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  1. Lynn


    I don't remember the original version, but this will do. Nothing but fun! Maybe it's time to re-imagine some other themes from the past. I'll be ready.
  2. Lynn


    Wow! I love this song and this style of music. After the first listen, I'm very impressed with the mix and performances. I'll listen several more time to confirm, but this is a winner!
  3. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Kenny, thanks for your ears and time. After reprogramming the bass drum, I'm going to stick with this version for the time being. I could polish this up a bit, but I want it somewhat raw, kinda like Neil Young's "Ohio", if you know what I mean. Thanks again!
  4. Lynn

    Too Lonely, pop stuff

    You haven't lost your touch in creating hummable melodies and rhythms that make you tap your feet. Your lead synth sounds very cool and makes me want to fire up my old synth. Keep up the good work,mate!
  5. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    kakku, thanks for your time and kind words. You've always been very supportive!
  6. Lynn

    "Middle of Nowhere" - new mix w new trax

    I can relate to your love of the wah. I bought my first one to play "White Room" with my band, but I couldn't tackle anything from Electric Ladyland due to lack of skill. This song is another classic Batsbrew song. Thumbs up all the way. Good luck with the album!
  7. Lynn

    Public Domain Video Websites

    https://www.videoblocks.com is one that I've used for a couple of videos. They offer one week of free downloads (20 per day) that I've used to make one video for nothing. However, they offered me one year of unlimited downloads for $50 which I paid to do a second video. Maybe they can help you.
  8. Lynn

    Smooth Latin Rock

    Once upon a time, I took guitar lessons from a jazz stylist like you, but it didn't rub off, unfortunately. As always, your tone and phrasing are impeccable. You're a light for the rest of us!
  9. Lynn

    Unanswered Prayer

    Gary, you got the reverb level just right on this song. Batsbrew has some good ideas, but you seem receptive and I'm sure you'll turn this into a gem. What a voice!
  10. Lynn

    It's Not That I'm Old

    I love this! I often feel this way, myself. Your vocal is an asset on this tune, so let it shine.
  11. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Thanks Bjorn for you thoughtful input and taking the time to listen. Sorry you don't like the horn section, but I'm glad you like the other parts of the song. Btw, your new song is fabulous! Can't wait to hear it again.
  12. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes you get so full that it comes pouring out like tears.
  13. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Tom, I completely redid the bass drum throughout the song. I had started out with preset grooves from SD3, but they had too much swing factor, so I hand programmed them with more of a straight feel. Thanks for your thoughtful input! It helps
  14. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. Thanks, Steve for your time and comments. I'll work on the mix. Daryl, thanks mate! You're not the only one to point out the percussion issue. I'm working on that.
  15. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    I'm very concerned about what's happening on our Mexican border so I wrote this song. I'm trying to stay neutral on this, so I'm not calling anybody out, just drawing attention to the situation. The song can be found here: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13899237 Edit (7/16): I redid the bass drum throughout this per suggestions from several of you. Lyrics: Raise your banners high Show them off with pride Let your spirits fly Swim against the tide There’s no way to ignore the crisis on the border The danger’s less or more to slip into disorder The cost of living in a land of liberty That’s the price we pay so we can all be free CHORUS: I remember when our children were the future Throughout history we took the time to nurture Now the day has come we just don’t hear them crying We took their hopes away and stole their silver lining Independence Day used to mean so much But, lately something’s changed It feels we’re out of touch CHORUS We keep on finding ways to break a mother’s heart Her baby’s in a cage, her family’s torn apart CHORUS