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  1. This latest version 2023.09.062 is the last final release of this DAW Cakewalk by Bandlab. After this version, two new projects will be developed: Cakewalk Next and Sonar, while they are in beta versions.
  2. Thank you very much for the clarification! How can I download the complete (standalone) installer so as not to depend on the previous release? I already asked this question in the “early access” topic, and someone from your team answered me that most likely the full installer will be published. Did I understand correctly that if I don’t have Cakewalk installed on my system at all, or if a version earlier than 2022.11 is installed, then when I run the “Installer” file, the latest release will be downloaded in full format? If so, where exactly will it be downloaded, and how to save it on my hard drive?
  3. When you click on the "Download" button on the Bandlab website, the so-called "Installer" is downloaded, when you launch it, you can select elements to install, but the installer itself (full) cannot be downloaded, it can only be installed through this program. But I can’t do this either - it says “You already have the latest available version installed.” I have the Early Access version installed, and now I don’t know what to do to install the final release.
  4. Many thanks to the development team for putting so much effort into the latest release!!! Friends, tell me: how can I update the version if I already have Early Access installed? When you enter the "Help - Check for updates" section, a pop-up link at the bottom right says: "You already have the latest version installed." Is there any way to download the installer itself for this latest release? Thanks in advance for the information!
  5. This is a completely natural phenomenon when, in older versions of even the same program, new projects are harder and slower, because the purpose of updates is to refine old versions, optimize the consumption of system resources, etc. The program, at its core, remains the same, it’s just now more powerful, more flexible and more “packed” with modern tools for music production, and it’s completely logical that in the old version of Sonar, all these new features cannot work as easily as in older versions.
  6. I confirm - that everything is exactly the same for me, and this has been happening for at least 3-4 years, and maybe more, I just didn’t pay attention to it before. I think that this is a minor bug that simply no one pays much attention to and does not point it out to the developers.
  7. Greetings! A couple of my good friends had sound cards from Roland and MOTU for some time, and sometime they had similar problems after some random overload of Cakewalk. For them, this was caused by the fact that the audio card driver dropped, which had to be reinstalled after such cases. I am not an expert in driver issues, but some audio card manufacturers still have similar bugs until this day. First, check whether you have any system sound at all (play some music or video, open YouTube, etc.), and if you find any problems, reinstall the audio card driver. Personally, I was lucky, this never happened to any of the audio cards I used, but I remember such cases with my friends, maybe what I told you will help you.
  8. I dare to voice a proposal: since this version will be the last for the current Cakewalk by Bandlab, it would be excellent to have a FULL offline installer in order not to depend on the availability of the latest release. I'm sure that publishing the full installer will not be difficult for the baker team, and all Cakewalk users would be grateful for this! Thank you very much for your work, I am happy to work in the best and most convenient DAW for creating and editing music!
  9. Dear Steve! Thank you so much for your great tools to improve your Sonar/Cakewalk experience! I am currently using the latest version of CbB Tools_2.0.13 and would like to ask for a link to an updated resource with new versions. Version 2.0.10 is still posted on the official resource, I got lost and now I can’t even find the page from which I downloaded version 2.0.13 😉 Bl would really appreciate a link to a page with updated downloads of new versions! Sincerely, Igor!
  10. You can try to load this project in the following way: launch Cakewalk (Sonar), and from the "File" menu (or CTRL+O), select this project in the browser, first hold down the Shift key, and double-click on the project file to start loading the project. This is the so-called "safe mode", in which Cakewalk will show you the options to load/refuse each plugin/instrument that is in the project. In most cases, even if you load all the elements in this mode, the project can load normally. But if still not, then do not download the Melodyne plugin in your case, after the open project, you can add it manually.
  11. It would not be superfluous to have the option of scaling the text size in different places of the interface, I don’t know how difficult it is to implement, but I’m sure that 99.99% of users would be most grateful for this option!
  12. For me personally, it will be enough to be able to make the background in the piano roll light (not negative, as it is now), and so that the current theme "Tungsten" remains.
  13. Personally, I will not switch to any other DAW under any temptations, and not because I am a stupid fanatic, but because I came to Cakewalk (still the old Cakewalk Aduio 4) consciously in the process of trying different DAWs. I liked the versions of the X line, especially the latest releases, I liked the Platinum version the most, and when the brand was closed, I was not too upset, because I had in my hands the best DAV at that time! And now I'm absolutely not worried, because I have the current version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. So, any one commercial or technical changes (except for deterioration), will change my admiration and pleasure to work with Cakewalk products! Thanks to all the people who took and take part in their development and bringing to perfection!
  14. So far, there is not even a rough interface for the new Sonar anywhere, but I am almost completely sure that for editing/creating custom skins, a new Theme Editor will be offered, as it is now for Cakewalk, or the current version will work for the new Sonar.
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