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  1. Thanks for the info. I made my own basic template and thats good so far. As for AT4 and the gain staging, yes I have played around with that a lot to get the sound I like. I have an older version of Bias but it never really clicked with me for some reason,AT4 just seems fairly straight forward since Ive always used real amps and mics. But these days the wife working at home and now working on her PHD its not easy to play or record with the real deal. Besides Im no pro, I do this for myself and AT4 seems to let me keep playing and recording ideas with the whole pandemic thing going.
  2. Ok I did what you said about starting a new blank project and switched over to the Presonus drivers. Insert new Audio Track went to audio fx browser and dragged the AT4 plugin into track fx, set my input,made a Master channel and sent track out to Master. Know I have the AT4 sounds only,no more dry signal bleed thru and now my guitar/AT4 volumes are much louder than the project I had going. Now when I compare the new project with the old one I was having the issue with, the setup looks the same but sounds are completely different. So now I know all this will work together, I just cant figure out whats wrong with the original project. I could start fresh I guess but I'd still like to know what is causing this. In original project I just changed the drivers and the issue was still there. So I know it has something to do with Cakewalk setting Im just unable to find it. Ideas so I dont repeat this again for some reason? And thank you for the help
  3. Ok Just wanted to be sure I did put it in the correct spot. AT4 is in the FX Rack. I'll play some more with it today and see what happens. So far the only thing to do is try the Presonus drivers but since my interface has been discontinued I dont have much hope for those. I just wish my old interface card still worked,M-Audio 2496, it had a software mixer that could control all this.
  4. Yes the knob is full right. Now where you say track fx or PC fx, IM not really sure what that means? All I did was add a track, then went to FX on track and added AT4. I set input to Input 1 and output to master on the track, have echo enabled. It works but Im new to Cakewalk and honestly using Amp Sims inside the DAW. Before I was using Reaper, real amp and mic.
  5. I'll try the Presonus drivers again. I know when I first started using windows 10 that the drivers for my interface didnt work but will try them again.
  6. Ive recently started using Cakewalk but having a problem I just cant fix. Im using the Audiobox USB interface and Amplitube 4 Im using the ASIO4All driver If I use amplitube as a standalone everything works great,Im not getting any of my dry guitar signal. But if I use it in Cakewalk I get the amp sounds and my dry signal coming thru when I play but it only records the amp sound. My interface does not have a direct monitor button but instead has a blend knob.Full left is only dry and full right is only amplitube. Also the interface does not have any software mixer. So far the only setting in cakewalk I see id the echo sound and I use that but still hear both siganls when I play. If I turn the echo off I only get dry signal. So how can I only hear the amp sound while playing in cakewalk? Its really annoying that Im hearing both.
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