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  1. Can't say it affects me, but, seriously... WTF!! :-/.
  2. I own both East West backup and choir. I actually bought Choir diamond then got composer X cloud. The choir and backup are very flexible. What they definitely both have is a big learning curve. I’m not just talking about creating strings or a sound, I mean playing it. I also have Realivox blue. I would put the vocal level of east west above realivox personally.
  3. I am trying Soooo hard to be good. Having said that I ended up upgrading Antares harmony engine to full Avox 4.2... I know... I know ...
  4. I've never understood why Native can't make instruments they didn't make show up normally. Is it them, or is it the third party companies. Always seemed like it should be something they included in the kit for making the instruments.. lame after all these years!!.
  5. I went studio one pro because of buying the studio live 16 series 3. I don’t regret that choice one bit!. I can see why Craig Anderton has raved about it, and I bought Craig’s book too!. Lol. Just do it !!.
  6. This came up today, and I really couldn't resist at this price!! Currently WAY below anywhere on the web at this site. I snuck on my PayPal credit... I am a BAD BAD boy LOL. £89.95 down from at least twice that elsewhere. https://www.inta-audio.com//antares-harmony-engine-vocal-modelling-harmony-generator-serial-download-p9059/s9066
  7. It’s a good video. Motorcycles are my non creative thing, but, kind of locked away due to C19 and winter too. Oh well back to the jigsaws :),
  8. Just finished my 15 mins morning row. This seems like too much to consider right now :).
  9. New home in a lovely village in the Yorkshire dales. Friendly neighbourhood and lovely scenery in these times are priceless!. Plus the studio space in cellar is awesome now.
  10. I snatched this up too. Great value... yes I know.. but it was affordable officer..
  11. Happy holidays everyone. However you celebrate this time of year. Stay safe !!, The minstrel.
  12. Hmm hasn't hit available yet obviously. Least not for me here in UK.
  13. That moment when you realise you have most of the specials they are offering. And I’m on a spending freeze until at least beginning of new year lol.
  14. Hi All, We had a live event today for HPE here in the UK & I. For it several of us did videos of songs to play. These are my offerings. My wife Leigh and I have written a number of Minstrel songs which began in 1998. I hope you enjoy them. If this is inappropriate or unwanted I will delete it. I promise there is nothing offensive in them, other than my video skills possibly :). https://youtu.be/Yu21j5hXLBM https://youtu.be/HPs02LU1a5c
  15. @Brian Walton I had it off pluginboutique almost instantly, yep. Virgin Media ( when it’s working) is very good here in the UK.
  16. Pfft at 1Gbit per sec :). It's sounding good so far.
  17. Yeah... 149 euros for me. I have V7 and the OBX a too. I don’t have it installed on my new PC. I’m trying to make use of all I currently have as is.. going to pass unless it drops to a much lower price in the future.
  18. I decided for £75 my upgrade to get my missing 6 Abbey Road plugins and WUP until December 2021, made more sense. Yeh yeh.. I’m weak.. lol
  19. @simon I guess I'm just at a point where there are only a couple of their plugins I actually want, that 9000j is one. I'll definitely be waiting for it at 29 now :).
  20. I have to admit I almost gave in at the 9000 J price.. but. I’m being good... or trying to be :).
  21. Hi Michael, I have no idea . I was about to post I got a solution to my problem from Eventide support. It required me to move a directory... thus.. navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 4 and move the x64 folder there to the desktop. Then start Studio One. This should prompt a rescan of all plugins. Considering my system is shiny and new, and all installs were clean and fresh it was a strange issue.. this however did in fact fix it!. But, clearly Studio One Pro has some issues in the scanning plugin department :). Tony
  22. When I was having Scan Pc here in the UK build my new beast I was determined nothing was going to put a dent in my CPU. Mission accomplished thankfully. I’m sure this thing would dent lesser setups. Stuff like Abbey Road Chambers etc were heavy enough. It’s definitely got stuff going on in it that make it Epic :).
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