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  1. Damn, you made me turn around and look for my phone. lol Bob, you are getting pretty savvy at this video thing. I'd like to know some of your secrets because I'm trying to make a video of one of my songs, but I lack the sophistication that you have. Anyway, this song is crunchy, tight, and melodic. There's nothing to say except congratulations on another hit! I appreciate all the encouragement you've given me over the years, and I look forward to hearing your next great song. Have a great holiday season, and I'll talk to you later.
  2. Hey Freddy, I'm ready to take a spin with you. You have written another nostalgic, feel-good song that takes me back to my youth. However, I was blown away by the song that followed, I WENT TO THE WELL. That song really showcases your versatility and good taste in music! I always enjoy listening to your songs, and I'll be back for more!
  3. After listening to this several times, I've come to the conclusion that your voice is getting stronger, your arrangement is sophisticated, and your angst is palpable. The strings are particularly nice, and I like the way you faded out the ending. Don't quit now! Keep em coming.
  4. Lynn


    Steve, I listen to your tunes a lot, and this is one of my favorite songs. You evoke Paul Simon in your voice and lyrics (one of my all time favorite writers), and it just keeps drawing me in. I look forward to hearing your next tune and hope you have a great holiday season.
  5. Daryl, this is one of my favorite songs from you. I've listened to it several times, and it just grows on me. It's concise and well crafted, and it brings a smile to my face. Very good collaboration!
  6. John, thanks for your input! I agree that the chorus can come up a bit, and it will. Thank you so much for your kind words and time! Hey Bob, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for your comments, especially about the comparison to SD and ARS. To be mentioned in the same breath as them is stunning! lol Can't wait to get to your video and some of the other songs here at the moment. As soon as I can...
  7. Thank you, Nigel, for the kind words. I've been enjoying your terrific songs here, but haven't had time to comment. I will soon do that, and keep up the good works. macce, thanks for your input. Very encouraging!
  8. Tom, thanks for your comments and time. I was playing around with this the other day and found that a few minor chords and minor thirds give this a more somber tone, which I found haunting, but I don't want this to be too dire in the long run. And, thanks for listening to the other songs. That guitar tone in CAN'T WAIT is the Fender Super Reverb (which I owned in high school) from Amplitude 4.
  9. Steve, thanks for your input! The guitar solo will come up in the next version. As for the drums, perhaps they're overcompressed? They're preset grooves from Superior Drummer 3 which have good dynamics, usually, unless someone gets too friendly with the compressor.
  10. David, thanks for the compliment! Funny thing about my voice, after years of abuse, I ended up with a gravel-like voice. Freddy, I'm glad to still be here, though I don't yet have all the time that I use to have for this forum, yet. I'm still busy helping family members, but it's all to the good. Thanks for your kind words, and I look forward to spending a little more time here listening to all the cool new songs on this site. Talk to you later!
  11. Steve, I'd love to share a pint or two and chat you up! I remember this beautiful song. I can hardly believe that I had much to do with this because you have one of the most haunting voices I've heard in a long time, and can tell a story with just your phrasing. Thanks for your input. Douglas, thanks a million for your kind words!
  12. I didn't realize that I had forgotten to post that my problem is solved. After subsequent updates, my system is hunky-dory. I'll edit the title.
  13. Eureka! I found it! I finally looked at the lens box ( I never uses it) and saw that it could be expanded, so I expanded it and found the top of the console view window floating near the bottom of the screen. I was able to grab it and redock it into the multi-dock. I don't know how it became undocked, but I'll remember that in the future. Thanks again to Ben and Panup for your time and effort to help me!
  14. Daryl and Bjorn, thank you for taking the time to listen and reply. I appreciate your remarks. Steve, first, I'm not at all offended by your comments. I appreciate the thoughtful response, and I understand how the somewhat upbeat music might not fit the overall grimness of the message. I could take these lyrics and apply them to any number of genres and styles, such as heavy metal or country with heavy guitar chords or a steel guitar playing. It's just that this song came so quickly when I sat down at the keyboard that I feel it was meant to be the way it is. But, you got me thinking, and that's all I can ask for. I don't remember your song "Everything is grey", but I'd love to hear it again if you could pass a link along. Leizer, thanks for your thought provoking comments. You may be right, and I'll play around with your ideas.
  15. Thanks, Ben, for your time and effort. Unfortunately, this doesn't help. I haven't tried editing the registry yet, but I will later today.
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