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  1. Yep, the Export Menu isn't bad but I was referring to the FX Plugin menus that had changed to a dark background very briefly in the first of the latest EA updates but has since been changed back to white in the second latest EA update as it was confirmed a bug, was the best bug I've ever seen and the only bug I didn't want fixed lol.
  2. As I prefer dark themes I liked this change a lot, I was rather hoping it would stay and also be extended to the Instrument menus but that's just my own personal preference though ideally I think these should be themeable. We can but hope! 🤩
  3. Wow! Isn't that strange? For some reason my eyes/brain must have ignored that option all this time and I had no idea/recollection it was there. Thanks.
  4. Now I have the song stuck in my head complete with the incorrect words we used to sing it with in middle school lol. One question, in the Custom module on your screenshot, there's a button named 'Clip Bounce', which I can't find to set on mine, is it the same as 'Bounce to Clip'? If so, that would be good to have it display as 'Clip Bounce' as I have both 'Bounce to Clip' and 'Bounce to Track' on mine but due to the button size both of them display 'Bounce to...' so the only way I know which is which is to remember their position, not an issue but would be nice to quickly see which is which and also not to look like I have a duplicate button.
  5. I prefer them that way and wish that all the other Cakewalk text would follow my font settings, I think it would be good to have a choice.
  6. Well spotted that! I hadn't noticed and haven't changed anything. I'm guessing this may have been changed in a Cakewalk update as they look like that in all themes including Tungsten and Mercury yet the screenshots of these you see when you select the Theme show non-italic numbers, unless something weird has happened to my system. 🤷‍♂️ EDIT: Sussed it! The track view numbers are following font settings on my PC, I use Winaero Tweaker and have the font 'Cambria' Italic selected for everything other than system font.
  7. Is that because the PRV grid lines look like strings or about something else? I didn't even know what string theory was until I just watched a video about it and now I'm wondering how it applies to my theme lol.
  8. Silly me forgot to check the grid lines on the 'Piano Roll View' and just found the major rules were barely distinguishable from the beat rules, if this affects you, please download again as I have fixed the issue. 🙂 (Note to self: Don't trust mental notes) 😆
  9. My new Theme, 'M-Silk' is now available. I won't say much about this one, just check it out and you'll see more than I can describe here, I just hope the Meters don't put anyone off, I looked at the Meter Windows for both Track and Console view and thought, 'can I do something different with them for this Theme?', then had the idea of doing away with them altogether and making the unlit segments visible as a marker of where they are, not that we don't know, just that leaving the area blank felt a bit extreme. Enjoy! Free Download Here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lRC-6duEVlfAz4Y_pb0PkSmojOh1fggb?usp=sharing Each of my Themes take a minimum combined total of 150 hours to make, often more, so if you use any of my Themes, please consider sending a tip for my time and effort, Thank You. ❤️ https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite?locale.x=en_GB (No PayPal account needed if you don't already have one.)
  10. Unfortunately this sort of thing isn't currently possible and may never be possible, it would be nice though. This has been discussed here before so this may shed some light on the issue of what's happening when you attempt this.... https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/2797-meters-doubling-and-trippling/
  11. Thanks, I can sleep better now. 😆 Just found it today whilst working on my next theme and decided to have a hunt for the unknown areas, after 3 years and quite a few Themes you'd think I'd know them all by now but I don't, I think I found what it was for a while back but I must have just defaulted to knowing that it usually works best when left quite dark.
  12. Here's one that's listed as 'Not yet identified' in YLIP, Page 48- Track view / Track View Menu Bar Background. As far as I can tell, it just affects the corners at the top of the track pane.
  13. Nice catch checking that and finding it happens for you also, however, I just tried 4 times and was unable to recreate the issue. As you mentioned, the colour for this area had not changed to white in the editor, it made me wonder if a colour is overriding it from the 'Preferences', 'Colors' menu as that can happen yet I can't find anything there for that area, that also wouldn't affect the 'Learn More' button. 🤷‍♂️ (EDIT) I've just been thinking, which versions/builds of Cakewalk are we using? I'm on Another thought is, as the colour doesn't change to white in the editor, my guess is it's most likely a bug in Cakewalk rather than the editor.
  14. The colour in the editor for this is: Console View-Background #2. Change to a shade of your choice or if you want it back to the same as the 'Mercury' theme default enter the colour code 333333.
  15. Wait, What?! 3 years I've been using the editor and been doing it the export/import way! I have so many questions for myself right now, I vaguely remember being able to do it that way when I started but why did I forget and start doing it the long way? Why did I keep doing it the long way all this time? Why did the copy and paste options that appear every time I right click to import or export not jog my memory? 🤷‍♂️ The time I could have saved!! 😲 Anyways, Thank you @Starship Krupa for mentioning this, I'll try to remember to use it next time I need it. 😆
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