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  1. For those wishing to speed up the process. Make CbB the windows default midi file player, then double clip on a midi file. CbB will load up the TTS soft synth for all tracks and the song tempo will be set. Now you can substitute other soft synths to taste by coping the midi to new synth tracks. EZdrummer, SIBass, .... Then substitute parts with real instruments. I think this is a great feature when playing around with covers. Wish I knew about this feature a long time ago.
  2. Rule number 1, there are no rules! The dude does provide great youtube how too's!
  3. Thanks Mark, Also thanks to Alexey for his work in this area! I hope Bandlab can give some love to this area. I would like to re-voice this request. I think with Cakewalks Pro-Channel and superior gain staging, an improvement in this area would go a long way in the Cakewalk feature set.
  4. I would love to customize my X-Touch Compact when using Mackie Control Protocol (MCP) for my work-flow. Is it true you must run MCP to use motorized faders? Azslow and others (McLeod) make custom dll's, which is very nice of them, but does this require compiling code? What happens when Bandlab releases update, will this process break? Is there a video showing how this works. Is it customizable? This control surface customization exists for basic midi and I have tried it with non-motorized fadars and was not happy with lack of fader control. Since MCP is well defined couldn't Bandlab provide a mapping UI for user customization? This would be the bees knees!!! Thanks for listening and Thanks to Azslow and McLeod for their contributions!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing Craig. Looks like a very comfortable setup!!
  6. Hey Craig, would love to see your studio. Ever do a tour?
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