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  1. Can U See My Footsteps a Hip Hop song I made Let me know what you think . Its on all platforms https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/xelohh/can-u-see-my-footsteps
  2. New video on #youtube ... 3 Free Orchestraltools Instruments come check it out link below... Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification
  3. I am having a remix contest on my new released song Can U Here My Footsteps from now until March 1st winner of the contest will get some merch and a the remix released through distrokid or your chance to win a shirt by liking the video and putting #IMIN in the comments come check it out link below... Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Lets go..
  4. In this video I show you how yo make a smooth RnB beat in Cakewalk with Free Vsts. I walk through chords.. Arps and even the SI Bass check it out and let me know if you have any questions..
  5. What is this magic you speak of.. 🤔 This looks promising will look it up..😄👍
  6. That why its a request. Im not sure how hard it is to do seeing that they already do it in other things in Cakewalk but we shall see.
  7. @solarlux that may work for my work flow but I would still like to just request the option to at leats change the name in the piano roll view..😄
  8. All these are just work arounds for something that should be included its an option in the Loop Construction why not the automation lane as scook said a built in sampler would help ..lol.. But thats why its a request.. Will it be answered who know but at least they know we want it.. +1
  9. I would like the ability to add vsts from the piano roll view as well as rename the tracks from the piano roll view. Currently I have to come out of piano roll view just to rename the track like if its a kontact instrument and I have it broken into 16 tracks I would like the ability to name all the tracks in the piano roll as well it will stop the back and forth of the track view to piano roll and would help the work flow. Adding the vst in the piano would be a time saver for me .. I like to stay in the piano roll when Im working. I hope the Bakers can look into these things as well.
  10. Can we get a pitch automation lane for audio... We have the pan and the volume but would be easier to have a pitch lane instead of trying to transpose pieces at a time or trying to use the Loop Construction to get to a pitch envelope. Hopefully this can be done Bakers.
  11. Have not tried that one yet but will do... Thanks...
  12. I have received many request to do a mixing tutorial so I finally got one for you guys Its kinda long but should help you out if you are starting to mix vocals (This is in no way a you have to do things this way video just somethings you can try that should help) ... in Cakewalk by Bandlab come check it out link below... Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Lets go..
  13. I made this video to show people how to navigate faster in Cakewalk by using short cuts keys time line shows all short cuts... I hope this helps 😄
  14. Try Sitala 1.0 for your drums. It loads the names of the drums in the prv and the step sequencer. One of the reasons I have never messed with the drum map..
  15. Im not a person that does alot of scripting.. Wouldnt really know where to start. Thats why I requested a midi plugin to achieve these goals faster.. Cal scripts are cool I use them all the time but they are not helpful when trying to make changes and you have to undo redo all the time.. The faders or knobs would be preferred to handle alot of the actions needed like If the strumming had a slide or knob that you can see it being moved in the prv would be great instead of guessing a number of how much you want it to move... I like your idea on the random velocity thats the kind of thing im looking for but combine that with a pitch fader.. Timing fader.. Humanize fader.. Even If I could audition it would be better than commiting then have to control z and try again. Not sure what this is..🤔 I will check this out looks promising..😄
  16. I believe a real randomizer is needed in Cakewalk I would like this to be a feature request for the PRV. I think we need a randomizer that does different things with sliders or knobs and we should be able to see the changes are they are being made in the piano roll like you can in other DAWs below are Reaper and FL Studio humanize/ randimizer This will help with the quantizing, panning, humanizing, velocity and pitching of the piano roll. The CAL script that come with CbB are not user friendly you dont know what changes you made until you commit to the change and have to keep undoing and redoing until you get what you want where as if you have a slider or knob that showed the changes that you are going for it would help out alot even if it had an audition like the other midi fx so we can see what we are changing. This same structure could be used for other midi fx like a strum midi effect would be great. If you can see what you are changing will help out and not limit the strum like the CAL script currently does would help out as well. Please take these into consideration as a feature update in cakewalk. I know many people will enjoy these added features.
  17. @Tyrone Palmer Hey welcome to Cakewalk... Samples get used a little differently in this DAW.. But let me see if I can help with the sampling issue... Once you drag and drop the sample you can go to the end of the sample and hold control + shift and it will allow you to stretch the sample when you see the double arrows. I dont use the loop construction view to much its not that accurate to me especially when the loops are already perfect loops.. I have a video showing some of these sample methods.. Start at 3:10 in this video.. I hope this helps..😄🙏
  18. Just did a video on this Sitala update to 1.0..
  19. You actually cannot add audio to the piano roll not sure how your are able to do this and no one else is..🤔 but yea people will choose what they wantI havent used studio one step sequencer but I know that Cakewalk step sequencer is better than reason.. And abletons.. FL is the easiest to use so not sure where you are going with this..🤔
  20. These are good suggestions for sure I like all of them.. But the Sample Editor would be in the Sampler yes ..🤔 I make Cakewalk videos myself and I get the question alot is why cant I use my drums in the piano roll and I have to say that Cakewalk does not come with a sampler you have to download .. So and so sampler.. And they get discouraged and most come back and say Im sticking with lite versions or trial version of other DAWs not saying that it will bring people but I think a Sampler is needed. I currently use many different samplers but would be nice to see one in cakewalk all the DAWs that I have used have a sampler of some sort in it even reaper has a sampler that can do glides and slides.. Lol.. 😂 just adding my 2 cents to this awesome convo that you guys are have .. Please continue.. +1 to add a sampler
  21. In this new video on #youtube ... Learn how to do Drill 808 Slides in Cakewalk by Bandlab come check it out link bellow... I hope this helps people try different things with slides in different vsts I show 4 different ones that you can use in Cakewalk to achieve this fast slide and glide of a popular genre of music called Drill.. Hope this helps
  22. Right now we can only hope that they will try and add something similar but it would be a big project so wee shall see..👀 people have been asking for years now.. Just like the articulation map that was justed sdded its going to yake some time to get it going..🤔 +1 for Sampler
  23. Yea hopefully we will get an integrated one.. So we dont have to use third party samplers... Glad you git something out of the video.. Good luck on beat making..😄🙏
  24. You might need to get Komplete Start its free to download and use ... It has Komplete Kontrol vst that allows you to use samples like LMMS does in midi... I have a video showing how to use it.. Hope this helps...
  25. Every good point...I like to name everything as you saw in the video.. Lol .
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