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  1. Hey Wookie, this one is kind of hypnotic and yet slightly unsettling at the same time - which is an impressive combination. Nice combo of sounds and tones, and the mix is clear and has nice detail. Rob
  2. Amicus717


    Very nice, HS! I like the melodic vibe to this one - a really enjoyable listen, with a very polished sound. Mix is clean and clear, and I could hear lots of interesting details. I'm not really a guitar guy at all ( I like guitar, but I'm no expert when it comes to tone or style or whatever), but I really liked the guitar part at the 2:51 mark. Pulling the intensity down worked very nicely here, and the guitar sound just jumped out at me in the nicest way. Really liked that part. And the sax sound is really gorgeous in this one. Great stuff. Rob
  3. Amicus717


    Hi DalaiTom, I like the various sounds used for this one, and the mix seems pretty balanced over all, and is nice and clear. This is not really my genre of music at all, so I don't feel I can offered a detailed critique. There were some very nice variations to the main motif as the music progressed (in particular I liked the arrangement at the 2:10 mark), although mixing that main motif up with a bit more varied stuff might add an extra layer of interest to the song. I also thought maybe some more bass punch might give a bit more force to the recording, as well. But I enjoyed the listen, overall! Rob
  4. Amicus717

    Desert Chant

    I really like it, Bjorn . Builds rather nicely and quite organically, which keeps it interesting. Nice mix, too. Could be the soundtrack for a movie about red rocks that is directed by David Lynch or Darren Aronofsky - all which is a good thing As regards being a slump -- been there, know what it is like. I don't know if this will be helpful, but for what it's worth: when I find myself in that situation (and I do on a regular basis) I take my habit of writing fast, and jack it up on steroids. I just start with an idea (and sometimes a pretty feeble one), turn off all critical faculties, good taste and common sense, and just go. I make a point of slogging to the end, however atrocious it may be. Usually this produces crap, but even the biggest mess will have a few gems in it that can be used elsewhere. And occasionally, it produces something quite usable that can be built on (exhibit A for that would be my "Soldier's Hornpipe"). If nothing else, it gets the juices flowing again. I cannot recommend that approach enough. Rob
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the comments I have a wee bit of a perfectionist streak... Thanks, Starise! Appreciate it. And yeah, I was thinking along the same lines. The finished version will be a bit hotter.
  6. Hi Jerry, I like this composition a lot, and the recording has a really lovely, transparent sound to it. Very nice. Rob
  7. Thanks Daryl. Appreciate the listen and the comments
  8. Welcome to the forum! Love the subject matter, and the song has a great vibe to it. I do agree with Lynn regarding the vocal mix -- while I could follow the words, it took a lot more work than it probably should, and that was a bit of a distraction. I'd be very curious to hear this with a modified vocal treatment. But overall, I liked this one. Rob
  9. Thanks Bjorn, as always I appreciate the listen and the comments. And I really like your impressions - that is pretty much the sort of "moving through the centuries/cultures" vibe I was aiming for. Thanks, Wookie! Appreciate it. That, too, is the exact vibe I was seeking. Thanks, Nigel. Appreciate the listen. This one will need a bit of work if I'm going to realize the original idea in full, but I'll post it as soon as I have it finished. And hopefully, I'll be able to include the visuals. Rob
  10. Amicus717

    Lady Moon Selune

    Love your stuff, Wook. This one, too. Very evocative, and has a hypnotic vibe to it. Drums sound nice, and fit in quite well to the overall vibe. The one thing that did sort of distract me a bit -- the side-to-side panning of the lead, which I wondered was maybe a bit too strident. But that is strictly a minor thing. Nice piece!
  11. Amicus717

    Wasted Years

    I like it. Well played, and the vocal work is pretty strong, to my ears. You've got a really nice voice. I can't really offer advice about the mix -- this type of music is not an area I've ever spent time working in, and I don't feel qualified to comment. But I really like the song. Held my attention all the way through. Rob
  12. Sounds great, Daryl. I didn't hear the previous mix of this, so all I can comment on is the new "less top" version, and it sounds good my ears. Clear and clean, and a nice spacious mix. Really good stuff, well-performed! Rob
  13. Amicus717

    Celtic Electra

    Evocative and atmospheric, I like it a lot. One thing that might add an extra dimension, especially to the second half of the piece, is a deeper percussion instrument showing up. Maybe a nice deep, thrumming tympanum that hits maybe once a bar on the downbeat - or some variation of that. Might just give it a bit of a tribal/ritual feel, which is also really appropriate for the whole Celtic vibe (to my ears, anyway). Love the use of voices in this one -- I often use them the say way, and it works really well here. Rob
  14. Amicus717

    Anton Strut

    Great! Really nice guitar work, and a lovely overall sound and vibe. Enjoyed listening to it.
  15. Amicus717


    This is really good -- slick and polished, and lots of great hooks in there. A very enjoyable listen. Like a few folks above, I listened first without images, so now I gotta see the video (which at first glance, looked pretty slick as well). Really nice work, Nigel.
  16. Great! I like this a lot -- very soothing and hypnotic. I think you struck a really nice balance between the ambient sounds and the music, and also between the various layers of instrumentation; from the low-end to the high it meshes together pretty well to my ears. Enjoyed listening. Rob
  17. Hi folks, This one is a purpose-written piece that was requested by a friend of mine who is making a documentary video about a historical re-enactment society we belong to. The video will focus on the arts & sciences community within our group, and he wanted something for the opening credits that was a) uplifting and energetic, and b) features a broader than usual cultural palette. So I've spent the past two days creating this from scratch. As is my habit, I write and record fast, don't look back and just get it done -- then go back and try to make something from the debris. This is what I have so far, and I'd be curious to get some feedback on it, if folks are willing. Some provisos: 1) This music is timed and tailored for the opening credit sequence, which I can't show yet (since it is neither finished nor released to the public), and so it will probably be more musically coherent when watched with the images it is designed to accompany. 2) This is literally a first-and-a-half draft, and about as raw a piece as I’d ever consider posting. I've tweaked and adjusted some stuff, but there are a lot of things that need more tweaking -- or even total overhauls to parts and sections. 3) For that reason, the mix is all over the damn place -- some instruments are way too forward (I'm looking at you, Viola de Gamba), and some are way too far back (elderwood flute, lute), plus a ton of other problems. I also think the last third is waaay too boomy, and I think I gotta thin it out. And be warned: it gets LOUD towards the end. So, it's rough but I'd be really curious to get folks sense of how it hangs together overall. Do the transitions from section to section work ok, etc? Also does the combination of instruments work; this uses a much broader selection than I am used to, including: full symphony, sitar, lute, gallinchon, primitive flutes, viola da gamba, and a didgeridoo -- plus a bunch of other stuff that may not be audible at this point in the mix process. What do you think of its overall energy and drive? There is lots to be done with this piece, but for two days work I'm fairly happy. I normally list all the libraries and patches I use in my recordings, but in this case that would be a damn long list, and so to sum up: Dark Era, Era II, Cinestrings, Cinebrass, Cineperc, Taylor Davis Violin, Sampletank 4, Rise&Hit, Embertone, AlbionOne, Ethera, 8Dio Lacrimosa, Sonokinetic Tutti Vox, Strum II and a few others that escape me for the moment. Thanks for listening! Rob Update: I have uploaded a new mix, with a slightly extended ending...
  18. Hi Kenny, I just caught up with this thread -- I've been out and about for a few days and wasn't checking the forum much. Just saw your heartbreaking journey with Duke. My sincerest condolences, and if it helps to know this, you are not alone in dealing with this kind of grief. My girlfriend went through the challenge just a week ago -- she had to put Luna, her beloved 12 year old Lab, to sleep after the sweet girl had sickened with a large cyst on her liver (among a myriad other health problems). She was positive it was the right decision, and she and her children gave Luna a great send-off: as Luna's pack they gathered all around her 24/7, and for those long finals days she got only the BEST food (prime steak, fresh-cooked chicken, cheese and red peppers - Luna was a delightful dog and a bit odd, and red bell peppers were her most favorite food in the whole world). And then the Vet came over, and my girlfriend and her family gently let Luna go, while their hearts broke wide open. They too clung to her for a while after she passed. They were all shaken by this, and it will take time. But even now, a week after the sad moment, my girlfriend is cheering up -- the grief is easing and a lifetime of great Luna memories remain, and she is busy memorializing her beloved companion in photos and written tribute on Facebook. I truly hope your experience is the same. All the best, Rob
  19. The Orchestra Complete Crossgrade is pretty affordable, if you qualify ($299 US). I think you'd save money buying this, even with the sale price for The Orchestra and the upgrade price for Complete: https://www.bestservice.com/the_orchestra_complete_crossgrade.html Update: never mind -- I just realized this Crossgrade is for owners of Strings of Winter...
  20. 175 Euro (199 US) at Best Service: https://www.bestservice.com/deals/the_orchestra_summer_sale_33_off_2658.html
  21. At Best Service (27% offer expires July 19th): https://www.bestservice.com/deals/engine_facelift_flash_sale_27_off_2614.html
  22. Just great. Really like everything about it -- love the arrangement; Mrs Daryll1968 sounds just great, and is perfect for this piece of music. Mix sounds great on my monitors and headphones. A really fun listen. Also, the video ads a lot to the overall vibe. Really nice stuff.
  23. Sad news: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ennio-morricone-oscar-winning-hateful-071217867.html
  24. I use Nimbus almost exclusively -- it's in every single one of my projects. I do orchestral stuff only, and Nimbus has a clear transparency and sense of natural space that is better than any other reverb I own. It's an awesome plugin.
  25. Yeah it does...wonder if this is the start of a whole set of solo string releases, including cello, etc...
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