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  1. That file is related to Direct3D 11 Runtime I think. Check if you can update DirectDraw / Direct3D drivers. Also be aware that officially Cakewalk does not support WIn7 anymore.
  2. Well, after 13 months it's not brand new system anymore but see my signature for specs.
  3. Did Cakewalk create audio file in the project audio folder? Check if you can find the recorded data there.
  4. My CbB runs much smoother in stock Windows 10 than in my old Windows 7. Windows 10's background processes do not disturb CbB's audio streaming.
  5. That's possible but the Duck is still frozen in the lake. Let's hope sjoens can melt it free.
  6. I have a simple recipe for good acoustic guitar sound: - Good room - Good acoustic guitar, tuned, new strings - Good performance - Good arrangement After that I can put 'any' mic in front of the guitar and it will sound good. Usual choices are KM184, U87, MD441, MD421 and Manley Reference Cardioid. Usually I use 4 mics for acoustic guitar: - Close mic near neck's 12th fret - Close mic near body - Stereo ambience mics. Good room + ambience mics = natural sounding acoustic guitar sound which does not need much processing.
  7. I had similar problem with the Browser window. It happened after I had used Remote Desktop Connection. It caused Browser window location go off-screen. Two workarounds I often use in this kind of case: - change display resolution in Windows settings temporarily - after opening the hidden window, I press Alt-Spacebar, then M (Move). Then arrow keys to bring the hidden window back to the visible area of the desktop.
  8. Sounds promising... I'm still using ancient, 15 year old Thinkpad when travelling. I have upgraded Vista to 10 and replaced HD with SSD. I also upgraded CPU and RAM to give it more years to serve . Never thought I would do any music with it but now as you say I might give Cakewalk a try!
  9. As msmcleod said, some plugins throttle down speed and there's not much what Cakewalk can do for it. I have i9-9900k system too, and CPU usage is around 40% when exporting mixes.
  10. Gswitz: > The gate should be 100% out of the way for the quietest syllable the user of the Mic speaks. That's why I'm very careful when applying gating on speech. In normal situations I can keep all mics on but sometimes guests speak on wastly different volumes and it may cause too much bleed on the other mics. Just for clarification: "Gating" in my case is Sonitus:Gate set to reduce ~6 dB.
  11. I've got a typical scneraio in podcast recording: there are 3 tracks of speech, recorded by large diagram condensers. My studio has good acoustics but I still prefer to get as dry sound as possible. Each track has Sonitus:Gate. Settings are quite mild as I do now want to cut anything off accidentally. I have used to clean up tracks manually but it may get too time-consuming if the recording is long and guests speak over each other. I started thinking about using gates with sidechains. Has anyone used this in podcast mixing? How do you do that? I thought something like this: Gate = Sonitus:Gate with Sidechain input in use, duck mode Track1 - Gate1, Gate2 Track2 - Gate3, Gate4 Track3 - Gate5, Gate6 Sidechains: Track2 => Gate1 Track3 =>Gate2 Track1 => Gate3 Track3 => Gate4 Track1 => Gate5 Track2 => Gate6 As a result each track ducks other tracks. But what happens if two or more guests speak over each other? Does this work IRL? What settings to use..?
  12. This is another great update. Thank you Bakers! Is Cakewalk ready now?
  13. PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation) override is helpful when playing soft synths as it reduces latency of the played sound to minimum possible. However, if you record MIDI with PDC override enabled, Cakewalk places the recorded events in incorrect position; events (notes) are ahead more or less, depending on the plugin delay which may be anything from 1 to 200 milliseconds. After recording the take you have to move new take manually to the correct position because Cakewalk does not do that automatically. How you do deal with this? Do you use PDC override? Do you move clips manually by ear, do you use quantize or do you just leave recorded take where it is? Or do you bounce project and record time critical keyboards with minimal amount of time consuming plugins and PDC Override disabled? Btw, Plugin Delay Compensation is OFF when the PDC button in the Control Bar is on. It's a little confusing but I'm talking about the scenario where that PDC button is ON.
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