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  1. Great job, mate! Thanks!! Thank you so much. Love your song, too. Thanks David, I don't understand "her" either...
  2. Fade out your master bus-automation envelope works fine for this.
  3. Is your echo input turned on? It must be on or you won't hear the effect in real time. That's all I can think of.
  4. Lynn

    eye contact

    I guess I like this style of music more than I thought. I had to listen to this a few times so as not to miss anything. If I had mixed this, I would be very happy! I'd be even happier if I had played it or written it. Great job!
  5. Barry, one thing you've done well - you captured the power in your voice and the strength of your guitar playing. I might mix your voice a tad drier, to let the lyrics shine, and I would pare the song down at the end (unless you plan on adding additional instruments) and fade out. No matter, you're on the right track if your writing is this good. You have a special voice that deserves to be heard.
  6. Thank you, Bjorn! Daryl's music suggests any number of things, but this song just spoke to me. As for the vocal f/x, I only used a little delay (eighth note), but I doubled the lead and added a harmony above the lead for 3 parts. It's the natural doubling effect of the two leads that comes out. Thanks to you and others for noticing.
  7. Fabulous! Witty! Catchy! You just keep getting better. I hope this eases your daughter's pain. This is a song that I'll be sharing with a few of my friends. Stay well, mate!
  8. Lynn

    The Longest Day

    Douglas, this is a terrific song! I'm going to listen to it a few more times to absorb it, but good writing. It has a great retro vibe and a lot of energy. All I noticed was that it was a bit bright in my speakers like it has a lot of upper mid range. But, it does support the vox, so not such a big deal. Keep up the good work.
  9. Lynn


    Paul, this is a good song that could potentially be stellar. Your vocal and lyrics are quite good, but, on my end, I'm losing the words because the reverb washes them out. So, I think if you get the drums right, you might try a little drier mix on the vox. Who knows? Good luck with this, I look forward to your progress.
  10. Wow! Tom, I missed this one due to the craziness of my life over the last few months, but I'm glad I found this gem. This sounds like a page from my life, in regards to both the story and the musical influences. If my friends, the Rainmakers, ever need a fill-in, I would recommend you.
  11. Wookie and Tom, I want to thank you both for your replies and encouragement! It does mean a lot in times like this.
  12. Route everything to the same auxiliary track or bus and record the output of that track. Or, assign the same MIDI track to each synth and repeat, using one keyboard as the controller. Or, assign each synth to the same "New Patch Point". You'll get it
  13. Lynn

    You Are My All In All

    First of all, the overall quality of the production is quite professional, as I would expect from you. I think I preferred the Orfium link, but I don't know if that's because it seemed a little louder. But, why not use wave files instead? I upload 16/44.1 wave files to Bandlab - do they convert to mp3s? I don't know, just asking. I'm seeking the best platform, myself.
  14. Lynn

    with you

    This is a lovely song with good vocals and a sweet sound. I couldn't quite make out the lyrics because the reverb kind of buried them, at least on my end. I think if you play with the mix a little, this will be stellar! Stay safe and keep writing.
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