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  1. Up to 50% off https://keep-forest.com/brands/keepforest
  2. We are pleased to introduce what we think is the most important release of the year from Vienna Symphonic Library: Synchron Strings Pro. Artistry in Motion Synchron Strings Pro opens a new chapter in the history of sampled string ensembles. This new collection combines artistic expression, a wealth of articulations, natural note transitions and outstanding sound quality in a resource-friendly, easy-to-use product. Artistic expression A wealth of detailed articulations Authentic note transitions New “agile” legatos for a natural flow Additional soft attack and soft release samples Legendary VSL legatos with portamento and flautando legato Vibrato control & vivid dynamics Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna with multiple microphones Resource-friendly & easy to use Synchron Strings Pro is now available at Introductory Prices until the end of October. For users who already own Synchron Strings I there’s a very favorable Crossgrade Offer during the introductory period! https://www.bestservice.com/synchron_strings_pro.html
  3. https://www.waves.com/specials?utm_source=wnletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=anniversary-sale-nl1-sept-2020#sort:path~type~order=.default-order~number~asc|views:view=grid-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20
  4. $49 Premium sounds for ultramodern trap and hip hop. Hard-knocking drums, heavy bass, and chart-topping hooks. FIND OUT MORE
  5. Get LX480 Essentials FREE With Any Purchase* Four Legendary Reverb Sounds One Easy To Use Plug-In Get the sound of four of the most famous presets from the original Lexicon 480L Use signature presets created by 6x Grammy winner Richard Furch and 8x Grammy nominated Joe Carrell - and more! Experiment with legendary Lexicon 480L sounds with the "Plate," "Ambience," "Hall," and "Room" algorithms. Add this legendary reverb to your productions FREE with any purchase from Relab* (a $99 value) Tell Me More! *Offer expires Oct 19th 2020. Some restrictions apply. See full offer for details. https://offers.relabdevelopment.com/
  6. Run Aquarius to update!
  7. Run Native Access to update!
  8. MSpectralDynamicsLE – official release with 61% discount Dear MeldaProduction user, We are proud to announce the availability of long-awaited MSpectralDynamicsLE with a massive discount. €39 instead of regular €99 https://www.meldaproduction.com/MSpectralDynamicsLE?source=newsletter&id=MSpectralDynamicsLE
  9. cclarry

    Reaxis VIP Sale

    To sweeten the end of September, we decided to carry out a short ReAxis VIP sale. We are not advertising it anywhere else, it's meant for you - our newsletter subscriber. You can get ReAxis with a 50% discount - for $44.99 - and enjoy the full version of this beast. The sale will run for the next 72 hours. Reaxis: $44.99 (regular price $89.99) Explore Reaxis
  10. Yes...there's one entire Category of Eddie Kramer Presets
  11. $26.98 at EveryPlugin with the LASTCALL code http://everyplugin.com/tune-real-time.html
  12. VSTBuzz: 88% off “API Collection” by Waves - Normally €506 Now Only €59! More information at: https://vstbuzz.com/deals/88-off-api-collection-by-waves/ or just buy it at EveryPlugin for $56.09 with code LASTCALL http://everyplugin.com/api-collection.html
  13. cclarry

    Gone again!

    I'll be out of town again for a few weeks! Have to help family out...again...so take over until I get back after tomorrow morning! PEACE!
  14. Get “Future House Genie” by Big EDM sample/MIDI/preset pack FREE! Until October 5th from VST Buzz. https://vstbuzz.com/deals/free-future-house-genie-by-big-edm/?ref=27&fbclid=IwAR0X_q6HvN5jb5x26_6RLbkmYchs0nI5bGiFk6ke6CLG6pJpPfl83-0k4Mk
  15. DOWNLOAD DEARVR AMBI MICRO FOR FREE! DEARVR AMBI MICRO ENABLES YOU TO MIX, MONITOR AND RENDER AMBISONICS TRACKS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Easy-to-use plugin for all ambisonics workflows: Ambisonics to binaural Head Tracking in VR for 360° productions 4 monitor modes with YOUTUBE VR & FACEBOOK360 https://www.dearvr.com/products/ambi-micro
  16. UGRITONE offers Drum Samples, Virtual Instruments & VST Plugins. We're all about Old-School Metal/Rock/Hardcore. Bringing back the Classic Sound with a Modern Twist. This is where the tone happens. MIDI PACKS MIDI Packs Compatible Samplers: EzDrummer, Superior Drummer, Perfect Drums, Addictive Drums, Getgood Drums, MT PowerKit, NI Studio Drummer, Kontakt, Battery Compatible DAWs: Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Sonar, Harrison MixBus, Bitwig Studio, Mixcraft, GarageBand, Studio One, FL Studio, BandLab
  17. Info here: https://www.loopcloud.com/cloud/blog/4669-Loopcloud-5-2-Pre-Release-Offers-Massive-Performance-Upgrade?utm_campaign=142052_Loopcloud 5.2 - 22%2F09%2F2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&dm_i=6D38,31LW,10CYVH,C066,1
  18. up to 90% off Kontakt Libraries (Full Kontakt required) https://mailchi.mp/splashsound/autumnsale
  19. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    I don't think you can take the iRig Keys as a Freebie. You'd have to buy that, and that would get you whatever the price range for that is, which is $149. IK doesn't allow you to take hardware as a Freebie, so just be aware of that...
  20. $7 FreakQ 305 is an analog inspired non-linear equalizer that embraces the power of your DAW while delivering the sheen and warmth of analog. Features - 5 Band Semi-Parametric EQ - 3 Equalizer Models - Filter Section - Cutoff Filters - Harmonic Distortion for each band Available for Win, Mac & Linux! You can get it now only for $7.00 USD! I Want FreakQ 305!
  21. FREE New free download from Sonniss - GameAudioGDC Bundle Part 6: 50+GB of high-quality sound effects for games, films & interactive projects. The bundle is available as a free download in 14 parts or as a torrent. https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2020/
  22. 50% off at Don't Crack https://store.dontcrack.com/product_info.php?products_id=190
  23. Perpetual License Yes, you can still purchase a single, perpetual license for this plugin. List Price $149, Intro Offer Price $129.99 Your Intro Price: $99.99* with voucher code BASS-MINT-INTRO-9999 Use this code during checkout to save. Valid until November 8th. Feel free to share this code with your friends.
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