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  1. David Sprouse


    Michael, thanks for taking the time to listen to this. Evil clown is right in my wheelhouse.
  2. David Sprouse


    Tom, thanks for listening. I still think there might be issues with the drums at high volumes.
  3. David Sprouse


    Makke, I'm happy that you found it worthy of a listen. Thank you!
  4. Craig why are you avoiding me?
  5. Love this, Bert. Only crit is that guit. is only doing partials.
  6. Great pics bjorn. You're such a talented individual. I've always loved the desert.
  7. It's down..and many other sites as well
  8. There are many, many sites down tonight. Wonder if it's an attack!
  9. Does he still live in the mobile home (er manufactured home) down by the river? He's a sweet soul.
  10. Now you're talkin douglas. Way to go!
  11. David Sprouse


    I could understand the lyrics this time around. This is awesome Michael. Maybe your best yet. I like this vocalist alot, is it you?
  12. David Sprouse


    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to listen to my music. *Tigger vs. Cujo* is my next piece.
  13. David Sprouse


    Thank you men. Putting *evil clown* in title sure gets a lot of hits.
  14. David Sprouse

    Secret mission

    Loved this makke. Would make a great movie theme.
  15. this is brilliant, jess. overall loudness needs to come up.
  16. Website looks awesome. It's a great idea to revisit old songs every now and then. Good luck with the new release, Nigel.
  17. I saw the portland tillicum crossing in there. Loved the feel in this one, more funky. Your drums are always so great sounding.
  18. David Sprouse


    Daryl, I am honored by your presence here on my humble thread. Whether it's trump or herbert hoover...there are many more blues songs yet to sing.
  19. David Sprouse


    Noy, were the cymbals clipping? I cant always tell because I listen at such low volumes. I was trying to evoke tubular bells from *the exorcist* but instead of evil clown, I got evil clown CAR. :D:D
  20. David Sprouse


    HS thanks for your generous review. Writing in this genre is a little ezr than jazz (as you do) but can be emotionally compelling. :D:D
  21. Loved this Treesha. It reminded me of something grace slick might write. ( She's still well, and is a painter now.) I can imagine many baby boomers relating to this. The repetitiveness didn't bug me cuz it's such a catchy tune.
  22. David Sprouse


    This is a trailer for an evil clown movie: https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/the-shadow
  23. David Sprouse


    You're stepping out of the country vein here. Nice for a change. I listened on consumer stereo and it sounded really good.
  24. I liked the celtic twist you gave this. On my cheap speakers, lead line was kind of shrill.Otherwise another excellent starise production.
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