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  1. Hey guys have you tried this vst... Iota Mini.. it was made for Trap style beats but has some nice sounds and has 10 drum kits included. Let me know on the video or in the comments if you have use Iota Mini..😀
  2. So we are back on this ... show the sample in the preview which would be great so I will +1 this again.. but I want to add a tuner as well I know we shouldn't compare to other DAWs but Reaper just added that in there browser so you see the wave and the key that it's in all at the same time... You can edit the start an end right in the browser as well really nice..
  3. In this video I use LABS as the free software to make a beat in Cakewalk comment below or in the video if you use Spitfire LABS as well
  4. I show 2 ways you can use maschine in cakewalk will work for all maschine models let me know in this thread or on my youtube which method you prefer..😀
  5. Yea that works for sure... Lol...
  6. Who uses this ? We talking about the #cakewalk synth rack.. what it is and how to use it.. comment below or in the video if you use the synth rack
  7. I like this one... That sounds like a good idea... +1
  8. New video up showing how to use midi FX in Cakewalk. I show 3 ways to use them in Cakewalk.. leave a comment below or on the video of which one you might try..
  9. I know many people use Kontakt all the time and I think this is the easiest way to set it up in Cakewalk.. let me know if this setup will work for you ..
  10. I give 12 reasons to use Cakewalk by Bandlab and want you to give me a reason why you use Cakewalk? Comment in the video or in the post..
  11. I made a video for this if anyone comes to this feed about opening CWP files in Reaper .. thank @azslow3 for making this ..
  12. Oh we back on this ... Lol... Still a +1 from me... I hate bringing up different DAWs but this is a great feature in FL Studio swapping out samples is easy and helps out alot when you want to change something like a hi hat that you laid down with audio and not midi using a different sampler... Let's see what happens... 😀
  13. I have a video using 2 ways in cakewalk to use Arps... Hope this helps..
  14. I agree with @Mark MoreThan-Shaw and @IgoRr they have to find out who they want to pitch to before they can even think about social media.. @Asato Maa Bandlab is focused on the younger generation it seems that deal with something fast to release but Cakewalk doesn't seem to know where it wants to go it really is in limbo... It does not cater to the young and not enough for the old that's why people are choosing other DAWS.. integration is important.. stability is important.. tools are important to make things faster these are the things that will attract people but they need to decide what they want to do and choose which way they want to go.. but updating the IG would be great to see lol.. I think they have stuff from like 2 years ago on there... Lol..😂
  15. FREEWARE Cookup 6.... In this video I use Momentum by Bigfish Audio to make a beat in Cakewalk. This is a free tool that you should add to your arsenal. If you are trying to learn how to make beats in Cakewalk this is the series for you. Let me know if you have any questions..😀
  16. MPC Beats is alot harder to add to the cakewalk work flow to me .. everything is traped inside the vst when you are using MPC Beats and it has a limit of 8 tracks at a time and you cannot have more than one in any session... Sitala is very low on CPU usage and you can have multiple instances of the vst.. it's easy to make templates and easy to edit sounds... You can have all the pads assign to its own channel up to 16 tracks and the best part it's FREE... Hope this helps... Let me know if you have questions..😀🙏🏾
  17. I'm going over Sitala in this New #youtube video ... FREEWARE Cookup 5... let me know if you have questions...😀🙏🏾 Sitala seems to be a slept on drum sampler so I wanted to show what it can do while make a Boom Bap beat in the process. Until we get our own sampler this be a nice workaround for some.
  18. In this video I use Vinyl Guitar and Sine Player to make a beat from scratch. If you want to learn how to make beats in Cakewalk using free vsts this is the series for you FREEWARE Cookup 4....
  19. In this video I show how to structure your beats for placements. Let me know if you have questions.
  20. If anyone need some visuals on using the Cakewalk 2021.12 update I made a video showing how to use the nested folders ... Let me know how you guys will be using it..😀
  21. Cakewalk 2021.12 What's New.. We now have an option for nested folders I give you a hands on how to use them..😀 Let me know how you will be using them in your projects.
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