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  1. Lynn

    Look Ahead

    Thanks for you ears, Ed. Good catch! I hear it now that you point it out, but I couldn't before because I was too deep in the forest. I'll be remixing this.
  2. Lynn

    Look Ahead

    I've been writing moody songs lately, and here is my latest. I'm too close to it to hear anything right now, so I will let it rest and ask all of you for your thoughts. My main gimmick in this song is that I mapped Superior Drummer 3 to Addictive Drums 2 in order to use my AD2 library of beats. Way cool. Thank you for your time and help! It can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8doyj
  3. This has a cool grungy vibe that has Indie written all over it. I like your consistency and confidence. You are a prolific talent!
  4. Lynn

    One More Day Remix

    What a lovely, emotive song! The reverb is luscious which just adds to the depth of this piece. A fine bit of songwriting and a good arrangement makes this sound very professional. Good job!
  5. Lynn

    Space Time Warped

    Nice one, Wookie. I'll have what you're having!
  6. Noel, the night before, Windows 10 upgraded itself, and the next day my problem went away with the new OVox. I don't know if that had anything to do with my problem, but serendipity strikes! Thanks for your quick reply, but, hopefully, I'm good to go.
  7. No, the project didn't crash, rather, the new version of OVox didn't load though there was an instance of the previous version in the project. Everything else was fine. How would I send the project to you? PM me if you want.
  8. Noel, I have the latest version of CbB (2020.05), and I just updated OVox today, and it wouldn't load into a project with the previous version of OVox. So, it's still broken with CW, and Waves still does not say the two are compatible, yet. Fortunately, Waves gave me a link to rollback to the previous version of OVox, so I'm good to go with my project. Just saying....
  9. Try syncing your delay to your guitar part and experiment with eighth note and sixteenth note delays (or if possible, use the tap delay button if available). You don't need to mix it too much, a little goes a long way, and not too much feedback. That's how I hear U2.
  10. Your consistency is something that makes all of your songs stand out. You're a good example for all of us to follow.
  11. Great production and lyrics on this tune. This put me in a very good mood! Keep em coming!
  12. Lynn

    Love You

    This held my interest all the way through, and I'm impressed at the punchiness of the track which would make me want to dance. The production is very professional, so congrats! Encore
  13. Lynn

    Irish tune

    This is terrific, David. Very good dynamics in this that let it breathe. Apropos for these times.
  14. I like this song, and it has great potential. I think if you punch up the kick drum, it will be closer to what you may be going for. You could also add some percussion that's in cut time to make it seem faster. However it goes, congratulations on stretching your writing abilities and going for something different!
  15. This is one of the most entertaining videos I've seen in a while. I loved this the first time around, and with the vid it's perfection. Go to the head of the class!
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