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  1. It's just a 6 year old HP all-in-one (due to available space issues) with processor based graphics, 8GB memory, 1TB spinning disk and 21.5inch screen, so will probably get another all-in-one but with better everything, possibly something else, just going to see what my options are when I have a decent chunk of cash saved up, also planning on spending more on it than I did with this one so should be a massive improvement.
  2. I was wondering if having on board graphics was part of the issue as that's what I currently have, I now know that's not the case now you've said this, weather or not it would make a difference to how often it happens I don't know, but I wouldn't think so. Not a major problem I know, but these little things "bug" me more than they should lol.
  3. Thanks, I must have missed that part somehow, still strange that it does this when the viewport background being used isn't transparent and no other Windows application is in focus as mentioned in the 'Interesting Factoid' on page 137 of YLIP. Seems to be quite frequent for me now especially when opening a project, should I try making Cakewalk drink a glass of water whilst upside down? 🤣
  4. No idea, driver is up to date and settings for graphics/display haven't changed in several years, I even went as far as trying an older graphics driver with no change in the issue I'm seeing.
  5. Thanks! Yes it seems to handle quite a lot for what it is (See link below), Hoping to upgrade within the next year or as soon as possible after though. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/81209/intel-core-i34170t-processor-3m-cache-3-20-ghz/specifications.html
  6. Good to know I'm not the only one then! I'm on the same version, but it's been happening from time to time possibly even from 2 or more versions ago, I just hadn't been quick enough to grab a screenshot until today, typically, when I got ready to screenshot in the past it never happened, I can't be sure but I think it may be happening more often now.
  7. Also just ruled out antivirus and WIFI.
  8. Well that didn't take long, it still happens using a different color set, I also closed Chrome as I've heard that can cause issues if it's open but it still happens.
  9. I've changed the color set to the 'Bright' preset for now but might take a while to know if it's made a difference as it doesn't do it every time, I'll keep opening the project it seems to happen with the most and report back.
  10. I did after changing themes but color set has been set as default/normal for a long time. I'll try changing it then changing back to normal.
  11. I originally thought it may be to do with custom themes but it also happens in the 'Tungsten' theme included with Cakewalk, my colors in preferences are set as default, it also doesn't happen every time.
  12. Firstly, I would like to stress this is NOT a custom theme issue, that has been ruled out as it also happens with the 'Tungsten' and 'Mercury' themes included with Cakewalk. Has anyone else been seeing this? A black mask over the Transport Module area that usually says 'Opening Project' or 'Saving Project' when doing such. It happens on and off and has been happening for a while, I thought it may be an issue with using custom themes but I finally managed to see it do when using the 'Tungsten' theme included with Cakewalk, I also found I have a project where it happens more often so was finally able to get a screenshot.
  13. 'M-Blue Glacier' is a flat style Theme with grey Off/Unselected buttons and mostly bright blue On/Selected buttons, Blue audio meters and slightly larger text in some areas where possible. This is my first real flat style theme, 'M-Stealth' is sort of flat but the buttons when in the on/selected state aren't and 'M-Tungsten' is just a rework of the 'Tungsten' theme included with Cakewalk, this is why I'm calling this one my first flat style theme, it's taken me so long to make a flat theme from scratch as I usually prefer to make and use the non-flat (3D?-ish?) style themes but I thought I'd finally give it a go, so here is the result. Hope you enjoy! Free Download Here.... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vFLxJQ0hC4knMdOfC906G7TZHs3FYO-R?usp=sharing Each of my Themes take a minimum combined total of 150 hours to make, often more, then there's more time spent to keep them up to date whenever Cakewalk makes any changes/additions to the GUI, I also don't really make all these Themes for myself, they're made more as a hobby and released as a generous offering to the Cakewalk Community for their choice to use, neither do I charge for them as Themes are generally free, so if you use any of my Themes, please consider sending a small tip for my time and effort, Thank You. ❤️ https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (If you don't have a PayPal Account, you can still send a tip via PayPal, simply private message me an email address and the amount you wish to tip in GBP (as I'm based in the UK), I then have to request that amount from you via PayPal using the email address you provide, you should then receive a link from PayPal to enable you to fill in the payment details. Only PayPal will see and use your payment details for this one transaction, I will not use or forward any email address you provide me for this for any other use.)
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