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  1. I guess what will be, will be, and I respect the decisions of the team, but this doesn't sound so good to someone such as myself (and no doubt you also @Grebz) who likes deeply changing the look of every item, the same goes for those who also like using a Theme which looks entirely different to the originals, this makes it sound like customization will be very limited rather than comprehensive, I do hope not and I know I don't speak for the majority but keeping full customization possibilities would certainly be a great thing! (To some of us at least lol)
  2. I know this has been requested before, but I think it was in the UI Themes section of the Forum and I think the Feedback Loop section might be a better place to ask. Please separate more colors for theming, far too many colors affect other areas making it difficult when using lighter or darker backgrounds for different areas, for example, Console View: Control Text and Values sets the color for not just the Pan and Gain Values, it also affects the console view button text which makes it difficult, if not impossible to use lighter buttons and a darker strip or vice versa, it also affects the 'Inspector', 'Multidock' and 'Browser' Text in track view. A single color for each single area would be far more desirable and would allow many more options for theme creation, I find the current way very limiting and often find many of my theme ideas thwarted by incompatibility due to one color affecting more than one area, more separation would open up so many more possibilities, Please do this! ❤️
  3. Nope, where did you find those?
  4. Yes indeed! This is something I've been wanting since two years ago.
  5. 'M-Peach' is a dark flat style Theme with peach colored buttons and text. Free Download Here.... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zS9wH3ZeKcG2FHJmdqsLMlrDNmYGNpTV?usp=share_link A combined total of around 150 hours, sometimes much more, goes in to creating each Theme I make, then there's more time spent to update them whenever BandLab makes changes or additions to the Cakewalk GUI to ensure any changed or new items display correctly and match the Theme, I also don't make all these Themes for myself, it's more of a hobby and to share the end results with the Cakewalk Community for their use and enjoyment at no charge, Any Tips/Donations via the following link for my time and efforts in creating and updating these are greatly appreciated, however small. Thank You! ❤️https://www.paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite
  6. I definitely think it would be handy if this could be changed in the same area as you can select the background colors for these on a per clip basis if auto detect isn't possible.
  7. It's just a 6 year old HP all-in-one (due to available space issues) with processor based graphics, 8GB memory, 1TB spinning disk and 21.5inch screen, so will probably get another all-in-one but with better everything, possibly something else, just going to see what my options are when I have a decent chunk of cash saved up, also planning on spending more on it than I did with this one so should be a massive improvement.
  8. I was wondering if having on board graphics was part of the issue as that's what I currently have, I now know that's not the case now you've said this, weather or not it would make a difference to how often it happens I don't know, but I wouldn't think so. Not a major problem I know, but these little things "bug" me more than they should lol.
  9. Thanks, I must have missed that part somehow, still strange that it does this when the viewport background being used isn't transparent and no other Windows application is in focus as mentioned in the 'Interesting Factoid' on page 137 of YLIP. Seems to be quite frequent for me now especially when opening a project, should I try making Cakewalk drink a glass of water whilst upside down? 🤣
  10. No idea, driver is up to date and settings for graphics/display haven't changed in several years, I even went as far as trying an older graphics driver with no change in the issue I'm seeing.
  11. Thanks! Yes it seems to handle quite a lot for what it is (See link below), Hoping to upgrade within the next year or as soon as possible after though. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/81209/intel-core-i34170t-processor-3m-cache-3-20-ghz/specifications.html
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