think, perhaps give a description or breakdown off the characteristics of the four recordings. cheers, and apologies, andy
  7. False floors, cable trays with lots of separation, would love to be able to do that. I just ain't got the space. I've been up since the crack of dawn cutting down as much on cable lengths as possible. I have been kidding myself that I might need some long cables so, for instance, I have been using three metre long cables to connect stuff in my little rack. At the dentist as I type. When I get home I have to power up and check everything works. I will post some before and after pictures, just for laughs
  8. Could you possibly share some screenshots of your SONAR audio preferences? I would like to see how you have all your devices set up. Regarding Windows sounds. I haven't bothered with all the faffing around turning off this, enabling that so on and so forth. My OCTA-CAPTURE devices and also my QUAD-CAPTURE when I use that (usually on my MS Surface) are my default audio device for everything. I have never had any problems. Perhaps I have just been lucky over the years.
  9. I should have said that this was not meant as a negative criticism @InstrEd There are people who are great at every aspect of musicianship but for most of us involved in our art we are each good at some things and not so much at others. And then there's me haha
  10. I use the OCTA-CAPTURE audio interface and it works well for me. I cannot see or understand your image and the link you posted does not work for me. Could you please provide more information about about your system, its configuration and the problem you are having? I will do my best to help. cheers andy
  11. Thanks for letting us know that this worked for you @Misha
  12. There are also lots of musicians out there that are virtuoso playing an instrument but wouldn't even know where to start when composing something original.
  13. I'm glad to say that I have not got a clue what I am doing, musically or otherwise.
  14. My preferred way of achieving a similar effect is to have a bus, or an aux track if you wish to freeze/render it, and have the reverb effect on that bus/aux track. Then I use a send to that bus/aux track and this allows me to use normal automation lanes instead. I personally do not like using clip automation, but that is just me.
  15. So now the clip's volume will drop to -inf but the effect in the bin will still play out its tail. I hope that help
  16. I am assuming that you have used an envelope to automate the track fader. Instead of doing that you can put a gain envelope on the actual clip instead. Not at my studio at the moment so I can't show you how to do that.
  17. Good question Grem, so as soon as I read this I turned everything off and did some rearranging of my stuff. Just to explain, although I have some active nearfield monitors I am using them more to just monitor my hardware synths and modular system. I had therefore positioned the monitors to the left and right of those pieces of hardware so that I could play around, especially with the modular, without having to put my headphones on. A waste of nearfield monitors, perhaps, but I am not a professional studio and I am simply using what I have gathered over the years, without seeking much advice (not much on the interwebs back then, or forums). So I have all sorts of stuff, these monitors, cables, my audio interfaces and what have you and I haven't put in as much thought into that. Whereas if I had started from scratch then I would probably have done some proper research before building up my system, and the outlay, in one big go, would have probably put me off doing this sort of thing altogether. Anyway... Here I am, sat at my computer having moved my active monitors to either side of my video monitor. And as I am typing this, my computer is on, as are my audio monitors. But I have not plugged in the audio cables to my audio monitors yet. All is quiet, well, apart from a very, very low mains hum and I am not really bothered about that. Okay, plugged the audio cables into my audio monitors but not into my audio interface. All is still quiet. If I now plug in the other ends of the audio cables into the outputs of my audio interface, which is still not powered up, the computer noise starts. There is a constant noise but if I move my mouse around then I get additional noises. And if I open another web page or open windows explorer I get more noises. The noise isn't particularly loud, but loud enough to get annoying over time, especially when monitoring at low levels. At this time all the other cables, power, USB and other audio inputs and outputs are all connected, so I will disconnect everything until the computer noise stops. Okay, so the noise only stopped once I removed the USB cable which is connected to the computer. So it is something to do with being connected to the computer with the USB cable. I have some ferrite chokes available and when I stick these in place it does not affect the computer noise at all. I should also note that at this moment in time the audio interface and all the instrument hardware is not attached to the mains at all. Mains is now on and I have powered up #1 OCTA-CAPTURE. The computer noise level has gone up quite a bit, regardless of what I set the volume to on the O-C. I can have that on full blast and the computer noise stays the same. The only thing I cannot try at the moment is balanced cables or the ground loop isolator thing. It is a shame that you have to throw money at problems like this when the issue, in my opinion, should be resolved at the source. Perhaps I should have checked with my PC builder first...
  18. Thanks for that @azslow3 Makes me wonder if I should have updated my laptop instead of getting a desktop. No need for UPS for starters...
  19. Sorry, I should explain, choose the key in the left pane that you wish to bind to something else and in the right pane select Do Nothing. Then hit the Bind button.
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