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  1. Lynn

    Screaming Abdabs

    Fabulous! I want to listen again because I wasn't expecting this. You get strong points for originality, but that's no surprise. Congrats!
  2. Another terrific song, lyrics, and vocal from Staypress! That was a tasty guitar solo, btw. I once was acquainted with a real psychic vampire, and she truly sucked the life out of the room, so I can relate to this very well. Gee, it's too bad we're relegated to making only demos here because this raises the bar.
  3. Make sure that Stop at Project End button is unchecked under Options.
  4. Gary, this sounds better than ever. You and Daryl fit together very well. This song was worth the wait!
  5. Wow! I recently rediscovered Gary Moore and have been listening to his live version of this song for several months. Of course, I came across his work with Thin Lizzy and their version of this song. When I heard you sing it, I was awed again. I love the way you arranged this, which makes it uniquely yours while retaining the flavor of the original. Well done.
  6. This is a beautiful song that deserves to be heard. I'm reminded of the 90's band Live in the vocal department, which is good because I liked them a lot. I'm missing some degree of "punch" here and there for contrast, but overall, this song satisfies me. With an adjustment or two, this mix is on the edge of being stellar. Good work!
  7. Lynn

    Hung By Pride

    This song could be stellar with just a few adjustments as noted above. Other than that, I really enjoyed this, especially your vocals. I hope to hear this again!
  8. Lynn

    Lucky Me

    Douglas, I always enjoy your songs and style of music, and this song is no exception. I appreciate that you list your equipment because I have gained a new appreciation of TH-U. Best of luck!
  9. Lynn

    Get On Your Feet

    This is a very cool song and classy production. It made my feet tap, and it gave me a smile. Well done!
  10. Lynn

    Happy Place

    When I think a song ends too soon, you know I'm in love with it. I must listen again! All excellent!
  11. Lynn

    The Blues

    I agree with this!!!
  12. I never had to delete anything, but I might have had to reboot the computer.
  13. Have you tried rescanning the vst's? Also, check your stand-alone version, if you have one, for the correct version. Good luck!
  14. This is one of the moodiest songs I've heard from you in a while. You have a wide palette of styles and the right gear to express them. Variety is truly the spice of life! I look forward to you next creation, my furry friend!
  15. Lynn

    Honey on the Beach

    Another outstanding song and production, Nigel! There's a lot to learn from this, so I'll have to listen and watch it again. Thank you for sharing!
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