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  1. The issue has been solved! I needed to uncheck all instances of "listen to this device" in Windows and Creative Command app. That got ASIO playback going. Then, according to Cakewalk support, I needed to uncheck the working output drivers and that enabled me to check the inputs that previously would not check. I tried a recording and it worked except I got no sound because I didn't check the track input selection. It was set for microphone instead of line in. I tested again and got sound recorded for the first time since getting the AE-5 card and Cakewalk. Finally, I found the "echo" button for the audio track andI could now hear my sound while it was recording. So, all is well and if anyone reading this has the same issue as my first post, now they can solve it quickly.
  2. I have tried what seems like everything, both in Windows and Cakewalk settings to get ASIO to record. The available recording sources/devices show up but the boxes are not checked and cannot be checked. So far, all I can use is MME. After finaggling with microphone privacy settings I can get ASIO to playback audio, but then I lose my LINE IN capability and so could not record MIDI music or anything else that would use that input. Also, WASAPI does not work at all and using WDM produces terrible distortion. MME is the only way I can do everything, including listening to MIDI songs as well as record and playback audio, of course with high latency. Has anyone out there gotten the AE-5 to work with ASIO without all that extra configuring, or any other drivers besides MME?
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