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  1. Cakewalk is professional DAW. How do I know? -I have used it exclusively for the past 16 years to record, mix and produe music - professionally. Back in days some clients asked why I don't have Mac and why does that Pro Tools look so strange. Most musicians don't care - I could mix their songs with Notepad or hex editor and they'd be happy. Once when Windows crashed during recording session I was told to get Mac. Still no Macs here. I have lost one or maybe two mixing sessions in the past 20 years because I did not have Pro Tools HD. PC+Win10+Cakewalk gives you 2x performance with 0,5x money compared to Mac.
  2. Hi guys, I am developer of Duckbar. I have not maintained it for a while because Cakewalk has finally got many of Duckbar's essential features natively (Theme Editor, automatic waveform cache management, Tap Tempo, etc. And there are other utils available for the Tools menu editing. QuadEQ solo button is yet to come but that's not big enough feature for me to invest a week full working days to make updated Duckbar version. So currently the Duckbar project is on hold... -Panu
  3. It looks nice (to some). It don't have to be optional.
  4. > I want to be able to toggle the metronome off and on with a keyboard key instead of having to mute and unmute the metronome buss. Just assign keyboard shortcuts for Metronome during playback and Metronome during recording. I've used these custom shortcuts for 15 years and they've become integral part of my daily workflow. Also if you add keyboard shortcuts for "go to beginning of selection" and "go to end of selection", you will soon navigate faster than ever in the timeline. My setup: F5 = Toggle metronome / Playback F6 = Toggle metronome / Record F7 = Go to beginning of selection F8 = Go to end of selection
  5. Note that Cakewalk has built-in automatic plugin delay compensation and normally you don't need to adjust MIDI tracks manually for sync purposes. You can turn plugin delay compensation off by clicking down the PDC button found in control panel.
  6. Have you used multiple displays? Often windows open in the last used location. If you make changes in display settings then the location may go out of the visible area. For example, switching secondary display 2 to be primary could cause this. Also using dual display system from remote desktop connection may mess things up.
  7. It'not "complicated" at all. There is only one wire coming from audio interface to PC. It's normal to use ADAT interfaces to add I/O and to provide clock sync. I have been doing this with Cakewalk & SONAR over 15 years. I have seen similar looping related sync offset issue many times. More probable cause for this particular problem is high latency plug-ins that messing Cakewalk's internal buffers in loop mode (or similar).
  8. That file is related to Direct3D 11 Runtime I think. Check if you can update DirectDraw / Direct3D drivers. Also be aware that officially Cakewalk does not support WIn7 anymore.
  9. Well, after 13 months it's not brand new system anymore but see my signature for specs.
  10. Did Cakewalk create audio file in the project audio folder? Check if you can find the recorded data there.
  11. My CbB runs much smoother in stock Windows 10 than in my old Windows 7. Windows 10's background processes do not disturb CbB's audio streaming.
  12. That's possible but the Duck is still frozen in the lake. Let's hope sjoens can melt it free.
  13. I have a simple recipe for good acoustic guitar sound: - Good room - Good acoustic guitar, tuned, new strings - Good performance - Good arrangement After that I can put 'any' mic in front of the guitar and it will sound good. Usual choices are KM184, U87, MD441, MD421 and Manley Reference Cardioid. Usually I use 4 mics for acoustic guitar: - Close mic near neck's 12th fret - Close mic near body - Stereo ambience mics. Good room + ambience mics = natural sounding acoustic guitar sound which does not need much processing.
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