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  1. Actually, "bounce to clip" works perfectly fine for rendering Melodyne or other ARA clips. I've been doing it this way for years, and I've use ctrl + B for the key binding.
  2. Lynn

    Cool Water

    Thank you for your keen observations! Yes, that is an Ebow that I use with my PRS Tremonti, which I use in a number of songs. The reference to SD is very kind, indeed. Happy holidays to you and all.
  3. You shouldn't have to freeze or make audio tracks at all. Leave them as MIDI tracks and drag and drop them in your EZ Drummer track as MIDI files. That way you can edit them in the Piano Roll View (PRV) as desired. Check for videos on this on the Toontrack site.
  4. Lynn

    Cool Water

    I can make them louder. Thanks for the input! It's quite a compliment to be mentioned with PG, and if you ever see him live, you'll get the same chuckle that I do Nigel, thanks a ton! That gives me encouragement. I am happy to entertain! Thank you so much.
  5. Lynn

    Mondo Lynn

    Mark, you nailed this one. It sounds like you're right here in the room with me. This is a pleasure to listen to, and you named it just right
  6. Over time, I've noticed that you're constantly trying new techniques in recording all the time. This has led me to try new techniques myself, and I love the freedom that it gives me. That's the effect that you have on people!
  7. Lynn

    We the Living

    This is one of the most original and unique songs that I've heard in quite a while. The sparseness of your arrangement gives the listener room to fill in the spaces. When you finish this, I'd like to hear it again.
  8. Lynn


    kakku, this is a stellar backing track for a song that begs for a vocal! This is a terrific mix, one of your best, and with a vocal, the drums might fit right in. You are one of the most prolific songwriters around, and I hope you keep it up. It's paying off.
  9. I am on Bandlab, and I'll definitely look you up! Thanks
  10. First of all, I share your concerns about the state of the world. Second, I love the way you shake your tree and come up with something fresh, yet, familiar. Do you listen to Belew? He should listen to you.
  11. Well Nigel, this was a pleasant surprise, getting an instrumental from you. Very good songwriting is a strength of yours, and this shows off your skills very well. The video is very high quality, too, and I am curious if you filmed it yourself or used stock footage. Either way, it's very well done, regardless of the subject matter. I'll be visiting your sight more often. p.s.- as noted above, the drum part is very good for the song, though, this is just me, I thought it stood above the rest of the mix a little much. My only observation.
  12. Very nice, Kenny! Your superb tone and phrasing are always good to hear. I'm not very familiar with BIAB, but I'm impressed with the pedal steel in this tune. You've given me some ideas to try in the future, so thanks for the inspiration, my friend. May you stay prolific!
  13. Lynn

    Cool Water

    Kakku, as always, I welcome your input and kind words! Jimmy, welcome to the forum and thanks for the compliment! Paul, it's good to hear from you, and thanks for your time and comments! I love your new song and steady growth. Tom, I'm very happy you like this! As for the sibilance, I'm using KRK Rokit 8's which may not be as responsive as your monitors, plus I have a slight case of tinnitus which may prevent me from hearing the essiness. This is why I come to this forum; to borrow your ears. I'll listen carefully for this on the next pass.
  14. Terrific song! I think Freddy nailed it, it does remind me of McCartney and Abbey Road, yet it is unique at the same time. The only thing I noticed is that it's a little light on lows and mids on my speakers (KRK Rokit 8's), but every element in the mix does stand out quite well, so it may be a matter of taste. Anyway, I love it and I'll be back to listen again.
  15. Lynn

    Hold Me Down

    Kevin, I love this song and style of singing. This is a song that I will listen to over and over because it has what many songs are missing, and that's heart. I'll be back for more!
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