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  1. Or, hit the letter H and open up the track manager to see hidden and displayed tracks.
  2. It looks like your input echo should be activated on track 3 rather than track 2.
  3. David, this is pleasantly subversive I only say that because I used to live in Portland, too.
  4. Lynn Wilson


    Fred, this is so timely, regardless of what era you're in, and fun to listen to, in spite of its dire message. I've been kicking around some kind of "anthem" for Ukraine, but haven't been able to nail it. You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for the valuable PSA! Talk to you later.
  5. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I may have missed it. Why not put a solo button on ProChannel modules, especially the QuadCurve flyout? A third party CW user once did this (Panup), and it was incredibly useful.
  6. Your music is always challenging in a very good way. This is what I call 21st century music. Keep up the good work!
  7. Nice one, John! Sounds very good on my KRK's.
  8. Try sending your vocal to two different busses; one with the vocorder and one without. Blend the two together, adding just enough vocorder to get the effect, but not so much as to muddy the sound to achieve clarity.
  9. I have the latest version (2022.02), but it didn't pick up MCP until I deleted entries of it in the registry first, per the instructions sent by Vladimir. I never thought to try a re-scan. Good to know!
  10. I'm sharing this with the CW community, as I recently had a problem with an update for MCP. An update notice came up while inserting MCP into my master buss. I followed the link and updated MCP to the latest version 1.2.0. I installed in the recommended locations, and when finished, I inserted it into CW. Unfortunately, I got a message that it failed to load, so I redownloaded and reinstalled, and still the same problem. I then filed a ticket with Audified, and got this response the next day, which solved the problem. Here is their reply: I hope this might help anyone with the same problem.
  11. Thanks a million, Paul! Best wishes to you, as well.
  12. Thank you, Bjorn! I had to work fast, as the curare does, too! I had over 40 years to make the guitar and organ play well together~~~
  13. Hi, Tom, thanks for your time and feedback! I thought about leaving f/x off the guitar, but in the long run, it was like having vanilla ice cream with or without chocolate. I used a Melda Phaser for a wah-wah like effect, and borrowing a Jeff Beck technique, just raised it a bit on selected measures for accent. It could have gone either way, but I do like chocolate
  14. Terrific song, Steve! I never know what I'll hear from you, and that's an art!
  15. Cats are the best, and this song is very feline! This is a shining example of where unpredictability can take you. Much admiration
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