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  1. I agree, everyone works for CIA whether they no it or not. :D:D
  2. Amazing, solid performances on this.
  3. Liked the song. Because of the pace of the verse you might want to change the rhyming scheme a little. Other than that this is a great song... It's definitely as good as anything I've heard on the radio. As far as amicus's critique it did take a while to get to the verse. A lot of pop songs have something play over the intro chord changes, the second time the play, like a paraphrase of the melody.
  4. Jesse this is another great contribution to your oeurve and oeuf. The great oeuf in the sky.
  5. Immediately thought of classic alan parsons from the beginning. There's tons of potential here. Good luck!
  6. What a great voice! Do you do demos for others? I like your tenorish range, always have. I thought that the delay and reverb on the lead guitar might have been a little too long. Otherwise it's a solid IMHO! :D:D
  7. David Sprouse

    Proud Dad!

    I enjoyed this performance more than half the stuff people contribute on this website. Live performance has an edge that the bed room recording world can't match. She has a wonderful voice, hope she continues with music. Are you playing the piano?
  8. Enjoyed this alot. The lyrics are simple and to the point. (Just as the song came to a close, a commercial came on for a diet program! :D:D)
  9. It's not a live link, jesse. Do you have to embed it or something?
  10. So entertaining. Was that palm springs?
  11. Beautiful! You write a familiar style but always have unique ideas regarding it. You really can create magical moods.
  12. Thanks for posting his phrasing is so great.
  13. just so long as there isn't an Ebm11 :D:D
  14. David Sprouse

    Sweet Afton

    This is pretty. Like the poem as well. This is the type of music I hear on channel 10 all the time, PBS
  15. My cat likes to walk across my keyboard. He must have reset some function or another. It's working now. Thanks for any calories you may have wasted on this.
  16. This is a great idea...live recordings only. At least some of us still know how to play instruments! :D:D BTW I don't know if this is kosher on this forum so I'll sneak it in here. If any of you still use pro tools, can you tell me why there are these little dots at the beginning of each note in midi editor? I think it's the attack info but it doesn't move with the sustain info.
  17. Thanks for the positive words Daryl.
  18. Lot's of modulations in this! haha. I've never been able to wrap my head around this stuff though I studied it for 20 years in NYC. Great sounding stuff.
  19. This topic is au courant in physics today. Symmetry. Enjoyable piece you got.
  20. What's myani? I really liked the tune. As far as mid life crisis...just buy a taycan if you really want it.
  21. Another fantastic driving song (with the top down of course). You continue to amaze.
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