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  1. Still have voucher. Runs out at midnight. Edit: Gone.
  2. If anyone wants it PM me for a $50 voucher for PA on anything over $75.00 in basket. First in best dressed. Tony
  3. I want to know when mickeysoft are going to emulate Core Audio and allow aggregate devices!!.. It's the 21st century, we are on 64bit OS and with silly amounts of RAM and CPU power... drivers from major audio hardware makers are stable.... excuses now still??... It's the one part of Windoze that still piiiii sss es me off :).
  4. Sure have, and SWAM stuff plus a breath controller.. OMG!. I am amazed how cheap these SWAM instruments are compared to the usual ones as a VST. It'll be interesting to see how many types get added over time!.
  5. Have it on my iPhone and my iPad. Definitely prefer it on my iPad. It's a very fun interface and the ability to control other vsts and real instruments is very cool too.
  6. Running V12 with Studio One Pro 5.1. Runs perfectly.
  7. I was 3 plugins short for a full WUP to 12. Cost me £36 and I’m now upgraded on all my waves plugins. Just made sense to me at that price.
  8. I really hope it’s not as big of an abortive effort as last time..
  9. @Christian Jones From my strolling through a lot of the presets including this Chorus it’s very good. I’ve said before I’ve never heard a Eventide effect I don’t like
  10. I solved my Eventide itch. I’ve got me a H9 Max :). The app is the saviour.
  11. You'll love it Bapu. My 10940x is SOOO quiet and fast. I still haven't hooked up the studio live though... downstairs waiting on other room still... wife won't let me bring it into dining room where the beast is currently residing... LOL.
  12. As I said in other thread if anyone needs a $50 (for this) PM me. It would make a great deal if you need this sort of thing. Edit : Voucher gone.
  13. The missing piece for portable computing is still battery storage. The exciting technology around carbon graphite has held my attention off and on over the years. It’s coming closer. That will truly revolutionise portables. We’ve been with old battery tech a VERY long time.
  14. Sorry to hear. I still have after effects of Bells Palsy from 17 years ago. Anything that impacts your enjoyment of life sucks. There are worse things of course I keep telling myself :).
  15. Hi All, Now that I am moving over to my PC I have 2 UAD DSPS Quad in a Sonnet TB 3 enclosure and a Octo TB2 Satellite. I am considering selling my Apollo Quad which has the TB3 card and any Unison Plugins along with or separate from it. Any advice from those who have done similar?. Thanks, Tony
  16. I have a $50 voucher for spending on over $75 for anyone who wants it, send me a PM. Cheers, Tony Edit : Voucher gone.
  17. If this is good as it sounds it may be the final piece that solves the lame issues that Windows brings for me too.
  18. Tony Carpenter

    iZotope MPS 4

    I would be careful about this upgrade. The reason I’m on all top end stuff and bits of mps3 is covered. They stagger releases and catch you out. I predict ozone 10 (X?) to be imminent too. Then you get double wammied. I feel a little put out on their business model around that. It probably doesn’t help my spending on the Octo UAD satellite lol....
  19. Tony Carpenter

    iZotope MPS 4

    I’ve been waiting to see. I own all the top pieces. Last time I did the mp was version 2, but I own all that is in mp3, all I want minus maybe one of the reverbs.
  20. I was resisting, especially since I spent £720 this week on a UAD Octo Satellite... but... with a £9.50 price on the Lindell TE-100 after discount.. I had to. I am amazed how much impact it has with very little movement. And I am used to the UAD 2 Pultec which is very good too.
  21. Thanks, I’ve always used a usb stick for licenses to make them mobile anyway.
  22. Used it, didn't impress me for what 'I' wanted. Having said that, I know for a fact Universal Audio use it flawlessly for their LUNA YouTube (with Zoom) purposes. If you're willing to go on a pay as you use program, it's good value. With any of this stuff it relies heavily on the quality of your audio hardware, computer and internet connection too. I have high end on all that, but it's also no guarantee if the other end sucks too. JamKazam is an interesting one to watch as it matures, for free.
  23. Tony Carpenter

    JRR Shop

    @Gremno argument from me. Was just pointing out in case anyone was struggling too :).
  24. Tony Carpenter

    JRR Shop

    @Grem same for me. Support says they can find what you need from email. I’ve got the original emails too.
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