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  1. "Passing Through Gethsemane" and "Intersections in Real Time"...and any episode where Zathras makes an appearance, of course. Poor, poor Zathras...
  2. I really enjoyed B5, especially as the series progressed into the later seasons. Very addictive show, and I like JMS's approach to the story and characters he created -- very balanced, fair, not overly PC. Very broad-minded, for the most part. I liked DS9, too, but found it got a bit lugubrious and heavy-handed as it went along.
  3. Oh, this one looks like it contains some stuff I've been searching for, including decent throat singing samples. Trailer looks pretty good...
  4. This is terrible, terrible news, Larry.
  5. I really like the ability to export directly to BandLab, and use it regularly. The ease and convenience of this has convinced me to start using BandLab instead of SoundCloud for some of my streaming. However, I would like to have some control over how the track exports, in terms of privacy settings. Right now, Cakewalk will publish the track on export, and if I don't want it heard right away, I have to rush to the site and unpublish it. I do this because I always prefer to check that the upload sounds good, and possibly tweak the track a bit (with some mastering, etc), before I publish it. The ability to export to BandLab in Private mode would be very helpful.
  6. Amicus717


    Very pleasant listen, and quite relaxing. Really enjoyed it. Had a rather hypnotic vibe to it, but still maintained interest.
  7. Great sound. Enjoyed it a lot.
  8. Sounds great -- very enjoyable listen and I like the mix.
  9. Very nice little freebies! Thanks for posting them. I expect to get some use out of these.
  10. Great song, tight performances, polished mix and a pretty sophisticated arrangement. Really enjoyed listening to this one.
  11. I like the song, has a nice vibe to it and made for an enjoyable listen. The one thing that struck me right away was the length of the intro. It was longer than I expected, and for a second or two I was wondering if this was going to be an instrumental track. Possible the vocals should start earlier, or maybe add some additional development of the arrangement when the opening phrase/progression gets repeated. Just my two cents. But overall, I quite liked the song.
  12. Really like the melody and the arrangement. Nice, gentle, a bit hynpotic. The vocal work wavered a little in some parts, and that did distract me a bit - must be honest about that. However, your voice has a nice timbre to it, and I can see it really working well in this song with a bit more steadiness. Overall, the vibe of the song was quite charming, and I did enjoy it.
  13. Really great song. Tight performances and a very polished sound - I thought the mix was clear and clean and really open. Great vocal work, too, although for my own tastes I probably would have preferred the vocal to be just a wee bit more forward. There were brief sections were the vocals were a bit hidden by the instruments.
  14. Hi folks, curious if anyone took a chance on the Jaeger library from Audio Imperia. I recall being somewhat unimpressed when it first dropped (and I recall a few of our members not being too impressed with the demos or the short video samples either), but I recently came across a few walk-thrus, including one by composer Daniel James (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-uOck7zALw) that seem to suggests it's actually a good library with some nice features. A bit pricey, but maybe much better than expected. However, it's so hard to tell from demos or even walk-thrus, and I'd be curious if anyone here has hands-on experience with it. Thanks, Rob
  15. I watch the Orville via iTunes. Bought a season pass and download the episodes as they are released.
  16. Thanks, Will! Appreciate the kinds words Thanks, Alex!
  17. The Orville is quite good, and does something risky and unusual - it's hilarious, but also has real characters and real stories, and the episodes alternate between comedic ones that are affectionate riffs on Star Trek (and other franchises), and stories with some genuine drama, action and social commentary to go along with the comedy. I very much enjoy it, and see it as sort of spiritual successor to STNG. Sort of. It is clearly made by folks who are both amused by Star Trek, and really love it. Brannon Braga is one of the executive producers (he co-wrote the STNG finale, was a senior producer and major player for STNG, Voyager, ST Enterprise and some of the Trek movies), and I know at least a few STNG cast alumni are involved, too: Jonathon Frakes (Cmd Riker) has directed a couple of episodes; Marina Sirtis is guest starring in an upcoming show; and there are rumors LeVar Burton might be making a cameo in season 2 also. I'm a big Trek fan (as you can tell), but I much prefer The Orville to Discovery.
  18. I've been eyeing them for a while, and am waiting until I next need a keyboard replacement, which may be reasonably soon...
  19. Worth noting that if you buy enough of these discounted original string libraries, I believe you can parlay that into a significantly discounted price for Anthology Strings. I did that, and I get a lot of use out of it. Anthology is a revamped and consolidated version of the Adagio / Agitato libraries, is my understanding. Update: or maybe not. I can't find information on the upgrade path they offered previously. Might have been time limited...worth asking about, though, if anyone is so inclined.
  20. 10% off everything, including their DAW specific computer keyboards. https://www.editorskeys.com/ Code: JANSALE19
  21. A classic. Clever, funny, and the dude could play a bit.
  22. You folks are aware, I am guessing, that Jean-Luc Picard is due to return to television: https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/star-trek-patrick-stewart-picard-cbs-all-access-1202895410/
  23. Barney Miller - one of the most under-appreciated gems in the tv sitcom archives.
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