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  1. Wrote start of song and here it is, quick 1min idea, should i scrap it? Not feeing it....
  2. Thank you Jesse, i like to query to look at the different approaches people take, see what i can add or even take out. Iv'e really been working on my templates which i now realise will probably take about 10 project to achieve my goal. My project template is 36 track with about 10 buses and a few patches which you can use for sidechain, Para Comp and gating. My track, bus (mix bus too) and pro channel templates are not becoming more consistent that i can tweak which speeds up work flow and hopefully i can then be more relaxed to work on creativity
  3. Oh dear the youngsters, everyday i am still amazed lol
  4. Most of the best sounds and FX came from mistakes and hardware break down etc Now you look at dubstep sounds with crazy filters etc doing strange sounds which are getting cut in to pro tracks, especially all the bottom end sub raptor wave type sounds etc which were mistakes back in the day lol
  5. Cheers Nigel, means a lot from the quality you put out, i love tinkering, im trying to get this lady on a track, she shy but great voice going to waste
  6. Its good for tail ends with verb or delay on vocals and great for any type of transition from Verse to chorus or breaks.
  7. Automation is king for so much
  8. Cheers Kevin, not normally my thing, but i keep my eye on school boy team and playing with EDM type vibe is really opening up ideas and helping me with my cakewalk project template, my track and bus templates. Plus ive been using patches in various ways with gate ducking, sidechain and parallel compression to then send to buses. Patches are powerful to do various things
  9. haha i be happy if the players played it in the gym
  10. Cheers Mark
  11. Thank you for your comment. Yes, i tested it on Samsung phone speaker, the kick is hard to hear in parts on phone, my phone ear buds pretty good though with flat. I test on my old monitors with sub on/off, Sony studio cans, ear buds and expensive beats which blow my ears off. If you get very busy round a kick you normally have to sacrifice somewhere or its just a constant kick which dance, trance and techno people like but its sort off alternative sound track so i made a compromise and sort of works i think
  12. Yes i know not many are football fans but iv'e been a Leeds lad since a kid and did this track for my 50yrs anniversary. If you ever went to a Leeds match and hear the crowd sing, i don't think there is one music producer, musician or music enthusiast that doesn't get chills down their spine the first time you go to Elland Rd. Anyway i mixed it up with EDM and Guitar. Was a project to update my templates which I'm still doing. The sidechain ducking is close, had fun with gating and the parallel compression. I could have tweaked more but where do you stop? I slammed the bass guitar so it was more blended and didn’t stick out too much which did jeopardise my dynamics and low end glue. I was touch and go with the guitar, I sat it in and it lost its flavour, so rolled stuff back. I did have a a drum kit, so I always get particular with Kick and snap in the snare. I wanted the snare/synth/guitar to dominate loudness to get a high energy and drama. The vocals I could have sat them in a tad with some saturation or comp but I cut the low end for them to cut through even with some ducking (sacrifice) cut much low which unglued a tad. I just got the master in the ball park but happy in general considering i still updating templates so probably do another EDM mixed type track
  13. Very true Alan, the reality is i record through an old studio unit which goes through my audio interface "Spdif". The direct input on Guitar, Bass or Vocal is just not the same if i go direct into the Audio interface and bypass my old unit. The unit does have Neve 1073 Pre-amp EQ type collection with rack60/vintage/D Comp limiter and a noise gate which are all perfect for recording with the bonus of no latency. Its perfect for my little setup, i pop over to my friends studios from time to time and he is always impressed at the recordings it produces. In reality it is a hybrid type setup for recording so i100% agree with what you are saying, the only thing i don't record is drums.
  14. True, its all about the sound you want, some people like country music at the end of the day lol
  15. Can't you achieve that with todays modern Plugins? Software DPS emus can get any sound you want now with ease. The problem with all the old analogue equipment is it is never consistent from one day to the next. Everything is done in the box these days unless you are really using them for the recording side. I do have the Softube tape emulators and unless you specially want that sound are you maybe adding something you don't need? I thnik the audio nterface is the bast bit of kit these days, although i do myself go through a old Boss FX unit with emulators lol but it does have good vocal, guitar and bass comp with some good preamps and cabs, well the saturation etc is also good
  16. Very true, it takes time to master your mix, only you know how your music should sound in reality and I'm like you7, i don't like my voce haha Then you have your mix bus and mastering afterwards which all effect each other. How much time you also want to spend on one song, then mix and then master. Yep, thtas a sweet little jezebel right there haha Iv'e been updating my templates to get my work flow faster and better, however i keep changing my mix bus template which i need to nail down, but different songs, different mix bus. We can ruin a song with too much compression on the mix bus and then make it worse on the master and fool ourselves because its loud. I like a full big wide sound, tight and pumping. When you put too much space in you can loose that, there's not much space in a orchestra. Just having a piano and a vocal is totally different to something with 50 tracks is the reality, so becomes more difficult to mix with that clean sounds with infrequency's fighting. You done, a great job on this mix
  17. I am not sure if i am doing the final mix, the vocalist sort of let me down and i moved on to another project and will also do a totally new project with her. She wants me to do a type of EDM because shes heard my new project lol
  18. Yes i smashed the parallel drum bus to shadow the drums to try something, if i mute the para bus on the mix the drums do pop out. i had too much gain reduction on my mix bus though, which was made worse on master, you're 100% right. I was rushing to get it sent to female vocalist, i actually didn't like the song so didn't spend much time on it because she was supposed to do the vocals and i was just messing going with the flow. i reminded myself of a fundamental error and part of the db drop. i dropped the wrong audio in to the UTube video, i dropped the demo MP3 and not the master Wav. i noticed i renamed them wrong way round because i was sending the MP3 to the female vocalist. The bigger error then appeared, Social media videos the top end sibilance goes crazy, you get big massive loss and aliasing, this is due to nyquist theorem with video rate 48Khz sampling and the MP3 was at 44khz which i realised after. i did work for ITV as a tech engineer so i am totally to blame.
  19. Happy new year Tom 👍 Nice track Rob, liking your voice and your mix and masters are always creamy juicy fornication to my ears lol
  20. Well the female vocalist sent me her stems of the vocals she did, without listening to my vocal idea and direction, she did her own. I was hoping for a work around, change the music a bit or something, however they weren't good enough and i am not spending any time on it. The general gist of the song is their to put a vocal down without titivating. I sent her back my vocals now, to see if it helps her but iv'e been writing couple more tunes away. One for a football team lol
  21. Could of been worse, gig could have been cancelled
  22. they say between 80 and 90 SLR listening loudness on your system for testing with bass against your mix, so you can ear it all and not just turning things. You listen to it loud you will here the bass, then you turn it down and can hear no bass, getting that balance for sure on speakers
  23. whoisp

    Truth Always Hurts

    That's clean and lively, always something about a womens voice compared to a guys lol just adds so much more, nice mix and master given Youtube can smash the audio
  24. So if you are with DistroKid don't tick YouTube Music because you can't claim the license fee if someone users your music unless you pay them. Also on your youtube channel, you have to have over 1000 followers with so many views for YouTube Monetization direct and it still is not straightforward. I was using a company called Songtradr that collect revenue from music being used on YouTube and other platforms but when YouTube change terms it all stopped with Youtube and DistroKid over ruled Songtradr because i didn't untick the box. This is nutz, because if you don't tick the box, your music is not on youtube to collect fees, so its a oxymoron. These digital companies appear to be a law unto themselves. I would now have to deleted my songs form DistroKid and add them back without the box ticked (so would be on YouTube) or you pay $4.95/yr + 20% of YouTube ad revenue from matches they detect depening on your subscribers etc Channel Subscribers / License Cost 1k - 100k / $9.99 per license 100k - 500k / $24.99 500k - 5m / $39.99 5m+ / $74.99 Per YouTube’s requirement, this Monetization opportunity became exclusive, which means that participants should only consider opting in music that is not currently represented in the YouTube Content ID system by another administrative party. So i had Songtradr collecting and now DistroKid have overruled because i ticked the box. Its only a few pound's a month but it paid for my guitar strings, coffee and a free box of NHS condoms rock@n@Roll
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