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  1. I'm struggle on finding just a one single Kick sound to use on Cakewalk and I can't turn WAV into the piano roll pattern so I can't use any WAV or MP3 kick sound. If you know the way to get it or how to make it in Cakewalk, can you please tell me how. And I want it for free. The sound that I looking for is in the attach file UPS1 Kick 22.wav
  2. hello, thx for help But I want you to see another video because I think the first one is not obvious
  3. I'm absolute beginner and I don't know why when I play on program, the volume of the Instrument are very quiet But when I export and play it or even record with the screen capture, The volume are perfectly fine. The audio track is also find when play on program, so I don't know why and how? I can't find any solution on the internet so I need your help please, thank.
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