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  1. Engrossed start to finish ...Thanks for the post SRM
  2. Thanks you lot. I posted this some 3 years ago and in talking to one of our friends who is going through a 'not so good' time it was a reminder that all of us have stuff to deal with ... this was written for the wife who had AML at the time ... so I had to write this as a message to the big guy .. just in case he wasn't too busy ...
  3. Hi Daryl, it would seem were all a little dried out of late but, I'd know your work every time, always so tight/clean, and a little out line with your usual stuff, but still so profesh Love it 👍 ATB Steve
  4. Blessed indeed ... I have the CS-80 vst, very impressive bit of kit.👍
  5. Blimey mate I can't afford that toy !! She would leave me LOL
  6. It's hard to find the correct sound with soo many at one's finger tips ... I have been experimenting with different kinds of sound plug ins ... not synths but how compressors, reverb and mixing plugs and their content, involving sound acoustics, 'in the box' , actually affect the sound one is looking for ... So I'm working on a bit of work that, apart from the kitchen sink, has it all LOL ... do I love mucking' around with musoes and getting new blood in the studio ... .. .Yep keeps me sane . I think Keep stayin' loose
  7. Sorry didn't see the link for some reason ... thanks
  8. Very engrossing Wooks, would have liked to have had a build up to a drum intro to carry the instro to another level. Didn't see the old Z3TA + 2 on the menu but I thought I heard it ? 🎧 Much Love Steve
  9. Love it ... went on YT .... and searched for the words but couldn't find them ... and as a words guy I love to follow those with the song 😗. I think 3/4 songs lend themselves to folk .. as most of them do, but this is a real beauty, everything is spot on and no need to tell you how excellent the vocal is ... many thanks for your post and all the best for your future work, thoroughly enjoyed it 👍 🤛 Steve ( SRM )
  10. Hiya Makke, Some great playing here, this has overtones of our Hank Marvin ... My hero as a kid, your playing is as good as Hanks ! Great post Thanks 👍 Steve
  11. Thanks t for the great comments. I have to say Bjorn has did a great job with this, I'm so grateful because it brings the whole thing to life. I didn't turn comments off YT did so not my bad. Hoping you are well ATB Steve
  12. Real absorbing, great work Steve
  13. Supa Reels

    Love is Real

    And so the story ends happily ... 😜
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