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  1. Have to say I was sold on the title, and this song , mix and masterful video didn't disappoint. This, for me, represents utter perfection is song production. I've followed your stuff for ages now and this is one of your best ...so thanks for the post S
  2. Can those in-the -know give me some advise / help via UT on playing basic drums and rhythms ... I will be moving to a detached house in the near future and I've never ventured into the field of drums .. well not real one's at the moment, as I found a deal on Ebay for an electronic yammy set . I'm gonna have to build another sound room/recording studio and that's gonna go in the garage. I think I have everything down on soundproofing ....and it'll cost a bomb ... Plus as I have a load of gear in my old studio, that gets smaller by the shopping for toy's, it's time for a fresh start. Anyway, as a songwriter, I would like to, eventually ,play my own beats and rhythms ... I've got most instruments that I play Ok'ish but this is a completely new field for me, I never thought my right foot wants the bass drum to keep a beat with my right hand ! Nightmare! and I can count to four and divide ... so that's good. Anyway this HAS to be the right place to ask.
  3. Sabby Brown

    Happy Place

    Ultravox ... re-born ...Excellent work! love the build, but then I am a fan 😎 S
  4. Vocal is hot chocolate,warm an sweet ... supa cool, great work m8 ... just didn't like the end bit is all, did you do it live ? S
  5. Sabby Brown

    Wasted Years

    You play the piano, so just practice how ( say C ) ..sounds in E or G ... with a vocal done in C and still running ..hard to start but you have the voice for it .. there are other keys to suit ... play it on the ol' joanna and give it a try M8 S
  6. Sabby Brown

    Wasted Years

    Love the message and sung with passion ..Godda agree with the 3pt harmonies on the chorus. Good one m8 👍 S
  7. Buggered me brain up ... I really couldn't understand the rhythm at all ... if Zappa saw my face he's blow smoke in the air and ask who my mother was ...and then I see Jesse's comment .. .far too clever for my old brain .. but boy... you play that ol'gitar well S
  8. I get it now ..Brilliant ! Loadsafun S
  9. Sabby Brown

    Desert Chant

    Sometimes you have a way of pulling music into an ethereal feel, without knowing it ... You have to listen to this twice (or more) to really understand it's power.... Just a thing , sometimes my son-in law and I listen to stuff in the studio into the early hours ...he's ***** about bands and their history,and can't play a bloody thing, I'm into how the sound relates to the listener and yep, it's war at times, but ... he loved this, as do I .. so well done .. Thanks M8 you have skill ....and then we listened to Diamond Sky .......... ( The block will pass ) S
  10. Can't believe it .. this is most probably the very best thing I have heard and seen on the site since I joined years ago ...... the video matches the song perfect, the misses vox is right on, the mix ..well what can I say ... WELL DONE YOU LOT ! I think it's time I retired from this songwriting stuff ... just leave it to the pro's Talent in spades !
  11. As a big fan of yours all I can say is 'Brilliant' ! S
  12. Just great, mix sounds OK for this kind of song ... made the sun come out here in Westward Ho! ... looking forward to the video, so thanks, wouldn't change a thing 😎 S
  13. Sorry Pal, that's a typo... should have said ... reaching for feel that you can hear in your head, but can't achieve. I have to say the revisited version is so much clearer and I still think this is a top notch story that suits your vocal, I think it would work great in a live set ... good on you 👍 S
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