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  1. I've been missing your energy. Sorry to hear about your battle with CoVid, but I'm glad you're back! This is a welcome song - congrats!
  2. Fantastic! I really like the backing tracks in this tune, especially the percussion! Your voice has never sounded better, Steve!
  3. Fabulous! It has a poignant melody which I like very much, as well as her voice and your production. Encore!
  4. Lynn Wilson

    Here We Are

    All the comments about the vocals aside, this is a good song. I wonder if much would have been said if you hadn't pointed out the vocals. You're on the right track!
  5. This seemed like it was over way too fast. Well done, mate!
  6. You've upped the ante with this video. I, too, like the dark mood of the song, and I'm left wanting more! Congratulations, Nigel!!
  7. Barry, this is a terrific song! I like that you are willing to experiment with styles because it keeps you from being predictable. I like the vocals in the version I just listened to. Keep it up!
  8. Well done, Ross! Your vocal is spot on, and the over-all vibe is carefree. If you do this again, I'd suggest a little more bass to round out the bottom end, otherwise, this is just fine.
  9. Wow! This hits all the right notes - a superb collaboration! Well done!!
  10. Another terrific song, Kevin! The lyrics and vocal performance are haunting which gives me a somewhat dystopian feeling. I like the fact that this mix sparkles but is not overly polished. True grit!
  11. Fabulous! This has unexpected twists and turns and great f/x. One of your best!
  12. I love songs that tell a good story, and this is a good one! I like this mix, and the performances are very good. It gives me a little bit of a Dire Straits feel which I like very much.
  13. Lynn Wilson

    Love is Real

    Great song, Rex! I love that you can be fluent in a number of styles. Your versatility shows how well rounded you can be. Keep it up!!
  14. Terrific song, Steve. This is a joy to listen to.
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