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  1. I have them on CD and reloaded and that didn't work, even with "Run as Administrator". Thanks for the tip, I checked that and the permissions and no go. I might completely rip everything out again and reload.
  2. Thanks, but these are for DP; DP is part of the install as a matter of fact.
  3. I recently had a computer crash and had to reinstall everything, including a clean install of CbB. When I installed my DSF add ons for Dimension Pro, I had the attached error when trying to access them through the plugin and the standalone. I tried the various recommendations I found online (making sure the dlls were all the correct version, etc) but none of them worked. I've even completely uninstalled Cakewalk, cleared out the registry and reinstalled everything, but still have an issue. There is one DSF add on that is working, but that is the only one (and the non-working ones are in the same folder). Is there anything else I can try? Thanks.
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