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  1. New video alert... Check me out... Definition of A Monster...(yea that's me) Now available on all major platforms links to songs here https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/xelohh/definition-of-a-monster 🤯 Please like ..comment... And share
  2. I still have issues with vst3 SampleTank it will crash Cakewalk everytime... I have already reported it to Cakewalk but the problem still persist .. I can crash Cakewalk without fail with vst3 SampleTank the VST2 works great no issues no crashing but vst3 for SampleTank and some other vsts crash CakeWalk all the time so I stick to vst2s right now.
  3. I'm not 100% sure what they are asking for in this thread...🤔
  4. The 4.2 software that came out in March I think started allowing you to do this... Before that you had to do a lot of stuff to import samples like have the key to every sample and they had to be labeled and formated a certain way for it to work. I'm glad they updated this feature it could be helpful..😀
  5. If you haven't already you should check out IK's SampleTank 4.2 they have a free version that does the drag and drop features you can see me create a beat from scratch in cakewalk. Hope this helps with sounds and creating..😀
  6. Just looked at Studio One 6 and they have the EQ I was asking for ... Lol 😂... The only thing it doesn't have is more bands.. I think 🤔..
  7. That sounds awesome I'm in 4 libraries right now just got signed to a new one recently. Learning the ropes myself got a couple of placements already on about 6 different shows. So far I'm enjoying it but I hate the waiting for approved tracks and placements .. but it's cool to hear your song on a show... That's one of the reasons I like the Arranger and the new export option that cakewalk has done. Good luck on that medieval track that you're working on..😀
  8. @Mark Morgon-Shaw I totally agree with the sampler... It's so crazy to me that we haven't gotten one yet and it doesn't seem like we will at this rate... Lol... I do see alot of these request that you are talking about that currently have solutions... This is just a request not a solution to anything that is needed... I do think it's a great idea that will help us out it can be at the bottom of the list as long as it's on there ...😂😂 Im starting to dip my toe into sync as well how long have you been doing it?
  9. This is working on the app itself it's part of the big picture for Cakewalk. You might not use the Pro channel but many of us do... And to reach for third party plugins all the time is cool but it's taxing on the CPU at times with certain plugins... the Pro channel is one of the reasons I still use Cakewalk and the Arranger without these 2 things right now I would leave cakewalk for good and not look back. I do urban music mostly and to not have a built in sampler is a pain in my side for Cakewalk especially since the Bandlab Online App has one but we can't get one for Cakewalk it just frustrates me to no end... No matter how many request come in for this feature. The features I am asking for they have done before on the stand alone eqs they have had for years all I'm asking is for them to implement those things in what we currently have will they do it probably not but this is what request are for so they know what we want. I don't think people understand what feature request is sometimes on this forum.. the Bakers put this here to see what we want to add to the DAW there are many things that need to be done but the things I am asking for will help everyone be more efficient and faster with mixing and mastering. There have been countless times that others and I have posted what we want as a request and people say the Bakers don't need to focus on that I don't get it.
  10. Ok... Cool... I have never heard or seen that before... Not sure how I would use drive on an EQ... Is there an EQ that you use that has a drive knob?
  11. A drive knob on the EQ or in the Pro channel 🤔
  12. Agreed... I knew I was forgetting something lol.. 😀 #5 Dynamic EQ +1
  13. The Pro Channel EQ is a pretty good EQ but it needs some updates to make it better. 1.Solo frequency bands (This will make it so much easier to hear what you need to eq in or out) 2.Brick wall EQ Slope for low and high cuts (The best way to completely cut off a frequency of a sound that you want to eliminate the 48 curve is cool but doesn't get everything and seeing that you can only use one EQ you have to use another third party EQ to do this action like Ozone or Fab Filter ) 3.The option to add more eq bands ( Some times I need more bands when doing subtractive EQ and run out of bands before I can finish removing what needs to be taken away and once again you only get one EQ to do this) 4.More than one EQ on a Pro Channel (requested before but hey why not ask again) I think these updates to the EQ will help alot of people out and they wont always have to reach out for third party EQ's to do these features. Please +1 the request for the Bakers to take a look at adding these things to the EQ and let us know if there is anything that you would like to add to the EQ.
  14. I would definitely use it more if that was the case but now I don't really mess with Bandlab like that sometimes I want to change what I made on the go in cakewalk and to not have the instruments just slows down the process because I have to find a new sound to replace the one from Bandlab
  15. @murat k.so is this a +1 or no?🤔
  16. I don't know if this is possible Bakers ... But it would be nice to use the Bandlab instruments in Cakewalk. So when people are moving stuff from Bandlab they can have the instrument in Cakewalk as well. Without converting the midi to audio... Or completely replacing the instrument for the midi. That way you can change midi if needed in CakeWalk. Give a +1 to this thread if you agree.
  17. Kontakt Player Libraries that you can use for free.. I know people have been looking for more libraries for Kontakt Player these should help you out...😀
  18. The only time I have seen that happen is when one session has a VST2 and the other has a vst3 loaded... You try to check that and see if that resolves the issue.
  19. I just wish we had the option to have more than one EQ in the pro channel so I can have a subtractive and an adding EQ...😞
  20. I have had this issue before and like you it didn't happen in other DAWs.. are you using vst3 for the BBC? I have complete stopped using vst3 in Cakewalk and have been using the vst2 unless the plug only uses vst3's and I haven't had any issues since I made this change... Hope this helps
  21. I use it to pitch samples mostly... They need to update it so that we can cut an slicer samples in it and make it into a sampler this is the building blocks for a integrated sampler that can be built upon but it's just hopes and dreams at this time.
  22. Yes we are still waiting with no end in site..😞
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