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  1. Is there keyboard shortcut available to change MIDI chanllel program number up/down?
  2. Press Scroll Lock key [again] on your keyboard to resume scrolling.
  3. There is no other way than check each clip manually or creating an utility which examines the CWP file and extracts that information.
  4. That bold text annoys me, too. Notes could with a little work support Rich Text Format.
  5. This is fixed as well. Now + works in in the Event Inspector, at least on my Finnish keyboard.
  6. Use more aggressive auto-save. I have set it to save project every 5 minutes or 30 changes. If Cakewalk crashes, my average loss is 2.5 minutes or less.
  7. I see "General error" after saving maybe 2-3 times per year. Auto-save is enabled. I always start/stop plaback and then the error goes away.
  8. Workaround found! I disconnected AxeFX III USB cable replaced it with MIDI IN/OUT cables connected to my audio interface. Pros: - Mouse problem disappeared instantly and I can use mouse in Cakewak like before. Cons: - Standard MIDI I/O is slow. Axe Edit III startup time is now over a minute. - One of the two MIDI I/O is now reserved for the Axe FX. This means more cabling work when I need to use rack synths.
  9. Dual monitor setup with NVIDIA GeForce 1070. Mouse works perfectly whenever Axe Edit III program is not running - problem starts after Axe Edit III has completed initialization on startup and is ready to use. And mouse behavior is healed as soon as I close the program or turn off power from Axe FX II MK 2. I tried to switch AxeFX and mouse to different USB ports - no effect. Also two different mouses (Logitech and Microsoft) tested - no effect. Next I will test if problem persist with Remote Desktop Connection and old PS/2 mouse.
  10. Spy++ No messages going to Axe Edit while mouse is inside Cakewalk.exe. Here is a snippet from mouse movement log while I was resizing track height. Line 000678: mouse xpos and yPos values are corrupted. This causes the track height resizing problem but it does not tell where the bug is (somewhere in Kernel?) . @Ben Staton & @Noel Borthwick, have you any idea..? Note to followers, just in case... This bug is not in Cakewalk but it makes using Cakewalk challenging.
  11. I tested Spy last night but for some reason I was not able to log messages. Might need some help as I've used that tool last time a decade ago..
  12. Small detail: when setting track height, it's actually not the mouse that jumps but the track height which grows 200 - 300 pixels.
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