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  1. All good it's fixed but I don't understand saying your Themes are updated for 2020.9 as the lock indicator wasn't newly added or changed in 2020.9 so now the community will think others are outdated based on this, for example all mine are listed as Updated for 2020.4 but have needed no update for the Locked Marker Indicator to work.
  2. I guess in general no as it would only be desired really for Mute, Solo and Record but then there are cases where many of these will be lit at once which may cause issues but any Themes made with animated buttons could have a static button version available for those who don't want any performance hit be it through choice or system limitations.
  3. I'm not wishing to sound like an excited 10 year old but Please, Please, Pretty Please with A Cherry on Top, add support for animated .png images, you don't even have to update the two themes included with Cakewalk, just add support for users to add them to Themes via the editor and for them to work in Cakewalk. I'm not sure if any other DAW even uses animated png images in it's UI and it would be handy and cool to make certain buttons like Mute, Solo and Record flash or fade. Check out the Track View/Console View 'Record' button I made..... https://imgur.com/tlLyQmq Now, would that not be so cool and maybe useful for a few particular and important buttons??
  4. It allows you to add more fx rack plugins and/or sends before pushing what's above them off the screen as they expand when you add these. The amount of spare space you get for this will vary depending on your screen size and/or resolution.
  5. It could be something to try sometime but I already have 2 themes in progress at the moment, I also try not to make themes based on requests as there's a strong possibility I won't get it right or make it exactly like the person/s requesting it had in mind, also without owning that DAW I'd have to go by screenshots from google images which can often show slightly different color shades from picture to picture so matching colors from that image wouldn't necessarily be the correct shade that the software actually uses meaning I'll have got it wrong. I'll certainly consider trying it though sometime.
  6. To save you the trouble for the FX Rack and Sends On/Off buttons I just did it for you. 😄 (Order is left to right) FX Rack Power Button 1. On 2. Press Off 3. Mouse Hover when On 4. Off 5. Press On 6. Hover when Off 7. Not used. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sends Button 1. Hover over send name when Off 2. Press On 3. Hover over send power button when Off 4. Hover over send name when On 5. Press Off 6. Hover over send power button when On
  7. Here's what I do to identify which button is off, on, hover when on, press on/off etc. Export the original so you can import it back again, Put colors on each of the button states, Make a note of which colors you put where, Open Cakewalk then add to the note which color appears for each state, some are obvious of course but for the others it's very helpful. Also worth noting is that buttons with the same amount of states and size is often the same for all like that. Below is an example from a note I made for the MSR buttons used in the track and console view that have 8 different states and a screenshot in case clarity is needed for what I mean by putting colors on each state using the 'Freeze' button. Hope this helps. 1. Off/Unselcted 2. Press when Off 3. Hover when Off 4. On/Selected 5. Hover when On 6. Press when On 7. Unavailable/Disabled 8. Tri-State
  8. Updated as there was a problem with the major rule and beat rule lines showing clearly on the Piano Roll View, I've also decided to switch to a lighter background for the PRV.
  9. Updated to make the text of the fx rack modules clearer when individually bypassed and when hovering the cursor over them, there was also a problem with the major rule and beat rule lines showing clearly on the Piano Roll View, I've also decided to switch to a lighter background for the PRV.
  10. Any chance you can export those items from the Theme Editor and send them to me in their original format .png via something like Google Drive or DropBox please? Or tell me what the settings were that you used to change them if you can remember or can match it again, I'd try to match from your images above but they look lighter on the white background and when I click them to view each they look far darker so I don't know which one if any are accurate to what you're seeing in Cakewalk. Also could you let me know the color codes of the items you changed for the PRV in the editor please? With those I will check them out and will possibly update, I need to update quite soon anyway as the shades of the light lines on the PRV for major rules and beat rules are almost identical, something I missed somehow. I see blue on yours (also in the shot with the dark background) and I suspect the colors for these items are being overridden by the ones set in Cakewalk Preferences (unless you've changed them in Theme) as they're supposed to be white/grey as set in the Theme though it works for you now anyway with the light background. Cheers!
  11. Looks fine on my screen but I will see if I can make it clearer in a future update, might be worth checking your saturation levels on your monitor. I'll consider making the background a bit lighter in a future update but I can't do anything about the amount of lines on it, that's a Cakewalk thing. I also don't know why you have colored lines on yours as they all show the same color on mine. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Thanks Caleb. I'll consider making a light grey version of this in future but I'm not sure if it will work out until I try and lighter themes are not my strong point or my favorite to use so I find it a bit harder to make them and also like them enough to stay motivated, having said that I have made one light Theme (M-Titanium) and have just started on trying to make another. Always good to have a few ideas ready for future Themes so thanks for your input.
  13. M-Slate is based around some of the design of my M-Blue Slate Theme but is still a whole different Theme and much easier on the eyes than Blue Slate. Free Download Here... M-Slate Cakewalk Theme Tip Jar should you wish to send me a Tip for my time and efforts creating my Themes, keeping them updated for changes made in Cakewalk updates and providing them free you may do so here…. https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (No Paypal Account Needed If You Don’t Have One)
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