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  1. Matthew White

    M-Spec Theme

    Unfortunately there is currently no option for that.
  2. Matthew White

    Theme Editor Update

    An update to the Theme Editor would be great, such as including currently unchangeable items and splitting up the colors more so changes to one item doesn't affect another as this can cause problems on other parts of the theme thus giving you no choice but to change the color of the original item and find a color that works on all parts of the theme that it changes. Access to a set of Icons/Symbols that Cakewalk uses would also be handy so we can change the whole image and re-layer the Icon/Symbol back on top.
  3. Matthew White

    Track View Time Display background???

    Unfortunately that's not changeable , hopefully BandLab will at some point improve the TE to include this, splitting up the colors more would be good too!
  4. Matthew White

    M-Spec 4 Theme Deeper

    Go to Cakewalk Preferences / Customization / Colors and de-select the 'Show Strip Colors' check box for Track Strips.
  5. Matthew White

    Mercury Light Green Theme Updated for CbB 2109.01

    Ok, found it, strangely it's: Track View / Unfocused Track Text, this will change text color on some other parts though like media browser and loop & selection control bar display.
  6. Matthew White

    Mercury Light Green Theme Updated for CbB 2109.01

    Opps! My mistake, my eyes decided to skip the text bit. lol
  7. Matthew White

    Mercury Light Green Theme Updated for CbB 2109.01

    Global / Horizontal Sliders 👍
  8. Matthew White

    Flowers Theme (preview)::.

    Looking good! How did you get the screen shot above to show that large?
  9. Matthew White

    M-Spec 4 Theme Deeper

    Yes, you're right, last night was my first time posting to the forum and I was hoping the photos would go large when clicked on but they just open the same size, I'll try to add some better images later. 😎
  10. Matthew White

    M-Spec 4 Theme Deeper

    A re-worked version of one of my previously posted M-Spec themes, based on the M-Spec 4 theme this has slightly darker black/grey areas, deeper blues and a few button style changes. Theme is here..... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OLAVmrQd6FAgtWAXg02saRO7Pdf6ncp8
  11. Matthew White

    M-Spec Theme

    One Theme with 8 different versions with slight differences to choose from, differences between them are explained in the note. Themes and note here..... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MiIJEhDykqDYn-f-UbJ6kUGQn9pRfEPh M-Spec 1 -4 Track ViewM-Spec 1 Console M-Spec 2 Console M-Spec 3 Console M-Spec 4 Console 1-4 Browser 1-4 Piano Role View