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  1. You also get to pick another free library with this purchase... Forgot to mention that!
  2. $29 Flash Sale https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/product/manic-compressor/
  3. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    At least Soundtoys was smart enough to realize that for people who already owned Soundtoys 5, they would NOT pay $299.99 for a "Rack"....so they gave it to them...IK...not so much!
  4. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    I don't think that we'll make the 5th Freebie...we'll top off at 4... But hey, I'd be happy to be wrong!
  5. Yes...based on how much you have spent at UAD...mine was $25 a month, and they often give BONUS Vouchers of $50
  6. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    The Rack is FREE because all of Waves plugins work in it, AND they are not "tied" to the Rack. Same concept with Mixbox except the plugins ARE tied to the Rack...and it's NOT FREE!
  7. Yep...had I received the Convology XT and Melodyne Essentials, I could have lowered that price to about $29... But I'm not paying even the sale price of $79...let alone the regular upgrade price of $99...not happening!
  8. Despite that huge fact, I've managed to keep the upgrade cost down by selling off the extras...i.e...in the case of Samplitude I would buy the current offer at $199, which is the standard upgrade price for the Suite, and then sell off all the extras except Spectral Layers Pro 7, which my upgrade from 6 would be $79. Granted they are a hard sell, but they do eventually sell, you just have to patient. I always wait for a "deal" that I can make work to keep the cost as low as possible. Recently I bought the upgrade to Acid Pro 10 for $79 because it included Melodyne Essential, and they advertised that it included Convology XT Complete, but when I received the serial #'s , Convology wasn't there. I fought with them, and they refused to give it to me, so I made them refund my order. You just have to play "the game", which is what it is to them also...
  9. It will show in your cart when you add a plugin....
  10. Go on the Vaporwaves 3 product page, click on buy now and I want this, and copy/paste the code mallmusic, wait a few seconds and you'll magically see the price shrink by 50%! $15 There's a catch though: the code is only valid for 48h. https://www.samplescience.ca/2020/06/vaporwaves-3.html
  11. Waves is giving away One Knob Wetter again...but if you got it before you won't get another one... Waves OneKnob Wetter is free until September 28th: https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-wetter-free
  12. cclarry

    VSTBuzz Freebies

    A good reminder never hurts!
  13. $40 off https://www.leapwingaudio.com/stageone/
  14. Yes...but you get a LOT more for that extra $50
  15. $24.95 - upgrade to V2 for $60 Buy Ethera Soundscapes V1.2 today and upgrade to Ethera Soundscapes V2.0 for just $60! Simply use code ETHSS2UP in the checkout anytime you wish to upgrade to V2 When you buy Ethera Soundscapes V1.2 you will automatically join our Ethera Loyalty Scheme. Use code ETHERALOYALTY in the checkout and get 20% OFF any other Ethera title today! PLEASE NOTE: This product is already heavily discounted. You cannot use the Ethera Loyalty code above when purchasing this product. The new newsletter subscriber $15 discount code will also not work when purchasing this product. To use this code the minimum spend must be $40. https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/ethera-collection/products/ethera-soundscapes
  16. 100 Gb...20% off - $559 for 48 hrs https://cinesamples.com/product/cineperc
  17. Reveal Sound is running an Autumn Sale until September 30th, offering: 90 USD discount on Spire Synth + Sound Bundle. 60 USD discount on Spire Synth. 30% discount on all Sounds. https://reveal-sound.com/
  18. Tek’it Audio has updated the RECsoprano 2 soprano recorder instrument plugin to v.2.0 and it is now free and available as VST/VST3/AU for Windows and macOS (both 32bit and 64bit). https://tekit-audio.com/products/instruments/recsoprano/
  19. No Grem... Each "System" that you create in your account can have up to 6 Devices, and ALL of those devices on that system can share the plugins. So, if you have 2 different "Systems" set up in your account, they are SEPERATE, and only the plugins on System 1 can be shared by the DEVICES on System 1, and only the plugins on System 2 can be shared by system 2 devices. System 1 cannot use System 2 Plugins and visa versa.... So, in your case, if you only have ONE system set up, and BOTH devices are on that "System" then BOTH devices can use ALL of your plugins. But, if you have the 2 Devices set up on TWO SEPERATE SYSTEMS...i.e...the Octo on ONE system, and the Apollo on ANOTHER system, then the Octo can only use plugins tied to "System 1" and the Apollo can only use plugins tied to "System 2".
  20. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    Slate VMR is VERY nice! It's also a 500 Series format...and does a very nice job! And, unlike Mixbox and Soundtoys, where all the plugins are "tied" to the Rack, you can use the individual plugins that you already own in VMR, and as standalone VST's, which makes it a little more "Usable" IMO
  21. Preset patterns...rather than making "random" generated patterns I would guess...
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