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  1. that worked out nice, got what I needed for the first part. Each of those 32 tracks need to be combined where all of each track is one file instead of 8 separate ones. Any way to shortcut that process?
  2. I use a Behringer x32 to do outside recording. I recently recorded a gospel event and have 3 hours of material. The X32 only records so much before changing files for recording. I have 8 files to import. When I import the files, they are 32 track files and split out in a folder when imported. That all works fine. I go to the end of the imported files and import the next file. I have done this for 8 imported files. each of the starting positions of the files are staggered based on where I imported them and the track folder they belong to. it looks like this folder1 folder2 folder3 etc... each folder contains 32 tracks. There are 8 folders in this project. My issue I am trying to resolve without too much trouble is to bring all 32 tracks into the first folder so that all of the audio is on the 32 tracks and not the >250 tracks. How can I get all of the tracks lined up where I don't have to drag the tracks from the lower folder to the first folder and nudge the tracks to go to the end of the prior track when dragging pasting them up?
  3. attaching screenshot and scene from the x32 - got confirmation my scene is correct with what I am trying to do. DAW playback on x-live.zip
  4. I have the X32 visible to cakewalk as input an output. I want to play a project in Cakewalk to the X32 and record with the X32 x-live card. In the project - each individual track from a 16 track recording has an individual input setup for the corresponding X32 input track. I playback the project in Cakewalk and the meters bounce as expected, but no sound or moving track meters are happening in the X32. Need some help please if someone could. My goal is to create a virtual soundcheck on the SD cards for the mixer
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