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  1. I'm sorry, I do not speak English well enough, and Google translate gives some strange translation, can you explain what you mean? ☹️
  2. +1 I fully support the proposal of Xel Ohh! It would also be very nice to be able to add more than one instance of the same module to the Pro Channel, for example, two EQs, one - before the compressor (cut-off), and the second - after the compressor for fine EQ of the track. Or two identical compressors or limiters for sequential compression or limiting. I don't think this is a difficult task, and the payoff for users would be huge!
  3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\SONAR\Platinum "InstallDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\Cakewalk\\SONAR Platinum"
  4. You may be interested - you can do without keeping so many old versions of Cakewalk products in the system, for this it is enough to make only an entry in the registry that you have "Sonar installed" in your system. And in any situation (when reinstalling Windows, for example), you can install only one latest version, while all old products from this company, additional content, etc. will remain fully accessible to you. I'll post the text of this registry entry for you here, it was compiled specifically for Sonar Platinum, but you have other versions, which means that in each specific case, you will just need to edit the part with the name and location of your specific version of Keyword or Sonar. Making this entry in the registry in no way affects the behavior of other versions, and allows you to have only one (latest) version of Cakewalk on the system, having full access to all the old content. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\SONAR\Platinum "InstallDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\Cakewalk\\SONAR Platinum"
  5. You understood correctly what I wanted to say and explain my idea. I watch a lot of tutorials from Jacob Collier, he works in Logic Pro X, and his YouTube videos in 4K fully match the aspect ratio of my monitor. And I saw several projects with him, where more than 100 closed tracks were displayed, and there was a feeling that in Logic you can compress (reduce) them even more. I don't know, maybe I'm asking too much, but it seems to me that changing the resolution of the UI is not too difficult for a team that is able to implement such complex and subtle improvements in Cakewalk, although I could be wrong.
  6. Yes, it looks like the way it is now, 47 completely closed tracks or folders fit on my monitor. But I would like the vertical size to be reduced even more, in the Logic Pro X, more than 100 tracks fit in the same size and monitor resolution, while the display of track names is fully preserved, this is very convenient. I don't think it would be very difficult to do this in our Cakewalk, or am I mistaken?
  7. Folders too. But I meant precisely the possibility of reducing the vertical size of tracks and folders, as implemented in Logic Pro X, where tracks and folders can be compressed in size almost to lines, but at the same time, track and clip names remain visible.
  8. Hi! It would be great if to the Cakewalk was added the option to change (reduce) the vertical size of CLOSED tracks, similar to Logic Pro X, this would significantly optimize the main interface window when working with a large number of tracks. Even on my large 2560x1440 32" monitor, the number of closed tracks is very limited, and I have to spend a lot of time searching, batch processing, and moving vertically between tracks. Thanks in advance, continue to enjoy my favorite program from the development team, thank you so much for your work!
  9. I just checked it myself, all submenus open, all functions are available. Try reinstalling Cakewalk directly over the current version, this error may be fixed.
  10. I’m sorry, I can’t find a way to change the in the tempo track of the curvature types between several already created nodes, is there some way to do this in bulk, and not one at a time? For example, there is an already edited envelope tempo in the project, but all types of curves are set to "jump", how to massively change them to "linear"? I tried to do it in the "Inspector" of the track's tempo, highlighting all the events, tried on all the keys and their combinations, but I did not find a single way to change the curvature types in bulk. Also, nowhere did I find the settings to set this curvature type in advance "by default". Thank you in advance for any hint if there is such a way!
  11. All this would make sense if ALL projects refused to save via CTRL-S, but the fact of the matter is that this happens extremely rarely, in the vast majority of cases, it works perfectly. I already wrote in the first post that I used both hotkeys and the file save menu, and none of the methods work. Saving in the "save as" mode does not make sense for me, because I have autosave activated, which saves copies every 5 minutes, and this mode works completely normally. Let's leave this discussion, I clearly see that such an anomaly occurs only with me, and the whole discussion boils down to the questions "have I tried" all the standard saving methods, of which there are only 2, and which I have already developed at the reflex level 😁
  12. Absolutely not, where did you get it? Simply, you repeated 2 times essentially the same thing, which is a bit different from what I spoke about at the very beginning in great detail.
  13. You inattentively read my words, if all (!!!) my projects behaved with such deviations, then your assumptions could make sense. But I always save projects in the same way, and in 99% the saving happens properly without any additional actions or expectations. And in quite isolated cases, such an anomaly occurs, which I wrote about in great detail in the very first post.
  14. Many years ago, I did this too, but then I just made my own "template" with fully configured options, a certain number of tracks, groups and buses, added "standard" plugins, customized display of meters, and now I always open it at the beginning so as not to deal with this every time again. And if I start a new project, I immediately rename this open "template" to what the next project will be called, and save it with this new name. And everything (99.9%) is perfectly preserved, without the slightest anomalies. But, in isolated cases (as I said earlier), an already finished project (without opening a "template") is not saved in any way by standard actions, the last changes are saved only when the project is closed by selecting "Save" in the save options window.
  15. Hello! At the risk of asking one question: since the old versions of Sonar, very rarely in single projects, after saving (manually) a working project, when trying to close the Cakewalk, a window appears with the options "Save; NO (do not save) and Cancel". If you select " NO", then the last changes in the project are not saved, despite the fact that before that I saved the project by clicking the "Save" option. I specifically checked it many times - I save the working project, then I specially add a few tracks, or make any other changes, save again, then close the project, this window appears with save options, if I select "No", then the next time I open the project, the added changes will not are saved. I still have the "Autosave" option activated, and it works as expected, it's very strange. I do not consider this a serious "problem", but I would like to know at least the approximate reasons for this behavior of Cakewalk in single projects. Thanks in advance for any ideas and tips!
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