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  1. Matthew White

    Cakewalk Themes and Theme Editor User Group on FaceBook

    I'll set the group to Public shortly, I set it closed as in the past non-members of public groups could still comment on posts, I had done that myself before. Upon just checking it appears that's not the case now or there may be settings to prevent that.
  2. Matthew White

    Cakewalk Themes and Theme Editor User Group on FaceBook

    No worries sjoens, I understand not everyone wants Facebook, we have this great forum anyway. I have no idea about the old resources links page but it doesn't appear to be maintained, I could be wrong though.
  3. Another place to find and post Themes and to help and encourage Theme creation. I recently heard the Reaper community held over 1000 themes/skins, whereas for Cakewalk I can only find around 50 themes and many of those were made for Sonar and appear to be no longer updated, This group is an attempt to help improve that, Here you will find useful links, themes and some step by step guides that I'm adding to as time permits. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CakewalkThemeandEditorGroup/
  4. Matthew White

    Boston Flowers Theme [version 1.1 update]::.

    I just keep them colored as default to add or keep some color for those who don't bother with Color Coding or changing the colors at all, I was one of them at one point lol.
  5. Matthew White

    Theme Editor Update

    There are lighter themes available such as this.... Polar Blue Theme and this... White1 Theme (which is probably more the sort of thing you're after) and the included theme 'Mercury', but I would really recommend trying to create your own, it's a great way to get exactly what you want on all areas.
  6. Matthew White

    Boston Flowers Theme [version 1.1 update]::.

    It depends on how many items have been changed and each items file size after editing them.
  7. Matthew White

    How To Install & Load Theme In Cakewalk By BandLab

    Not wishing to step on scooks toes here but as I've already created a step by step document about this for my group, I may as well share. There's a few more steps explained for finding and selecting the Theme in Cakewalk Preferences, just in case anything is still unclear to you. Click --> An Introduction to Cakewalk Themes and How To Use Them In Cakewalk
  8. Matthew White

    Theme Editor Update

    @Mariano Germán Flores Have you tried turning up the Saturation setting in Cakewalk preferences?
  9. Matthew White

    M-Spec Theme (Updated for 2019.1)

    Yes, I guess I should update these lol. I will get on it soon. Edit: Now Updated.
  10. Matthew White

    M-Spec Theme (Updated for 2019.1)

    Thanks. The wallpaper I think you're referring to that repeats, that was a nightmare to change, of course I didn't have to change it but after trying and noticing it repeats I took it on as a challenge to find or make something that works and those vertical lines of color appeared to work quite well.
  11. Matthew White

    [FIXED] TE Not Retaining Colors

    Just tried with no issues, The Assignable Control Slider color is: Console View - Slider
  12. Matthew White

    M-Spec Theme (Updated for 2019.1)

    Unfortunately there is currently no option for that.
  13. Matthew White

    Theme Editor Update

    An update to the Theme Editor would be great, such as including currently unchangeable items and splitting up the colors more so changes to one item doesn't affect another as this can cause problems on other parts of the theme thus giving you no choice but to change the color of the original item and find a color that works on all parts of the theme that it changes. Access to a set of Icons/Symbols that Cakewalk uses would also be handy so we can change the whole image and re-layer the Icon/Symbol back on top.
  14. Matthew White

    Track View Time Display background???

    Unfortunately that's not changeable , hopefully BandLab will at some point improve the TE to include this, splitting up the colors more would be good too!
  15. Matthew White

    M-Spec 4 Theme Deeper (Updated for 2019.1)

    Go to Cakewalk Preferences / Customization / Colors and de-select the 'Show Strip Colors' check box for Track Strips.