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  1. I have been using this method for almost 5 years now, and not once has there been the slightest incident with any of the existing elements of the system or Cakewalk.
  2. 😁😁✌ī¸ Congratulations!
  3. And what settings do you use in the "Audio Export" window? Maybe you unintentionally changed something in the settings, and now because of this, the frequency characteristics of the exported file have changed? Try to attach a screenshot of these settings here, someone will definitely tell you the solution, I have everything left as before when exporting, but I never changed any settings in this window. If you attach a screenshot, I will compare it with my settings, maybe everything will be solved easier than it seems.
  4. By any logic, you need to look carefully at the plug-in settings on the Master Bus, because all other tracks or buses affect only something specific, and you, if I understand correctly, reduce the low-frequency component throughout the mix.
  5. I have carefully checked all the plugins you mentioned and everything works without any anomalies. I specially conducted an experiment - I added all these plug-ins to one track with the instrument (Spectrasonics Keyscape), and everything works properly. Each of the plugins opens properly, only Native Instruments Replica opens with a delay, but this was the case in the previous two versions, I am completely sure that these are features of the latest version of the plugin itself. I want to emphasize that I do not have a discrete video card, I work on the Intel HD 630 Graphics integrated into the processor. I had a couple of times in all the time when, after installing the latest version on top of the previous one, some small anomalies appeared, but never such serious ones. Try to completely uninstall Cakewalk, clean out all folders and files, check the registry, and clean install this latest version, in 99.99% of cases, all problems are completely solved in this way.
  6. For the future, you have one more option: go upstairs to "Utilities" - the last line is "Cakewalk Plug-in Manager". In the left window, select the line VST3. Scroll in the right window all the plugins to the letter "S", if there is no Shadow Hills, at the bottom left select the option "Show excluded(plugins)", it may turn out that for some reason Cakewalk sent it to this section. If it's there, click on it, and on the bottom left, the "Enable Plug-in" button. This happened to me a couple of times, although I have not found out the reason.
  7. In principle, this new function is very convenient in itself, but if it could be "optimized" a little more: make it not in the form of a "point", but in the form of a link, in the same way as the "Add Plugin" function is designed to when hovering over this function, a list of plugins immediately opened, as in the "Add" section. This way it would be possible to "replace" the plugin in one click.
  8. Yes, everything is working perfectly now, thank you very much!!! 🤝
  9. +1 Yes, I confirm that this is exactly what happens. In addition, I repeated the experiment twice, and noticed that after removing the plugin, with several clicks on the inactive icon, the Cakewalk crashes completely, as in the example of F.J. Lamela. This can seriously damage the project in an unfortunate set of circumstances.
  10. There is the simplest way to bypass the restrictions of the installers of old elements, if you want, write me a personal message, I will lay out the text for the .reg file here, which simply enters into the registry about the "installed Sonar" (Platinum). Sonar itself is not necessary to install, you can install it right away the latest version of Cakewalk with full access to old installers.
  11. I'm sorry, I do not speak English well enough, and Google translate gives some strange translation, can you explain what you mean? ☚ī¸
  12. +1 I fully support the proposal of Xel Ohh! It would also be very nice to be able to add more than one instance of the same module to the Pro Channel, for example, two EQs, one - before the compressor (cut-off), and the second - after the compressor for fine EQ of the track. Or two identical compressors or limiters for sequential compression or limiting. I don't think this is a difficult task, and the payoff for users would be huge!
  13. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\SONAR\Platinum "InstallDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\Cakewalk\\SONAR Platinum"
  14. You may be interested - you can do without keeping so many old versions of Cakewalk products in the system, for this it is enough to make only an entry in the registry that you have "Sonar installed" in your system. And in any situation (when reinstalling Windows, for example), you can install only one latest version, while all old products from this company, additional content, etc. will remain fully accessible to you. I'll post the text of this registry entry for you here, it was compiled specifically for Sonar Platinum, but you have other versions, which means that in each specific case, you will just need to edit the part with the name and location of your specific version of Keyword or Sonar. Making this entry in the registry in no way affects the behavior of other versions, and allows you to have only one (latest) version of Cakewalk on the system, having full access to all the old content. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\SONAR\Platinum "InstallDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\Cakewalk\\SONAR Platinum"
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