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  1. Hi all - I'm using EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus edition in CbB to write some pieces. I've set up articulation maps as follows: Each instrument has its own Opus instance. Within each instance are several articulations, each assigned to a separate MIDI channel. As an example, 1st Violin has a legato patch on channel 1, a staccato patch on channel 2, and a pizzicato patch on channel 3. The articulation maps have a group with 3 entries (legato, staccato and pizzicato). Each entry has 2 MIDI transform definitions, one for notes and one for CC data. So when a note is assigned to a legato articulation, regardless of the note's channel (usually ch 1), it is sent to the Opus patch for legato via channel 1; the same thing happens for the other 2 articulations - the notes are sent to the appropriate patch. However, the CC data appears to be unaffected, in that I can control CC1 and CC11 for the first articulation/patch, but not for the other 2. I'm using a Nektar LX88+ as my MIDI controller, with the mod wheel controlling CC1 and the master fader controlling CC11. Any thoughts? TIA...
  2. Never mind - I have it working now. The output port in Cakewalk's MIDI=>Controller/Surface setting was set to None. Don't know how that happened, but setting to the LX25+ fixed it. I may have other issues with the channel volume controls, but haven't researched this on yet. Thanks for your reply abacab - it got me thinking in the right direction. George
  3. Dennis, Which setup menu - on the LX25+? I don't see anything related to USB ports. What am I missing? It was working yesterday, now it's not. I shut down everything (PC, keyboards, etc.) last night. Fired them back up this morning, and the transport buttons don't work. I can play music with it, but no transport buttons, which was one of the reasons that I bought this keyboard - I need something portable to go with my laptop when I'm travelling. Help!!! George
  4. Thank you very much! This got me up and running. Need to work out a few kinks in what I'm trying to do, but at least I now have something to listen to. Thanks again!
  5. Hi - complete newbie here. Just stumbled across Stochas and I'm trying to figure out how to set it up in Cakewalk. If I drag it over to create a track, it does so, but I don't see how to map it to sounds. Hope that makes sense - any help is very appreciated. Thanks!
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